EPT Barcelona: Day 1A

September 13, 2006

And they’re off (nearly)

With the biggest field in EPT history, it’s no surprise that the registration process is over-running a tad, and the 5pm start time has been and gone. The players are entertaining themselves by loafing about, so there’s time to give the run down on the structure for the first two days: 1A and 1B.

Each player sits down with 10,000, and each ‘first’ day will complete nine blinds levels, of 60 minutes each. They are:

1. 25/50
2. 50/100
3. 75/150
4. 100/200
5. 150/300
6. 150/300/25 ante
7. 200/400/50
8. 300/600/75 (at the end of which we’ll colour up the 25s)
9. 400/800/100

That’s the structure. It only remains for the tournament to begin. Soon…

Cultural peculiarity no.3
The ‘man bag’ is alive and well.


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