EPT Barcelona: Day 1a, level 2 updates

September 04, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1a, level 2 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Rick Dacey.

Click refresh to see the latest updates below, while the latest selected chip counts can be found by clicking right here. Blinds 75-150

3.00pm: Brag post of the hour
This in not something that will appear in the PokerStars blog too often but I will make an exemption one time for Carter Phillips. He called me over to explain how he called all in on the river for his tournament life with king high. It was a pot worth 40,000 and it was a double paired board but it still takes Jedi like skills to make a call like that and be right. After chopping a prelim tournament earlier this week the young American is obviously bang on form and trusting his reading abilities.

2.53pm: Thater back to starting stack
Katja Thater has been enjoying a deep massage from one of the EPT masseuses which she took a break from it to get involved in a battle of the blinds – but is probably now wishing she’d just kept enjoying her back rub instead. Making up the small blind for an additional 75 the German PokerStars Pro was raised another 400. Not known as being shy when it comes to a reraise she repopped it 1,600 and was insta-called by the young online player to her left. Thater led out for 2,650 on the 4♠ J♥ 7♦ flop before giving up when the A♥ came out. Her opponent’s eyes were batting faster than the Australian cricket team chasing runs, but bluffing tell or not Thater passed. Her stack remains close to the 30,000 starting chips.

2.45pm: Accidental slow roll
An early contender for chip leader is Jonathan Aguiar who’s sitting on a cool 85,000. He just eliminated an opponent in a hand involving a slice of controversy. After the river had been dealt Aguiar raised an opponent’s bet but failed to hear the instant all-in. Sitting with quads he would’ve called very quickly but instead only called after his opponent slid his stack over the line 30 seconds after his announcement. His accidental slow roll was forgiven but it probably didn’t make his opponent feel any better about being eliminated with a full house.

2.30pm: Easier to win than defend
Defending champion, Sebastian Ruthenberg of Team PokerStars, has seen his stack dip to 25,000. Sitting in the big blind he called a 2,500 bet from an opponent after the turn had been dealt giving us a Q♣3♦8♠7♣ board. He also called a 5,000 river bet after the 5♥ had come down. The muck was quick in coming though as he was shown Q♠Q♥ for top set.

2.22pm: Horecki tangles with Mercier
Marcin Horecki has position on fellow PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier, which as we all know should make life easier, but poker never seems to follow the rules. Mercier pops the action to 375 and Horecki and the big blind call. A 5♠ K♣ 2♦ flop saw the big blind fall away as Mercier c-bet 725. Horecki made the call on the flop and a further 1,850 on the 7♠ turn but when Mercier fired a final 4,700 bullet into the 6,350 pot the Polish player couldn’t hang on any longer and mucked his hand.

Meanwhile, tucked away in the corner of the tournament floor Florain Langmann has taken an early hit having to pass to a 6-bet shove. The Team PokerStars Pro has made two EPT final tables before so you can’t count him down and out yet.

2.10pm: What’s the Mattern?
Arnaud Mattern doesn’t seem to be enjoying the DeWolfe/Galic sandwich he’s the filling of if his stack is anything to go by. A third of his chips have been dispersed around the table and some of it may have gone to Dragan Galic as the big Croatian has around 40,000.

Mattern’s latest bit of action saw him min raise to 300 from mid position and then call a re-raise to 700 from the player on the button. The flop came 5♠Q♥3♦ before a continuation bet from the button player was enough to get the Frenchman to fold.

2pm: Level two has just begun. And here’s a picture of Marcin Horecki.



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