EPT Barcelona: Day 1a level 8 updates

September 04, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1a, level 1 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc Convey, Howard Swains and Rick Dacey.

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9.30pm: de Wolfe sinking teeth into opponents
Roland de Wolfe, Dragan Galic and the small blind all saw a 9♠7♣2♠ flop. The small blind then moved all in for around 10,000. de Wolfe flat called but Galic decided to fold after some consideration. The small blind tabled 10♣10♦ and de Wolfe opened the drawing 5♠6♠. No service on the 6♣ turn but the Englishman’s train duly came in with the Q♠ river to complete the flush. His opponent is eliminated but de Wolfe is far from it with 98,000.

9.15: Table Germany
Mr Swains’ prediction of a German winner, as credible as it may be, is looking more unlikely now. The reason I say this is because all our remaining Team PokerStars German members have joined together to invade table 13. Together they may be in team name but that’s as far as it goes. They have no problem, nor should they, in taking on each other. Sebastian Ruthenberg was the latest arrival and we have yet to witness his prowess but Florian Langman has clearly shown Katja Thater who he thinks is boss.

The latter started the hand as the aggressor but the former soon took over as he led with bets on the turn and river on a J♣9♠Q♣7♥3♣ board. Thater put up some resistance on the turn but surrendered on the river.

10.01pm: Breaking tables, breaking hearts
With 144 players left from a starting 208 tables are starting to break and are increasingly changing table dynamics. Short stacks are looking for good spots (or in Sander Lylloff’s case any spot) to get their chips in. Johnny ‘yo-yo’ Lodden is drifting away and looking less than impressed with his 7.5k stack while at the same table David Robinson is sat pretty on close to 130,000 – a monster stack by anyone’s admission. Paul Solomon has somehow avoided being crushed (physically) by Dragan Galic and is on 29,000. Unfortunately for others their desperate JK suited shoves aren’t getting through or sucking out. Well, not all the time, eh Sander?

9.50pm: Lylloff at it again
Sander Lylloff has been at it again. Why get your chips in ahead when you can almost guarantee winning by getting them in behind? This time Lyloff open shoved for 14,900 from late position and was looked up by the small blind with A♥J♣. Of course that was ahead of Lyloff’s Q♥9♦ but that wasn’t the case after the Q♠10♥6♣6♦6♥ board came down. A smiley red faced Lylloff raked in the pot and is back above his starting stack.


Sander Lyloff


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