EPT Barcelona: Day 1b level 5 updates

September 05, 2009

EPTLive updates from day 1b, level 5 of EPT Barcelona brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Rick Dacey, Marc Convey and Howard Swains.

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Blinds: 150-300 (25 ante)

6.27pm: Super Lusso squeeze
Table 7 has had some interesting dynamics in play, mainly thanks to cash gamer player Samer Rahman who has been mixing it up to say the least. The action folded to Rahman on the button who raised to 650 and was flat called by Alessandro Lusso, who came 29th here in Barcelona last year. Anthony Roux made a large raise to 2,600 which Rahman called leaving Italian Lusso the decision whether to call 2,000 of his remaining 12,000 chips or to ship it in despite Roux’s show of strength with his monster 5♦ 3♦. He chose the latter and Frenchman Roux insta-called behind him with pocket Queens. Rahman passed eights and obviously saw an 8 come down bang in the middle of the flop. Despite a wet board for Lusso the big pair held and Roux is now sitting pretty with 59,000.

6.18pm: Thew. I mean Phew
Julian Thew has seen his stack double to 80,000 after getting a wee bit fortunate. Famed for racing very well, Thew seems pretty good at 20/80 shots too. He got it all with pocket nines versus an opponent’s pocket kings. A tasty nine fell though to hand the pot to the Englishman.

6.15pm: Out!
Boris Becker is out and there’s no player’s challenge that can rescue him. On a flop of Q♥Q♣3♣, Becker and Raul Paez got all their chips in, Becker’s 18,000-odd well covered. The former tennis champ showed A♦10♠ and he was actually ahead of Paez’s flush draw (9♣8♣). The turn, though, was the 9♥ and Becker couldn’t re-draw on the end.

6.10pm: It started with a bang, but fizzled out
An early position raise to 850 got three callers before Thierry van den Berg three-bet to 2,750 from the small blind. All but one player called this bet so we were all set for a lot of action on the K♥4♦5♦ flop. But it never happened. This street and the A♥ turn and the 9♠ river were all checked through as they all seemed petrified of each other. Van den Berg tabled A♣Q♣ which took it down and all around him folded. The happy Dutchman is on 45,000 now.

5.55pm: Lady Maverick deceased
It is our unfortunate duty to inform you that Lady Maverick, aka Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso, has lost her tournament life. The unfortunate incident occurred quite unexpectedly when Rousso got her last few thousand in pre-flop with Queens against pocket nines. A dread nine appeared on the flop and no other Queen or backdoor draw appeared and that was that.

5.45pm: Mortensen will have to wait until London
Former world champ Carlos Mortensen is done and out and his hopes to join Roland de Wolfe and Gavin Griffin as triple crown winners will have to be put on hold until London.

5.31pm: Demidov-Kahlmeyer car crash
Everyone that has watched the World Series coverage of the 2009 Main Event will have memories of Team PokerStars Pro Ivan Demidov muttering Russian under his breath when put to a big decision. Railers surrounding our self-appointed ‘Table of Death’ were witnessed another such string of curses/prayers when Demidov was put all-in by Tim Kahlmeyer. An early position raiser made it 850 to go and Kahlmeyer 3-bet to 2,400. Demidov then slid 5,650 over the line pushing out the opening raiser and making the German player put him to the ultimate test for his remaining 22,000 chips. Unfortunately none of the blogging team have both lip reading and Russian fluency on their CV so we’re unable to translate Ivan’s mumblings but after a length of time in the tank the Russian finally mucked his hand.

5.25pm: Lazarus Thorson
“William is bakkkkk,” snarled our PokerStars blogger from Sweden, Lina Olofsson. “He bluffed a guy on the turn, made the nuts on the river and got paid off.” Roughly translated: despite dropping below 15,000 early in the day, William Thorson is back to close to 50,000.


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