EPT Barcelona: First break

September 13, 2006

Form an orderly queue

It’s the end of level 2 (50/100), and the players have a few moments downtime. The good news is that our Canadian newbie Bauer44 is still in there punching, with around 8,000. Go, Dustin.

Approximate chip counts just before the break for selected Team Poker Stars players:

Humberto Brenes: 9,000
Luca Pagona: 10,000
Katja Thater: 15,000

Selected Poker Stars qualifiers:

‘Farune’ (cash qualifier): 9,000
‘Bauer44’ (cash): 8,000
‘maximilian74’ (cash): 14,500
‘BanjoD’ (FPP qualifier): 10,000
‘temel55’ (cash): 12,000

Temel55 earns a special mention – down to 3k, but doubling up twice inside five minutes!

I got a look at one of our Docs – Dark Swan – calm and collected as befitting a man with a professional interest in the human brain, but a little bit down on his starting stack. Scalpel!


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