EPT Berlin: Day 4, levels 26 and 27 live updates (25,000-50,000 5,000 ante)

March 06, 2010


11.15pm: That’s it for the night
With those two quick bust outs below we’re down to our last eight who will come back to play in tomorrow’s final – and the chance to win the €1 million first prize.

A full wrap of today’s dramatic events will be with you soon, as will the official chip counts. What they’ll show is that Kevin MacPhee is our overnight chip leader. — SY

11.12pm: Kastner out in ninth, final table table set
Just after the exit hand below came to its conclusion, Norman Kastner went out in ninth, the final table bubble boy. He had raised to 140,000 and Marc Inizan made it 430,000. Kastner then moved all in – call!

Kastner: A♣Q♦
Inizan: A♠K♦

Kastner needed to hit, but the board ran K♥7♦3♥8♣A♦, and the man from Germany was out. — SY

11.10pm: Cruel exit for Amendelo
Italian Alfonso Amendelo was primed for a timely double up when he got all in for his last 360,000 with Q♠Q♣ against Ketul Nathwani’s 4♠4♦. Cue time for some usual Italian celebration – until the flop came 4♣10♠5♣, giving the man from the UK the lead. The 2♠ turn and the 5♦ river kept him there, and Amendelo departed in tenth for €50,000. — SY

11.05pm: Lucky double for Koller
Marcel Koller was looking likely to be our next victim, but the river had other ideas. Artur Wasek limped from mid position, Koller called from the small blind and Nico Behling checked his option in the big. On the 6♥2♠Q♠ flop, Koller checked, Behling bet 140,000, Wasek folded and then Koller called.

The turn was K♦ and Koller checked again. But when Behling bet 280,000, Koller moved all in for 1,275,000 on top. Call!

Koller: Q♣9♦
Behling: Q♥10♥

Koller was out-pipped and about to go bust, but the river was 9♥ giving him two pair. He apologised to Behling, who was left with one million and a frown. — SY

11pm: Blind battle ends in death
Luca Cainelli has been eliminated in 11th place for €40,000. The action folded around to him in the small blind and he moved all in for 535,000. Ilari Tahkokallio was sat in the big blind and called after he got a count of his opponent’s stack.

Tahkokallio: A♠8♥
Cainelli: A♦6♠

The board ran 7♥7♠10♠4♥5♥. A split pot was looking likely after the flop but somehow the Finn managed to dodge all the high cards to take the pot. –MC


Luca Cainelli

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 30,000-60,000 (5,000 ANTE)

The full counts have been updated on the chip count page.

10.40pm: Break time
Players are on a 15 minute break.

10.40pm: Micky Mouse and the bluff
In the last hand before the break Ketul Nathwani bluffed Alfonso Amendola off a pot. Nathwani raised pre-flop from the cut-off and was called by the Amendola from the big blind. Both checked the 8♣6♥6♠ flop before Amendola check-called a 160,000 bet on the Q♠ turn. The river came 4♦ and Nathwani bet 460,000 when checked to him. Amendola took a long time to think and then asked his opponent “Will you show if I fold?”

“I’ll tell you what I’ll do,” Nathwani replied. “I’ll toss a coin and if you call it right I’ll show.”


Ketul Nathwani

The Italian duly folded and handed Nathwani a coin. “Do you want Micky Mouse or the 1?” asked Nathwani. He chose Micky Mouse and that’s what fell when the coin was tossed. Nethwani opened K♠J♦ for king-high and headed off for break with a smile on his face.

10.30: Another double for Amendola
Alfonso Amendola’s roller coaster continues. It was all in pre-flop between the Italian and Artur Wasek.

Amendola: A♥6♠ (and about 900,000)
Wasek: A♦J♣ (and about 5 million)

The board ran 9♦8♣9♣6♣6♦ and Amendola doubled up to 1,900,000. Wasek is down to about 4,300,000. — MC

10.25pm: Otto out
Artur Wasek increases his stack to a threatening 4.7million after busting Paul Thomas Otto, who had spent several levels turning his stack in to two artistic pyramids.


Artur Wasek

Wasek had raised to 110,000 pre-flop and Otto re-raised from the big blind to 275,000. Call. On the 3♠7♦3♦ flop, Otto made it 150,000, Wasek re-raised to 400,000, Otto moved all in for around 1.7million and Wasek made the call.

Wasek: K♦5♦
Otto: A♣8♠

Wasek needed to hit a pair or make his flush – and there was no mucking about on the turn when the 2♦ did just that. The 2♥ river made no difference. We’re down to 11. — SY


Paul Otto

10.20pm: Big hands on both tables
Norman Kastner raised to 125,000 from under-the-gun and Ilari Tahkokallio called in the big blind. The flop came 4♥6♣K♥, which they both checked, and then the 7♥ turned. Tahkokallio bet 140,000 and Kastner was amenable, sliding out the call. The J♠ came on the river and Tahkokallio bet again, this time 245,000. Kastner again called, but mucked when Tahkokallio showed K♠8♣.

As all this was going on, there was a bigger pot playing out on the other table. Details of that one are on their way. — HS

10.10pm: Same same but different
Marko Neumann and Luca Cainelli were both all in but both had pocket queens and the pot was chopped up. –MC

10.05pm: 12 left
Evgeniy Zaytsev soon found himself all in and then out of the tournament. Paul Thomas Otto min-raised from under-the-gun before Zaytsev moved all in from the button for a total of 910,000. Ketul Nathwani then moved all in as well from the big blind and this prompted Otto to fold. Zaytsev tabled K♥Q♥ but was dominated by the Brit’s A♦Q♠. The board offered no help for either player and the last remaining Russian leaves us.
— MC

9.55pm:Pushing but no takers
One of our remaining tables has two short stacks in the shape of Luca
Cainelli and Alfonso Amendola. Both are trying to get the magical double up,
but there are so far no takers. –MC

Cainelli just tried two hands in a row. On the first it was folded around to
him in the small blind, he pushed for 400,000 and Amendola folded his big
blind. Cainelli showed Q♦Q♣ in disgust. Next hand he tried again, but no
one wanted to call. Then Amendola pushed his last 410,000 – and again he
picked up the blinds and antes for his trouble. — SY

9.50pm: It’s a bit like this at the moment
On table three, Artur Wasek raised to 175,000 from the cut off and Paul Otto moved all in from the big blind. It was about two million and Wasek folded.

On table two, Ilari Tahkokallio raised to 115,000 from the cut off and Marc Inizan moved all in from the big blind. Tahkokallio folded.

Yep, that’s how they’re rolling at the moment. — HS

9.40pm: Lucky Behling
Nico Behling has doubled-up in lucky fashion through his neighbor Evgeniy Zaytsev to stay alive. All the chips went in pre-flop with Behling holding A♦J♦ to the Russian’s K♦K♥. The board came 4♣4♠A♠5♦6♠ to put Behling up to 2.8 million. Zaytsev down to 900,000. –MC


Nico Behling

9.30pm: Go Joh
Carsten Joh was the first player out after dinner break. He raised from under-the-gun and then moved all in when Artur Wasek three-bet from the big blind. Wasek called with ace-queen and saw he was racing Joh’s pocket jacks. The board ran 7♣10♦K♠6♥J♣, with Wasek making a straight on the river. Wassek is up to nearly 3 million –MC

9.20pm: Return to action
Well then. It’s been a strange old day. But for fans of poker tournaments, here’s the situation: we’ve just got back from the dinner break with 14 players still in the mix. Their full, updated, accurate counts are on the chip-count page and details of everyone busting so far in this event are on the prize-winners page.

The idea at noon today was to play to our final table of eight, and despite interruptions nothing have changed. Six more players will depart this evening until we have our last handful.

Kevin MacPhee? He’s a lock for the final table, right? Hmmmm.


Our chip leader: Kevin MacPhee

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order determined by a random-number generator): Howard Swains, Marc Convey, Simon Young and Stephen Bartley.


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