EPT Berlin: Final table, levels 27 (contd) and 28 (25,000-50,000 5,000)

March 07, 2010


4.30pm: Break time
I’ve no idea what the rationale is behind the break times today, but they’re off on one now. It’s going to be 15-minutes long – and we’re gathering chip counts right now. — HS

4.25pm: More three-handed fun
Ilari Tahkokallio raised from the button and picked up both the blinds: Artur Wasek in the big and Kevin MacPhee in the small. The flop came A♦J♦J♠ and they checked to the raiser. Tahkokallio bet 360,000 but had walked into a MacPhee trap. The American bumped it up to 870,000 and the other two let it go. — HS

4.20pm: Bit back for Inizan
Marc Inizan made it 230,000 and only Ilary Tahkokallio called from the big blind. They checked down the 9♦8♠K♣ flop, and the 3♠ turn, but on the 2♠ river Inizan made it 225,000 and Tahkokallio folded. — SY

4.15pm: Down, down
Marc Inizan moves down the chip list some more after being pushed out of a pot by Kevin MacPhee on a K♣10♥Q♠7♦6♣ board. Down to 3,200,000. — SB

4.05pm: Tahkokallio on the end
On a flop of 5♦6♠J♣ Kevin MacPhee bet 460,000 which was called by Ilari Tahkokallio and Marc Inizan in the big blind. The turn was 3♦. At this point Tahkokallio bet 725,000 and Inizan raised to 2,000,000 forcing MacPhee to fold. Tahkokallio then moved all-in. Inizan folded at once. — SB

3.51pm: Calm
Few pots to stir the blood. Tahkokallio just took a small one, pushing Wasek and MacPhee off of a 2♣6♣5♦ flop. — SB.

3.40pm: Family pot gets unfriendly
Ilari Tahkokallio raised under the gun and all three other players called. On the 3♦2♣10♥ flop, it was checked around to Kevin MacPhee who took a stab at the pot with a 420,000 bet. Tahkokallio then check-raised to 1,060,000 which was good enough to take the pot. – SY.


Kevin MacPhee, with his adversary Ilari Tahkokallio on television monitor above

3.32pm: From the big blind
A bet of 235,000 from Marc Inizan which Kevin MacPhee called from the button. When the action reached Tahkokallio in the big blind he raised to 775,000 to take the pot.

3.25pm: To the river
Kevin MacPhee opened for 230,000 on the button which was called by Ilari Tahkokallio on the big blind for a flop of 8♠J♠J♣. Both checked for a Q♠ turn card when Tahkokallio bet 300,000. MacPhee called for a 7♦ on the river. Tahkotallio then bet 600,000, good enough to take the pot. – SB.

3.20pm: Feel the power
Kevin MacPhee re-raised to 770,000, Marc Inizan then raised it up to 1,700,000 – and then insta folded when MacPhee pushed three million chips over the line. That meant MacPhee got a little back after doubling up Inizan a few hands ago. MacPhee now 12.7 million, Inizan 7 million. — SY.

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 50,000-100,000 (10,000 ANTE)

3.15pm: Can’t win them all
Marc Inizan just moved in for 4,350,000, called by Kevin MacPhee. The Frenchman showed A♣K♦ to MacPhee’s 9♠9♣.

The board ran 4♦5♠K♣8♥J♣, doubling Inizan to 8,700,000 while MacPhee drops to 10,700,000. — SB.

3.10pm: A-K does it
Kevin MacPhee raised from the small blind and Artur Wasek called. On the 9♣K♦5♠ flop MacPhee bet 235,000 and the man from Poland called. On the 5♣ turn MacPhee checked and Wasek bet 305,000. Call. Both checked the 8♣ river..

MacPhee: A♠K♣
Wasek: 10♠9♠

More for MacPhee, then. — SB.

3.04pm: Big getting bigger
Kevin MacPhee eases over 14 million. Marc Inizan made it 205,000, MacPhee re-raised to 630,000n – and Inizan thought better of continuing any further. — SY.


View of EPT Berlin final table

2.59pm: Wasek works it
Artur Wasek opened and opened big, 350,000. Ilari Tahkokallio then re-raised to 835,000 from the button which Wasek called, with 1,400,000 behind. The flop came 5♠Q♦A♦. Wasek then moved all in, getting Tahkokallio to pass. — SB.

2.50pm: Flying Finn
This was a battle of the blinds that turned pretty ugly. Artur Wasek was in the small blind and Ilari Tahkokallio in the big. There was only 815,000 in the pot by the turn, giving a board of J♣3♥3♦3♠. Wasek bet 315,000, Tahkokallio called. The river was J♥ and Wasek now checked. Tahkokallio wasn’t finished though and bet 780,000. Wasek called.

There was a delay until the reveal, but the chips were going in Tahkokallio’s direction. His turned full house with his K♦J♦ had become an even bigger full house on the river. Wasek mucked. — HS

2.35pm: Ketul Nathwani eliminated in fifth place for €210,000
Ketul Nathwani moved in from the button for 1.8 million behind Kevin MacPhee’s bet of 190,000. MacPhee called showing A♦9♣ to Nathwani’s A♠6♦. The board provided some tension before the river but ultimately the 3♣9♥4♥5♠Q♠ sent the Englishman to the rail in fifth place. MacPhee now sits with around 14,000,000. — SB.


Ketul Nathwani

2.28pm: Nothing major
Kevin MacPhee opened for 230,000 which Artur Wasek re-raised, taking the pot. Wasek showed pocket jacks.

2.19pm: Wasek gets things started
First hand back and Artur Wasek raised to 250,000 with aces but gets no takers.

2.10pm: Break’s over
Players are returning and we’re about to re-start.

1.50pm: Break time
It’s not the end of the level but players are taking a 20 minutes break.

1.48pm: Marcel Koller is eliminated in sixth place for €165,000
A period of relative inactivity is ended by the departure of Marcel Koller in sixth place. He opened for 170,000 which Ilari Tahkokallio raised to 430,000. Koller then shoved and Tahkokallio called at once, showing Q♦Q♣ to Koller’s A♣Q♠. The Swiss would need help but didn’t get any, the board running J♥9♦6♦7♦2♠. We’re down to five.


Marcel Koller

1.32pm: Koller move
MacPhee opened for 190,000 and Marcel Koller shoved for a little over two million, taking the pot.

LEVEL UP. BLINDS NOW 40,000-80,000 (5,000 ANTE)

1.28pm: Marko Neumann is eliminated in seventh place for €120,000
Marko Neumann is out, busted by chip leader Kevin MacPhee. A bet from Neumann, raised by MacPhee and then four bet all-in by Neumann. MacPhee called, showing 7♣7♥ while Neumann showed A♥K♦.

The board favoured MacPhee, coming 8♦7♠6♥8♣9♥.

Neumann, a PokerStars qualifier from Germany, becomes the seventh place finisher. — SB.

1.15pm: Koller coolered by Inizan
This final table so far is one for the purists – with massive action happening post flop. This one is a huge hand, vaulting Marc Inizan into second position and taking a chunk from Marcel Koller.

It was a fairly standard raise and call pre-flop between Koller and Inizan. The flop came 3♦K♥Q♣, which they both checked, and there was still one 1,085,000 in the middle when the K♠ turned. Inizan bet 400,000, Koller made it one million, and Inizan moved all in for 2,370,000.

Koller called, and he’d been coolered. Koller had K♣J♥ but Inizan had 3♠3♥. Koller still had outs but the 4♠ on the river wasn’t one of them.

Inizan moved up beyond five million with that one, and into second place. Koller slid down. — HS

1.10pm: MacPhee wins massive pot
Kevin MacPhee moves to nearly 8,500,000 after winning a hand against Ketul Nathwani who slips down to 2,500,000.

MacPhee opened for 140,000 which was called by Nathwani on the button and Marko Neumann in the big blind. The flop came A♦9♣4♠ and MacPhee bet 235,000. Neumann passed but Nathwani called for a 10♦ on the turn. MacPhee bet 485,000 before Nathwani raised to 1,550,000. MacPhee then went back to his stack, re-raising, 2,995,000. Nathwani folded fast, conceding a pot worth 5.4 million to the chip leader. — SB.

1pm: MacPhee MacFlying
Ilari Tahkokallio opened for 140,000 which was called by Kevin MacPhee in the small blind and Artur Wasek in the big. The flop came 8♠10♠5♠ which was checked all round for a J♥ turn. MacPhee then fired in 315,000 which was called for an A♦ river. Unfortunately the cameras didn’t show the cards, only that MacPhee was stacking a new load of chips, winning the hand. — SB.

12.55pm: Big flop; who had it?
Kevin MacPhee raised pre-flop and picked up Ilari Tahkokallio on the button and Marc Inizan in the big blind. The flop must have hit one of them, at least: A♦K♣K♠.

Inizan checked, but MacPhee wanted some information and bet 235,000. Tahkokallio called, setting up a squeeze from Inizan, who took the chance, making it 635,000. MacPhee folded.

Tahkokallio, however, was not done. He moved all in here – about 4.3 million – and that was decisive. Inizan got out the way and Tahkokallio took it. — HS

12.46pm: Nathwani up
Koller opened for 140,000 from the small blind. Ketul Nathwani called in the big for a flop of 9♣3♥A♥. Koller bet 175,000 which Nathwani called for a 3♠ on the turn. At this point Koller checked, Nathwani bet big with a tower of blues and oranges, and Koller folded. — SB.

12.36pm: Nico Behling first out, winning €72,000
On the very next hand, Nico Behling was all in again. That’s two all ins from two final table hands. Marcel Koller opened to 135,000 and Behling moved all in behind him, a total of 935,000. It was folded back to Koller and he called, meaning Behling was again facing possible elimination.

Behling: A♠Q♥
Koller: 10♣10♦

This was a flip. The first three cards out were 2♥6♠4♠, which didn’t help Behling. Neither did the 4♥ turn and the 8♥ river was terminal. Behling departs in eighth; Koller takes his million-ish.

On we go. — HS.

12.35pm: Jump to it
Bang on 35 minutes late we’re off after some introductions and applause. For a flying start Nico Behling gets things rolling with an all-in. Marko Neumann called but showed the same ace-queen as Behling for a split pot. — SB.

12pm: Final table due to begin
In poker, the difference between “due to begin” and “has begun” can be anything between five minutes and an hour. The tournament is due to begin right now, but check back in about 20 minutes to see if it has. We’ll obviously have all the news here.


Take a look at the player profiles of the final eight, and follow their day’s progress on the chip count page.

It’s Kevin MacPhee they’re all after. This is what he looks like:


Kevin MacPhee

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of hands written up in the first half hour): Stephen Bartley (3), Howard Swains (2), Simon Young (0) and Marc Convey (0).


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