EPT Berlin: One hundred to go on day three

March 05, 2010

If yesterday was anything to go by day three should be over in a little less than two hours. That’s right, 50 eliminations an hour. Bust outs ticked by so quickly yesterday that we reached the money a full day ahead of schedule.

That said it would take it idiot of unparalleled bravery to predict day three, the march from 124 players to just 24, would be over in such a hurry. Not when so much is at stake.

Waiting at the end of this event is a €1 million cheque for the winner, a figure etched beneath eye lids of everyone with chips, a reminder every time they blink that this one might be worth winning. If they want another reason the queue for today’s side event is likely to be massive.


We get underway at noon and don’t stop until three tables remain. You can keep track of eliminations as they happen on our payout page and at the same time the survivors will be in chip order over on the chip count page.

We’re minutes away.


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