EPT Budapest: Level 23 updates

November 01, 2008

Play is under way in the final of the EPT Budapest.

These are the updates for level 23, where the blinds are 10,000-20,000 with a running 2,000 ante. The PokerStars blog will provide level by level updates.

2.15pm: Zoltan Toth of Hungary is eliminated in seventh place for €78,736
Gino Alacqua raised pre-flop to 42,000 with A-2 and was called by Albert Iversen holding Q-T before Zoltan Toth moved all-in with 6-2, easily covered. The board ran 3h-8s-4c-Qh-3s and is checked down by Alacqua and Iversen. The queen is good enough for Iversen but it sends Zoltan Toth, the last Hungarian player in the event, to the rail.

_MG_6513Neil Stoddart.jpg
Zoltan Toth

Here’s Johnny Lodden talking to the video blog crew

Watch EPT Budapest 08: Interview with Johnny Lodden Day 4 on PokerStars.tv

2.05pm: PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden from Norway is eliminated in eighth place for €53,200.

Johnny Lodden raised from under-the-gun with pocket kings and was called by Zoltan Toth holding Ad-Kd. Martin Jacobsen also called with Td-7d for a flop of Jd-8s-2d. Lodden now made it 125,000 and Toth called before Jacobsen moved all-in. Lodden called, so did Toth who had the others covered. The turn and river came 7h and 9c giving a straight and the pot to Jacobsen and busting Lodden in eighth. Toth was left with just 40,000.

_MG_6500Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars sponsored player Johnny Lodden

1.55pm: Alacqua out-muscles Fry
William Fry opened from mid position and Gino Alacqua moved all in over the top. Fry didn’t take too long to let it go.

1.50pm: After Jacobsen’s double up, we have entered an immediately cautious phase of play. If we get to a flop, we see a lot of checking, and if someone raises pre-flop, that’s usually good enough.

1.38pm – The first all-in
In the first all-in call of the day Gino Alacqua calls Martin Jacobsen’s all-in. It’s Jh-9h for the Italian against Jacobsen’s pocket kings. The board comes 2d-Td-Qd-8d-7h giving Jacobsen a flush and doubling him up.

_MG_9442Neil Stoddart.JPG
The final table players (from l-r): William Fry, Ciprian Hrisca, Gino Alacqua, Marino Serenelli, Martin Jacobsen, Albert Iversen, Zoltan Toth, Johnny Lodden.

1.25pm – Almost underway
The players have been introduced to the crowds one by one and are taking their seats. Play will be underway in just a few minutes.


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