EPT Budapest: The first of the cash fallers

October 30, 2008

Contrary to standard operating procedure after the EPT bubble there has been no sign of the all-in frenzy associated with that period after the bubble has burst. Aditya Agarwal, a PokerStars qualifier from India, exited in 56th place but it’s some time before the 55th player was eliminated, and that player was another PokerStars qualifier, Danny Ryan.

_MG_8517Neil Stoddart.jpg
PokerStars qualifier Danny Ryan

Ryan had been struck earlier for most of his stack and moved in from the big blind with what he had left behind a small blind raise from Simeon Tsonev. This battle of the blinds pitched Ryan’s Jh-7c against Tsonev Kc-3c. A king on the flop and that was that.

It came after the landscape had changed significantly, particularly for Sorel Mizzi who lost the vast majority of his one towering stack to Italian player Pasquale Braco before the bubble. His stack is still big but only in its dimensions. His mass of chips is all black and adds up to less than 30,000.

Elsewhere excitement gripped the corner of the room when William Fry moved all-in behind a raise from tournament chip leader Lukas Benkovic. For a second it looked like Benkovic might call, creating the biggest pot of the week, but the Slovakian decided against it and the crowd dispersed.

Whilst that all went on Gino Alacqua effectively tripled up, catching a two-outer on the river to keep his hopes alive for a second final table, much to the delight of Alacqua himself and the large contingent of Italian fans cheering him on from the rail.

_MG_6376Neil Stoddart.jpg
Gino Alacqua

Sorel Mizzi followed in 54th and Peter Zamiska in 53rd. And the latest news is that Kara Scott has been eliminated after one of the hardest slogs seen on the EPT for a long time. She finished in 52nd place despite never seeming to have had a stack larger than 30,000 chips for the entire tournament.


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