EPT Copenhagen: Level 18 updates

February 20, 2009

This post shows updates from level 18 of EPT Copenhagen, updated on a regular basis. The blinds are 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante. Updates are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains.

You can find the most recent official chip count on the chip-count page. Prizewinners to date are on the prizewinners page. Today we will play down to a final table of eight.

6.20pm — Break time!

Players have now gone on a dinner break, but just as that was happening, news broke that Thor Hansen busted. It was Langset, the veteran of three weeks, who accounted for the veteran of three generations. It was a classic A-K (Hansen) v 10-10 (Langset) all in pre-flop. The pocket pair stood up and Hansen is out.

_MG_1566_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Thor Hansen

So, that really is dinner. As we begin the search for sustenance, why not feast on some of the day’s highlights so far over at EPT Live

We’ll be back to two tables in an hour.

6.15pm — Tøstesen toasted
Five minutes before the break and Jakob Tøstesen’s day is done. He got involved in a pre-flop raising battle with Rasmus Nielsen and his A-K never caught up against Nielsen’s 8-8. He picked up plenty of outs on flop and turn, which gave them four to a chopped-pot split. But none came on the river and he was gone.

6.10pm — Langset continues to shine
News broke this morning that our overnight chip leader Anders Langset had only been playing the game for three weeks. Three weeks!?! We knew he was inexperienced, but that’s ridiculous. Still, the boy has sure got game and he just found himself involved in a sizeable pot with the aggressive Swede Fredrik Boberg which went some way to revealing how he earned all those chips. Langset raised to 17,000 on the button and Boberg called in the big blind. The flop came [9D]-[7S]-[7D] and Boberg checked. Langset bet 28,000 and Boberg called. The turn was [10H] and Boberg checked again. Langset bet 60,000 and the second bullet was enough to convince Boberg that he was behind. He folded. Langset practically erupted in delight, throwing his cards face up into the middle. He had 4-2o, for absolute air, but the betting was strong enough to take it. Langset has about 450,000.

6pm — No, make that 18
Ramzi Jelassi just worked his way to the rail, moving in with [KD]-[QC]. Jonas Klausen called with pocket nines and the flop hit both, [QH]-[9D]-[KC]. All looked well for Jelassi until a wretched [9C] hit the turn, swinging the hand back in Klausen’s favour. It stayed that well. The Swede out in 19th place.

5.56pm — 19 left
Marcus Liberski pushed in for 56,000 and Jens Kyllonen called, flipping over A-Q to Liberski’s pocket nines. The flop and turn were safe enough but a queen on the river sent Liberski out in 20th place.

5.55pm — It’s the EPT. And it’s ALIVE!
Don’t forget, folks, that you can watch the feature table action LIVE! on EPT LIVE! which is LIVE! now on your computer. And when it’s not LIVE! on EPT LIVE! you can watch some of the best hands from previous EPT events in Copenhagen. These hands, in fact:

Season 1: Ram Vaswani’s aggression picks up a nice pot with pocket twos on a dangerous board

Season 1: Team PokerStars Pro Noah Boeken’s bluff forces Ram Vaswani to lay down his paired ace

Season 2: Joe Hachem makes a great fold with trips vs a flopped straight

Season 2: In a multi-way raised pot, Noah Boeken’s 2-5 suited makes trips to knock out Simon Young

Season 2: Some great poker from Mads Andersen shows why he went on to take the title

Season 2: Philip Hilm gets lucky on the river – but also wins the approval of the commentators

Season 3: Anders Wijk makes a great all-in bluff to knock Magnus Petersson off his hand

Season 3: Team PokerStars Pro Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier hits a great river to take a pot off Richard Toth

Season 3: In this classic hand, ElkY’s set loses to Magnus Petersson’s full house on the river

Season 4: Rasmus Nielsen makes a great call with pocket eights – but then Tim Vance hits the river.

5.45pm — Hoivold hangs in there
The only remaining former EPT champion, Andreas Hoivold, has kept his two-time dream alive. He moved all in for his final 43,000 pre-flop from early position, Erik Karlsson gave him protection by reraising from the small blind, and the two of them showed. Hoivold had pocket deuces and must have been delighted to learn that he was even in a race after Karlsson showed K-Q. The board was blank and the deuces took it to allow Hoivold to breath again.

5.40pm — Mallady for Mallandain
The PokerStars qualifier Tony Mallandain is out, ousted by Jonas Klausen. Mallandain had [QH]-[10D] and was up against Klausen’s [AC]-[2S] and when an ace turned, following a dry board, it was looking unlikely to the point of impossible for Mallandain. “Unless they change the rules,” observed the EPT Live commentator Nick Wealthall. They didn’t. Mallandain is out in 20th.

5.35pm — Strandli strung up
Aleksander Strandli, who has made a welcome return to the EPT cash after his final table appearance at the season two Grand Final, is now out. He had K-10 all in pre-flop against the A-6 of Johan van Til. Strandli picked up an open-ended straight draw on the turn, but it didn’t hit and he departs in 22nd.

_MG_1465_EPT5SCA_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Aleksander Strandli


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