EPT Deauville: Day 3, level 19 live updates

January 23, 2010


6.10pm: The Minieri show
Stephane Bazin opened for 35,000. Next to act was Dario Minieri, who re-raised to 124,000 total. With the action back on Bazin it was some time before he came out of the tank.

“I think you bluff,” said Bazin.

“Why?” replied Minieri in mock horror. “We’re friends, we speak. What do you think I am, a monster?” Both players had a smile on their face. Minieri continued. “We’re brothers, we’re neighbours – Italy and France are neighbours,” he explained, to a table made up of Italians and Frenchmen. “A monster to bluff a friend of mine.”

There was some confusion at this point as to whether Dario had meant he himself would have to be a monster or the hand he was holding. He meant the hand.

“A monster is something like five-six for you,” replied Bazin.

“My god,” replied Minieri laughing. “I’m not crazy. But I’ll not give you any more talk…”
Minieri zipped it up. No more talking.

“Will you show if I fold,” asked Bazin, ignoring Minieri’s vow of silence.

“I got into a lot of trouble when you asked me that last time,” said Minieri recalling an earlier hand. But Minieri was not going to show. “If you show me both cards, I’ll show you one,” he said. Bazin showed the Q♥ but Minieri wanted more. Bazin refused and both players mucked.

“I had a hand,” said Minieri. “I had a hand.”

6.05pm: Jelassi slammed by Debeil
Here’s a sickener for Ramzi Jelassi and the Swede is now on the ropes.

It was folded to Jelassi in the small blind and he raised to 27,000. Christian Debeil announced that he was all in from the big blind and Jelassi almost asked for a count before he simply called without knowing precisely. He probably figured his A♠Q♦ was ahead of Debeil’s range, and he’d have been right: Debeil tabled A♣J♣.

But the squeamish should look away now. The flop was 6♦K♠Q♥, the turn was 8♦ and the river was, ouch, 10♣ filling Debeil’s straight.

Jelassi now needed to know a count and this was a protracted affair, with Jelassi asking for a count on more than three occasions before being told that he owed 330,000. He duly counted it out and was left with a paltry 95,000. Debeil has 660,000.

6pm: More ElkY
It takes something big to stop ElkY when he’s in full chip-building mode, and Andras Stumpf is not it. On a 3♠9♥5♠ flop, ElkY bet 27,000 and Stumpf called. On the K♥ turn ElkY made it 66,000, and that was enough to take the pot.

5.55pm: How much?
This is what Dario Minieri and Peter Eastgate are asking each other the whole time, a result of a last longer bet between the two Team PokerStars Pros. Eastgate is ahead at the moment, 700,000 to Minieri’s 460,000, but as the Italian just said: “I might go and double up now.”

5.50pm: Kabrhel fee to focus on side events
Martin Kabrhel is out. He raised to 24,000 under-the-gun and Benjamin Juhasz re-raised to 52,000 two seats to his left. Kabrhel called. The flop brought 9♣J♦6♣ and Kabrhel’s check brought a bet of 50,000 from Juhasz. Kabrhel wasted little time in moving his whole stack forward, underscoring his intentions with the verbal declaration: “All in.” It was about 60,000 more and Juhasz called.

The cards were exposed and both were probably quite happy with what they saw. Kabrhel had 10♣8♣ for all kinds of draws, as well as two overcards to Juhasz’s 4♥4♦. But the turn K♦ and the river A♥ were bricks and Kabrhel made his way to the door.

Kabrhel is well known on the EPT for two things: firstly he is Jan Skampa’s friend and was in attendance as his fellow Czech made the final table in Vilamoura and then won in Prague. But Kabrhel didn’t just sit and root from the rail, he was busy taking down a side event in Vilamoura for €58,064 and then another one in Prague for €100,000. With Skampa currently in the €20,000 High Roller event, and Kabrhel “King of Side Events” now at a loose end, he might well buy himself straight in.

5.35pm: Bergeron’s roll continues
Andrew Teng’s day is done. He had been one of the big stacks for much of this tournament, but had been on a downward slide for the past few hours and recently shoved all in from late position for about 120,000 (approx). Craig Bergeron, our huge chip leader, picked up one handful of grey chips to call him and the cards were on their backs.

Teng: A♣8♦
Bergeron: A♠Q♠

The dealer kept it brief: a queen in the window left Teng drawing thin, and the rest of the board didn’t help.

“Now go over there and take him out,” chirruped Dario Minieri, on the same table, pointing to his friend and Team PokerStars Pro colleague Peter Eastgate. “Take him out.”

5.30pm: Hong out to dry
Cathy Hong will be having nightmares about pocket nines for weeks. Here’s why… she first lost all but 4,000 of her chips doubling up Guillaume Cescut. They were all-in pre-flop with:

Hong: A♥J♥
Cescut: 9♦9♣

The board failed to help, despite the promise of a flush on the flop, running Q♦4♥8♥K♣3♦, and Cescut doubled up to around 300,000.

That left Hong with just 4,000 – which was not even enough for her small blind on the next hand. It’s folded around to Stefan Fuchs on the button, who makes it 30,000. Hong waits in the small blind, and Robert Cohen folds in the big. On their backs:

Hong: A♥Q♥
Fuchs: 9♠9♥

It was Hong’s bogey hand – and it got a whole lot worse on the flop, which came 9♣9♦A♠, the turn and river – J♠Q♠ – were irrelevant. If you’re going to get knocked out, it may as well be to quads.

5.25pm: Rugini rumbled
Emanuelle Rugini has gone, courtesy of Craig Bergeron. It was J♣J♦ for Rugini against Bergeron’s A♣K♣, the king on the flop seeing to it that Rugini would play no further part. Elsewhere Dario Minieri moved all-in. After what felt like an hour he called the clock only for his opponent to fold.

5.15pm: Chip counts
The chip count page has been updated. And you should…


5.10pm: More short stacks in peril
Roman Gorskiy is the latest player to take the long walk, running a short stack and J♣10♣ into Cathy Hong’s pocket kings. Also on that table, Alain Taieb’s grind continues, although he has now dipped below the 200,000 mark again and could be in trouble.

There was about 170,000 in the pot and 4♠Q♦2♦ exposed when Taieb checked to Hugo Lemaire. They also both checked the 7♠ turn but Taieb fired 70,000 at the 6♦ river. Lemaire picked him off with Q♥10♥; Taieb’s A♠6♠ wasn’t good enough.

5.05pm: Million dollar man
It appears that PokerStars qualifier Craig Bergeron from the USA is our new chip leader – the first to cross the million chip line. His effort was helped a few minutes ago when he found K♥K♦, a good time to face an all-in from Goghan Soysan who had A♣K♣.
The board ran K♠9♠8♠6♥6♦, and one of the overnight big stacks heads to the payout desk.

5pm: Dragan not slain
Patrick Bueno makes it 22,000 pre-flop and then Dragan Jovanovic moves all-in for 244,000. Bueno thinks for a minute or so before letting it go. “Next time,” he said.

4.54pm: No more Pagano
Alas the might Luca Pagano has fallen, raising, being re-raised all-in by Robert Cezarescu and calling with a thump for his last tower of chips that once stood higher than 500,000. Cezarescu showed J♠J♥ but Pagano could only muster J♣9♣. The flop came 7♥2♥9♦. “Good,” said Pagano. The turn 8♥ and river 3♦ were not good though. Pagano out but a 14th cash for the Team PokerStars Pro.

4.45pm: Back once more
That’s the break over. All 74 survivors are now returning to their seats. Cards will be in the air at any moment.


Dario Minieri

Above is a picture of Dario Minieri. Below, meanwhile, is the same man in moving pictures, where he talks about his big pot earlier today, and his last longer bet with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Peter Eastgate…

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