EPT Dortmund: Level 26 updates

March 14, 2009

Live updates from level 26 of EPT Dortmund are brought to you by Stephen Bartley and Howard Swains. Click refresh to see the latest updates here, or head on over to EPT Live for live action from the final table.

Blinds: 20,000-40,000 (ante: 4,000)

5.17pm: As the level ends
Naujoks tries an all-in move and gets no contest. Then in the next hand Kanisch takes the blinds and ante with a simple pre-flop raise.

5.15pm: New/old chip leader
Johan Storakers is our new/old chip leader, regaining the top spot in a hand against Holger Kanisch. There’s no action pre-flop and the two of them see a flop of 6-6-3. They both check and the turn is a queen and Kanisch bets 140,000. Storakers raises 210,000 more and Kanisch folds.

5.10pm: Naujoking
Naujoks move all in for 468,000. the only player showing any interest in calling is Gork, but he passes.

5.03pm: Gorky lark
Gork makes it 115,000 pre-flop which is immediately raised by Kanisch to 330,000 which gets an “argh” from Gork. After Gork chews on a banana for a few moments he mucks.

5pm: Through two million
Holger Kanisch is the first player through the two million mark, although it’s mighty tight at the top. Johan Storakers has 1,800,000; Gork has 1,200,000. Sandra Naujoks and Luca Pagano have just more than 600,000, with Mike McDonald on something like 330,000.

4.45pm: Pagano changes his mind
Luca Pagano raises from under-the-gun to 110,000 and it seems as though it’s going to get through until Sandra Naujoks reraises all in from the big blind.


Sandra Naujoks

It’s about 526,000 in total. Pagano thinks, counts his chips, then says: “I think I might have to call.” Then, however, he thinks and counts some more and then says. “You know what? I changed my mind.” He folds.

4.50pm: So much promise
A couple of hands that show potential but then fizzle out. Luca Pagano moved all-in but got no takers, then a raise by Marc Gork was answered by a re-raise from Kanisch before Gork folded.

4.40pm: William Thorson, out in seventh, winning €116,500
The Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson will have to wait for his first EPT title. He lost a major pot to Holger Kanisch earlier and has been looking to pick his spot to double up. He shoved from the button and was looked up by Johan Storakers in the small blind. Storakers had [KC]-[JD] and Thorson had [8S]-[9H]. The flop gave plenty of help to Thorson — [7C]-[9S]-[10C], but the [KS] on the turn gave the lead back to Storakers and Thorson missed his out to a straight on the river. That was the [4S]. Thorson is bitterly disappointed and making his way to the rail.


William Thorson

4.35pm: Kanisch all-in
McDonald raises 105,000 pre-flop which Kanisch re-raises to 320,000 total. McDonald asks him “how much you got back?” covering the German. He then announces re-raise all-in which Kanisch calls showing [AC]-[KS] to McDonald’s pocket tens. The flop comes [QS]-[KC]-[JS], giving the local boy a pair but leaving McDonald with an open ended straight draw. Nothing on the turn and river to change that – [7S], [6S], and Kanisch doubles through. McDonald down to 491,000.

4.30pm: Thorson shoving
William Thorson now only has one move with a stack of less than 400,000. He’s done it twice — the all-in pre-flop shove, of course — and he’s taken it down both times.

4.20pm: Thorson takes big hit
The hopes of William Thorson have just been crippled by Holger Kanisch. All in with [QC]-[8S] he was called by Thorson with [AS]-[KC]. All looked good for the Team PokerStars Pro on the [2D]-[5H]-[10S] flop but the [8D] on the turn swung the momentum back to the German. A blank [6C] on the river doubled up Kanisch and left Thorson with a little less than 400,000.

4.10pm: Break
The tournament players are on their first 15 minute break of the day. They will return to the following stacks:

Holger Kanisch 504,000
William Thorson 900,000
Johan Storåkers 1,014,000
Mike McDonald 1,389,000
Sandra Naujoks 632,000
Luca Pagano 846,000
Marc Gork 1,344000

Players listed by seat order


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