EPT London £20k High Roller: Day 1, level 5, 6, 7 & 8 updates (500-1000, ante 100)

October 02, 2010


9.20pm: Play concludes
The last three hands passed without any eliminations although we did lose Team PokerStars Pros David Williams and Chris Moneymaker in the last level. The overnight chip leader by some distance is Vanessa Selbst with 386,900 chips. Andrew Feldman finished the day in second with 200,100 and in third is Sam Iola on 196,400.

Apart from Selbst, Team PokerStars Pro are still well represented with Jude Ainsworth (128,800), Nacho Barbero (93,300), Luca Pagano (80,200), Lex Veldhuis (47,500), Vanessa Rousso (66,700), while Friend of PokerStars Pierre Neuville has 70,500. An official overnight chip count will appear on our chip count page here.

A total of 77 players entered today creating a total prize pool of £1,524,600. First place will pay £556,000 with a min cash worth £45,900 for eighth place. Just 35 players will return tomorrow at midday.

Vanessa_Selbst2 _EPT7LON.jpg.jpg

Vanessa Selbst crushed for chip lead

9.05pm: Last three hands
The clock has been paused with 7 minutes 52 seconds remaining on the clock. Each table will play three more hands before they bag up for the night.

8.55pm: Thorson busts
William Thorson informed us that he just busted, sighting a lost flip for a 60k pot. He had ace-jack to an opponent’s pocket sevens. He picked up more outs on the [9][9][t] board but failed to hit.

8.40pm: Robl calls down for the pot
Andrew Robl called down Jason Somerville and was proved right as his opponent showed only king-high. Sam Trickett opened to 4,100 from early position and was called by Robl in the cut-off before Somerville made it 8,500 to go from the button. Only Robl called to the 2♣6♥5♥ flop where he check-called a 8,500 bet. The turn came 9♦ and he check-called a 18,500 bet before both checked the 9♠ river. Somerville could only show a king and Robl took the pot with J♣10♣.

8.30pm: Team Pro battle
Team PokerStars Pros Jude Ainsworth and Nacho Barbero just went to war and Ireland won. Ainsworth raised from mid-position and was only called by the Argentinian in the cut-off. Ainsworth emptied the clip with bets of 4.1k, 10k and 20k on the 2♣6♥5♥9♣2♠ board and was called all the way. Ainsworth tabled two black aces and took the pot to move to 85,000. Barbero down to 125,000.

8.20pm: Coren crushed
Team PokerStars Pro Vicky Coren has been eliminated by fellow Team Pro Vanessa Selbst. Selbst raised with king-queen and called when Coren shoved with ace-ten. The board ran [a][k][q][4][3] to eliminate Coren. She wasn’t that upset about busting as she’s looking forward to tonight’s spectacular red carpet PokerStars Party.


Enjoy the party Vicky

BLINDS UP: 500-1,000, ante 100

8.10pm: Sicko Sam
Sam Iola just got moved to Pierre Neuville’s table and wasted little time in pulling off an audacious bluff against the Belgian. The action had reached the turn with the board reading 9♠9♦Q♣3♠. Neuville checked-raised Iola’s 14,600 raise up to 40,000 before Iola moved all-in. Neauville only had 43,000 back and open folded A♠Q♦ and was shown 10♠3♦ by his opponent. Iola up to 210,000 now.

8pm: A tired Ivey busts
Phil Ivey has been eliminated by Erik Seidel. Along with Andrew Feldman they saw a 10♠J♣9♣ flop. The action was checked to Ivey on the button who bet 5,000, only for Seidel to raise to 15,000 from the BB. Feldman folded (he flashed A♣10♣ to us) from the button but Ivey moved in for 35,000, saying afterwards: “Ok, I’m tired.”

Seidel called with 7♣8♠ for a straight, ahead of Ivey’s 9♠10♠ for two-pair. The 4♥A♦ turn and river failed to help Ivey and he wandered off. Seidel back up to 180,000. He probably lost some chips before to Vanessa Selbst as she’s to his left with 225,000.

7.50pm: Mizzi misses
Sorel Mizzi is out after moving in with a flush draw and missing.

7.40pm: Robl has winning Trickett
Sam Trickett has lost a pot worth over a 100,000 to Andrew Robl. Robl raised and Trickett defended from the BB with 7♠8♠ to see a A♠4♠6♠ flop. The action went check-check before fireworks went off on the A♦ turn. All the chips went in and Robl tabled pocket fours for a full-house to Trickett’s flush. Ouch.

7.30pm: Benny spins out of the room
Benny Spindler has busted his second big tournament of the day. Jason Somerville opened to 2,000 from under-the-gun and called when the German moved in for around 14,000 from mid-position.

Spindler: K♦10♠
Somerville: A♦Q♥

The board ran 8♠7♦2♠5♦6♥ to send the pot the American’s way.


No second EPT London High Roller title for Mercier

7.20pm: Mercy mercy Mercier
Team PokerStars Pro Jason Mercier is out. The action folded to him in the SB and he shoved with four-six suited and was called by Sam Ioli in the BB with ace-five that held.

BLINDS UP: 400-800, ante 100


Chip leader

6.55pm: Break time
The last 15 minute break for the players is upon us.

6.50pm: Reinkemeier busts in three-way pot
Tobias Reinkemeier is out after tangling with Roberto Romanello and Ali Eslami. Romanello raised before Reinkemeier shoved his short stack. Aslami cold called the shove and then called again when Romanello re-raised in an attempt to isolate with big slick. The flop came [j][j][6] and Roberto bet to try and pick-up the side-pot but he couldn’t shake off Eslami who called once again. The rest of the board was checked down and Eslami tabled ace-jack for both pots. Reinkemeier had pushed with king-deauce but is now out.

6.40pm: Tureniec a six-figure man
Michael Tureniec is over 100k for the first time after catching Sam Iola bluffing. Iola raised to 1,400 from under-the-gun and was called by Tureniec on the button and Mizzi in the BB. The flop came down A♥6♣4♦ and Iola’s 2,100 c-bet was was only called by the Swede. The turn came 4♣ and Iola had another stab at it with a 7,100 bet. Call. Both players checked the 7♠ river and Iola was forced to show Q♠2♠ for air so Tureniac took the pot with A♣3♣. Tureniec up to 115,00, Iola on 110,000.

6.25: Thorsson dominated by Saout
Kristoffer Thorsson got his short stack in with K♠8♣ and was called by Frenchman Antoine Saout with A♥K♣. The board ran a very French K♥Q♣Q♦3♦A♣.

6.15pm: Those we have loved
Dario Mineri
Andrew Lichtenberger
Freddy Deeb
Yevgeniy Timoshenko
Jean-Noel Thorel

6.10pm: Sointula spins Spindler
Jani Sointula has doubled-up to 52,000 through Benny Spindler who himself drops to 12,000. There was an early position raise to 1,500 before Spindler three-bet to 4,100 from the button. The raising didn’t stop there though as the Finn four-bet to 11,000. The original aggressor folded but Spinlder put Sointula all-in after a great deal of thought. Sointula called off the extra with 8♦8♠ and it held against the German’s A♦Q♦ on the 4♦K♦7♠9♣2♣ board.


Toby Lewis reading the PokerStars blog

6pm: Lewis leaves
Toby Lewis is out. He got the last of his chips in with pocket nines but Michael Tureniec had pocket jacks and they held, busting the EPT Vilamoura champion.

BLINDS UP: 300-600, ante 75

5.40pm: Minuscule Minieri
No, I’m not talking about his height but his chip stack. He was left with 6,500 after this hand but must have lost some elsewhere after busting Scott Seiver.

James Bord raised to 1,000 from under-the-gun before Minieiri three-bet to 2,600 from two seats along. Ignat George was sat in the SB and he four-bet to 5,200. Bard smiled and folded but Minieri called to the 8♣A♥K♦ flop. Check-check. The turn came J♠ and George led for 10,000. Minieri folded leaving himself with just those 6,500 chips.

5.35pm: Seiver sent packing
Scott Seiver is the latest casualty. He three-bet Dario Minieri who called to see a [q][2][2] flop. Seiver moved in with pocket sevens but Minieri hit a tree-outer on him with queen-eight.

5.20pm: Selbst looking strong
Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst is up to 175,000 and this was in small part due to winning a pot against Freddy Deeb. Selbst raised to 1,000 from the button before four-betting to 8,000 when Deeb made it 3,550 from the SB. Deeb called before both checked the 9♠K♦9♥ flop. The turn came 6♥ and Deeb check-called a 4,500 bet on the 6♥ turn. The river came 5♠ and Deeb check-folded to a 9,500 bet to leave himself with 13,000.

Selbst up top

5.05pm: Numbers up
The final number of entrants for this event is 77. One of the final people to take their seat was Phil Ivey who busted recently from the main event. One might think he was looking over at all his mates having fun and wanted some of that for himself. This event attracted 75 runners last year so we’re up, ever so slightly.

4.55pm:Let the second half begin
The players are back for the second half of the day. Registration is now closed. We’ll bring you final numbers as soon as we have them. But for now enjoy a picture of Team PokerStars Pro David Williams and his now famous hair.


Big user of Frizzease

All photos (c) and courtesy of Neil Stoddart.


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