EPT London: Coren, Canadians, and tilt

October 02, 2009


The world of Twitter belongs to Vicky Coren and it’s best not to cross its borders unless you plan to behave.

Today, the Team PokerStars Pro sits across this vast room with a look on her face that makes it appear we can approach. Then, just as well do, she’s in the middle of a hand that–though we don’t know it at the time–is not going to turn out well. She’s called twice, raised once, and fired a big 5,000 bullet on the river. When it’s all said and done, the board read 8♠9♦10♠9♥2♦.

“Aww,” Coren sighed. “You were right. King-high.”

Her opponent had aces.

I rushed back to my computer screen wand waited to see what Coren would say. Would she eviscerate the man with the aces? That was the hope, because schadenfreude is what gets me through the day.

“Half an hour into EPT London main event,” she wrote. “I’ve already bluffed off 8000 chips. Of 30k. I think I *might* still be on tilt from yesterday…”

If you’re just tuning in, it may be best for us to review the events of one day past.

See, Coren was deep in the EPT High Roller event yesterday and had run smack dab into a man she…affectionately…called ” Horrible Eric.”

There is history here. It goes back to the World Series of Poker when Coren first met the Canadian Erik Cajelais. The tale alone is worth five minutes of your time, because the lady from London is not only a fantastic writer, she also captures a moment unlike almost any poker player can. Consider this exchange she recounted from the WSOP.

“She check a full ‘ouse!” he shouted at the man next to him.

“Well”, I said, “I didn’t think he would call if…”

“NO!” Eric held up a big meaty hand. “You have ‘umiliated yourself in front of everyone. The more you say, the worse it get.”


Do not cross this woman

Bad blood being what it is, the animosity still had a bit of an edge on it when Coren was deep into the High Roller event. And that’s when the Twitter lashing started. Here are some gems:

  • Amazing. I didn’t think my opinion of this Eric could go down after we met in Vegas this year, but it could! He really is AWFUL.

  • He’s just so rude to me for no reason. Combined with the tattoos and vast daft muscles I think.. I think he fears he has something to prove.

  • (I’d make my opinion franker, but I’m still being followed by the archbishop of York.)
  • In the end, Coren went out on the bubble of High Roller event and spent much of the evening, in her words, “shell shocked.”

    We can’t say for sure whether her immediate return to the baize made it better or worse. After a morning of signing copies of her new book “For Richer For Poorer, she went immediately back to the table where she is Twittering of bluffs gone wrong.

    But, she assures us, it is not, in fact, tilt.

    “Just missed my 18 outs and tried too hard to win it on the river anyway,” she wrote.

    It’s just a few minutes to the first break of the day and Coren remains alive and well. For the past hour, her Twitter feed had gone silent.

    We’ll take it that means things are going okay.

    Do yourself a favor and read the whole “Horrible Eric” story over on Vicky’s blog.


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