EPT London: Final table, level 27-30 updates (50,000-100,000)

October 06, 2011


7.08pm: Spindler’s big slick for the win
The heads-up match was brief with neither player making huge inroads. But you felt an almightly clash was just around the corner, and that’s exactly what happened.

Benny Spindler raised to 225,000 and Steve O’Dwyer three-bet to 725,000. But Spindler was going nowhere, firing again with 1,725,000. O’Dwyer moved all-in and Spindler called in a flash.

Spindler: A♣K♦
O’Dwyer: K♠J♣

O’Dwyer was in all sorts of trouble. “I need another suckout,” he said as he got up out of his chair to watch the flop fall 7♣8♦A♦, a terrible one for him. Then he realised something. “I should never have stood up,” he explained. “I have been telling people to sit down all week, and now I have stood up in heads-up the first time I have got it in bad. I guess I deserve to have got such a terrible flop!”

It was good to see his sense of humour shine through despite the obvious pain. But wait, the turn was J♥ offering him a slim chance of a sensational suckout. But the 6♠ river was a brick. With that, the two of them shook hands, and Spindler lapped up the applause from an enthusiastic crowd.

As well as the title and the cash, Spindler receives a special Shamballa bracelet worth more than €10,000.

We’ll have a full wrap of today’s final table with you shortly. — SY

7.05pm: Benny Spindler wins EPT London (£750,000)
Steve O’Dwyer finishes runner-up (£465,000)

Details of winning hand to follow. — SY

6.58pm: First three-bet
Steve O’Dwyer had the best of the early heads-up exchanges, but his latest pre-flop raise to 250,000 was re-raised to 750,000 by Benny Spindler, the first three-bet of the heads-up battle. O’Dwyer folded. — SY

6.48pm: First pot to O’Dwyer
Steve O’Dwyer made it 200,000 and Benny Spindler called to see a J♥A♣2♣ flop. Spindler check-called a 250,000 bet and the turn was 6♠. Spindler checked then folded to O’Dwyer’s 585,000 bet. — SY

6.44pm: Heads-up begins
We’re back from dinner, and heads-up has begun. — SY

5.50pm: Dinner
Ever on the ball, we’ve been caught out by the appearance of a dinner break! Heads-up will commence shortly after 6.30pm. — SY

5.40pm: Deal or no deal?
Deal! Benny Spindler and Steve O’Dwyer have come to an agreement after some time studying the numbers and consulting with the likes of Isaac Haxton and Scott Seiver. The heads up should resume soon, a large chunk of change still up for grabs. — RD

5.19pm: Pause
There will be a brief pause in play while Benny Spindler and Steve O’Dwyer talk numbers. Spindler has a 13,490,000 million to 7,145,000 million chip lead. — SY

5.18pm: Andre Klebanov out in 3rd (£265,000)
Andre Klebenov has been eliminated by Steve O’Dwyer in unfortunate circumstances. Klebanov had opened to 250,000 only for O’Dwyer to move all-in, easily covering his opponent. Klebanov made the call:

Klebanov: A♠Q♦
O’Dwyer: A♦5♣

The man from Germany was in a sweet spot to double up, although O’Dwyer said: “I have a feeling.” While the flop of 8♥6♥J♥ was not too concerning, the 7♥ turn added an open-ended straight draw for O’Dwyer, while a fifth heart would now mean a split pot.

“I have a feeling,” repeated O’Dwyer.

Sure enough, the river was 4♣, filling O’Dwyer’s straight, and his feeling was right.

We’re now heads-up. — SY

5.10pm: All-in
Andre Klebanov is getting short again. We know this because Spindler asked how much he had.

“About 1,600,000,” replied Klebanov.

Spindler responded to that by moving all-in from the small blind. Klebanov shook his head and passed. Klebanov got some back when he shipped 1,410,000 moments later. — RD

4.58pm: Come on, lads!
Our private race to finish our final table before colleagues Bartley and Convey finish their high roller final table is not going well. They are already heads up in their one. You can see high roller coverage here. — SY

4.55pm: Level up
We move into level 30 with blinds now at 50,000-100,000 and a 10,000 ante. — SY

4.52pm: Klebanov wins the Skrill challenge
Andre Klebanov is the last player left standing in the Skrill last longer bet. Skrill, who is the official payment provider sponsor of the European Poker Tour, put up £5,250 for the patched up player who lasted the longest. Kevin Iacofano bust in fifth to give Klebanov the check-mark, which he can add to his top three spoils.

The final three have started play. — RD

4.44pm: Deal or no deal
No deal! The current feedback that we’re receiving is that there will be no deal three-handed. The players are not back though so it might yet happen. — RD

4.35pm: Chips, three left
Here are the remaining chip counts:

Andre Klebanov, 2,060,000
Steve O’Dwyer, 4,850,000
Benny Spindler, 13,825,000

Benny Spindler is a big chip leader here and, so the rumour goes, also has 15% of both players that are heads up in the High Roller. It’s a good day to be Benny. — RD

4.29pm: Aces send Pastor to the rail in 4th (£200,000)
Juan Manuel Pastor is out after running his pocket nines into chip monster Benny Spindler’s pocket aces. Pastor had raised to 165,000 from the button before Spindler re-raised to 375,000 from the small blind. Pastor then shoved for 2,550,000 and Spindler insta-called with the bullets, causing Pastor to give out an involuntary yelp.

The flop was 3♣J♠Q♠, and while the 8♦ turn opened up a gutshot straw for Pastor, the Q♣ river changed nothing.

We are now three-handed and the three players are discussing a possible deal. — SY


Juan Manuel Pastor leaves the final table

4.25pm: Spindler makes an ace-high call
Steve O’Dwyer bet 250,000 into a board of 8♣8♥[4]K♦ and Benny Spindler made the call – the flop has been checked. O’Dwyer fired 340,000 into the 3♣ river. Spindler slowly called again and it turned out that he was good with [a][q]. O’Dwyer’s had a busted flush draw with 9♥7♥. Spindler took the pot. — RD

4.15pm: Pastor all-in (again)
Juan Manuel Pastor made it 160,000 from the button and Benny Spindler raised to 375,000 from the small blind. Smelling a rat, or perhaps simply sitting with a premium hand, Pastor moved all in for close to 2 million. Spindler soon passed. — SY

4.08pm: Spindler plays back at O’Dwyer
Steve O’Dwyer has had a great level but Benny Spindler has temporarily halted the American’s ascension. O’Dwyer raised to 160,00 from the button and Spindler called. The German then led 180,000 into the 6♦K♣10♣ flop, which was called, and 600,000 into the 8♦ turn. O’Dwyer frowned and folded. Tough to count Spindler’s stack, it must be around 11,000,000 now.

Juan Manuel Pastor is dribbling away at the moment and will have to get it in again soon – but will anyone call? — RD

4pm: All about the money
All remaining four players are now guaranteed at least £200,000. Nice.

1st £750,000
2nd £465,000
3rd £265,000
4th £200,000

3.58pm: Pastor into the final four

3.55pm: Mattias Bergstrom out in 5th (£155,000)
Steve O’Dwyer doubled up in the hand described below and now he’s knocked out Mattias Bergstrom to increase his stack to more than five million. Benny Spindler had started things with a raise to 160,000 before Bergstrom shoved for 1,340,000 with 10♠J♠. But he was horrified to see O’Dwyer make the call with 10♦10♥. Spindler folded.

The board ran an inconsequential 3♥3♣9♦9♠2♥, and Bergstrom was on his way to the cash desk. We’re down to our final four players. — SY

ept london_day 6_mattias bergstrom.jpg

Mattias Bergstrom, out in fifth

3.50pm: O’Dwyer doubles
Steve O’Dwyer has doubled through Andre Klebanov. Klebanov had raised from the small blind for 200,000 and O’Dwyer called to see a 2♠4♥9♥ flop. Klebanov bet 300,000 and and O’Dwyer moved all-in for 1,525,000. Call. Klebanov had pocket fives but O’Dwyer had hit with his Q♠9♣. He stayed ahead on the 2♥ turn and 10♦ river. and is now up to 3 million. — SY

3.45pm: Three hands
1. Mattias Bergstrom opened the cut-off for 175,000 and was three-bet by Andre Klebanov 410,000 to chip up to 410,000.

2. Benny Spindler gets a walk from Juan Manuel Pastor in the small blind. No-one wants to mess with Spindler.

3. Steve O’Dwyer opened the cut-off for 170,000 and takes the blinds and antes. He’s back up to 1,740,000. — RD

3.40pm: Pastor all-in
It was folded around to Juan Manuel Pastor who moved all-in from the button for 1,970,000. Both Benny Spindler and Mattias Bergstrom folded from the blinds. — SY


Juan Manuel Pastor (not asleep)

3.36pm: Kevin Iacofano out in 6th (£120,000)
After getting crippled by Mattias Bergstrom Kevin Iacofano has just been knocked out by Benny Spindler who, somewhat typically, flopped the nuts. Spindler opened to 160,000 from the cut-off and called Iacofano’s 255,000 shove.

Iacofano: Q♣10♣
Spindler: 8♠7♠

The 5♣6♥9♦ flop hit Spindler hard giving the German a straight, the A♠ turn and 4♥ river no help for Iacofano who scores his second EPT final table finish. Spindler up to 10,000,000. — RD

ept london_day 6_kevin iacofano.jpg

Kevin Iacofano: second EPT final table

3.28pm: Double up for Bergstrom
Mattias Bergstrom has doubled up at the expense of Kevin Iacofano, who is now crippled. Benny Spindler had opened (as usual) for 160,000 before Iacofano moved all-in only for Bergstrom to call all-in. Spindler got out of the way.

Iacofano: A♦6♠
Bergstrom: A♠Q♥

Bergstrom looked in good shape, and he stayed ahead on the 3♠9♣J♥9♥K♣ board. That sent Bergstrom up to 2.8 million while Iacofano was left with just 260,000. — SY

3.24pm: New chips
A new 100,000 chip is in play. Well, there is more than one of them, but you know what I mean. — SY

3.22pm: And we’re off (again)
Six players remain, Spindler still huge with almost half the chips in play.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 40,000-80,000, ANTE 10,000

3.12pm: Chips at the break
The stacks and seats are as follows:

Seat 2: Andre Klebanov, 3,775,000
Seat 3: Stephen O’Dwyer, 2,080,000
Seat 4: Juan Manuel Pastor, Team PokerStars Pro, 2,130,000
Seat 5: Benny Spindler, PokerStars player, 9,615,000

Seat 6: Kevin Iacofano, 1,830,000
Seat 8: Mattias Bergstrom, 1,305,000

Can Kevin Iacofano beat the fourth place finish he scored at EPT Copenhagen last season? Can Spindler break the 50% of chips in play mark? Find out as we restart after the break. — RD

3.11pm: Party time
Check out the wicked-bad-good EPT London party from last night.

3.04pm: Break
That’s the end of level 28. Players are now on a 15-minute break. — SY

3.03pm: Spindler still
Three more hands see Benny Spindler picking up pots, one of them a walk in the big blind. Only Mattias Bergstrom put up some resistance, moving all-in for 1,095,000 after yet another Spindler pre-flop raise of 120,000. Spindler looked like he wanted to call, but couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger. — SY

2.54pm: Spindler maintaining the pressure
Benny Spindler is not the kind of player to sit back on a chip lead and is using his big to exert maximum pressure on the remaining five players. He’s raising and taking blinds and has three-bet two of the last three hands, winning one and losing the other.

Spindler three-bet squeezed for 400,000 from the big blind over a Steve O’Dwyer button raise and Juan Manuel Pastor call. O’Dwyer shoved and won the pot – he’s back up to 2,200,000.

Spindler then three-bet small to 280,000 from the button against Andre Klebanov who made the call. Both players checked down a dangerous looking board with Spindler’s pocket four taking the pot. Spindler on around 9,300,000. — RD

ept london_day 6_benny spindler.jpg

Benny Spindler

2.40pm: Pastor shove
Benny Spindler opened under the gun for 120,000. It was folded around to Juan Manuel Pastor in the big blind who shoved for just over one million. Spindler mucked. — SY

2.35pm: Back into the action
Andre Klebanov marks the return to the action with a four-bet into Mattias Bergstrom from 300,000 to 540,000 to push the Swede down further to 1,400,000. — RD

2.25pm: MONSTER POT: Spindler slays Adeniya, out in 7th (£86,350)
Benny Spindler has just eliminated Martins Adeniya to move up to 9,300,000, almost half the chips in play. It was a giant flip for a 7,300,000 pot and one that Adeniya had predicted would happen at the break. Investigative reporter Simon Young had overheard the Londoner saying that Spindler would be four-betting him for stacks. He wasn’t wrong.

Mattias Bergstrom opened from under-the-gun for 150,000 and Spindler made the call on the button. Adeniya, big blind, pulled out raising chips and pushed out a squeeze to 475,000. Bergstrom passed and Spindler announced that he was all-in. Adeniya stopped chewing his gum for long enough to say, “I call.”

Adeniya: A♠K♣
Spindler: 10♠10♣

“It’s a big one,” said Adeniya.

Again, he wasn’t wrong. The board ran out J♣8♣3♥2♠J♥ to push a monster stack to Spindler who must be a huge favourite to take the EPT title now. Adeniya sent to the rail with £86,350. These two were always going to clash in a monster pot. One had to come out worse. Small break now to shift chips around. — RD

ept london_day 6_martins adeniya.jpg

Martins Adeniya, out in sixth

2.15pm: Huge pot for Spindler
Benny Spindler has won what must be the biggest pot of the tournament so far after Mattias Bergstrom was caught ‘at it’.

Spindler had opened for 120,000 and Bergstrom called from the big blind. On the K♠8♠9♣ flop, Bergstrom checked, Spindler bet 140,000 and then Bergstrom re-popped to 460,000. Call. The turn was 3♦ and now Bergstrom bet a hefty 700,000. Again he couldn’t shake off Spindler. The river was A♠ and again Bergstrom made it 700,000. Spindler was going nowhere, however, and made the call.

Spindler: A♦9♦
Bergstrom: 4♠5♦

Spindler had made two pair, although one would have been enough. Bergstrom had complete air. Spindler up to 5.7 million, while Bergstrom is now 1.7 million. SY

2.10pm: UTG FTW
Three hands in a row, all taken down by raises under the gun. First Kevin Iacofano won the blinds and antes, then Martins Adeniya and finally Mattias Bergstrom did the same.

Adeniya was particularly pleased. “That’s the first pot I’ve won today,” he said with a cheery grin. — SY

2.01pm: Pastor all-in
Juan Manuel Pastor opened under-the-gun for 125,000 and Martins Adeniya made the call from middle position. The Spanish Team PokerStars Pro check-called 150,000 on the 2♦4♦K♦ flop and check-shoved over Adeniya’s 230,000 bet on the 9♠ turn. Pastor took the pot and is up to 2,200,000. — RD

1.48pm: More for Iacofano
Kevin Iacofano bet 130,000 and was called by Juan Manuel Pastor in the big blind. Pastor then check-called Iacofano’s 200,000 bet on the K♥9♣5♠ flop to see a 10♦ turn. Both checked. On the A♦ river, Pastor checked then folded when Iacofano made it 275,000. — SY

ept london_day 6_team pro rail.jpg

Greenstein, Rousso, Katchalov and Boeree – the new Abba?

1.45pm: Bergstrom betting
Mattias Bergstrom opened for a bet of 160,000 and got a call from Steve O’Dwyer. Both checked the A♠5♥K♣ flop, but Bergstrom’s 170,000 bet on the 7♦ river was good for the pot. — SY

1.41pm: We’re back
Game on. We’ve got seven player left and no short stacks. Anyone could win. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 30,000-60,000, ANTE 5,000

1.28pm: Break
That’s the end of the level, and the players are on their first 15-minute break of the day. Rick Dacey has been dispatched to hoover up the official chip counts.* — SY

*Chips now hoovered. Check the chip counts page, Adeniya still leading with 4,465,000.

1.26pm: Final table preview
Here’s a video to watch in the break. Or not. It’s up to you.

1.25pm: More for Klebanov
Kevin Iacofano has lost a sizeable chunk to Andre Klebanov. He opened for 110,000 and Klebanov called from the big blind. The flop was 4♥3♥3♠ and Klebanov check-called Iafocano’s 130,000 bet. Both checked the A♠ turn, but on the 5♠ river Klebanov led out with a meaty 325,000. Iacofano called quickly, but will wish he hadn’t as Klebanov showed 3♦4♦ for the flopped full house.

Klebanov up to 3,225,000. – SY

1.20pm: Klebanov active
Andre Klebanov is the most active player at the table so far. First he opened for 100,000 and got a call from Benny Spindler in the big blind. On the 4♣[10]Q♥ flop, Spindler check-folded to Klebanov’s 125,000 continuation bet.

Klebanov opened again soon after for 100,000 and this time Mattias Bergstrom called. But the pattern was repeated – on the 7♠6♣Q♠ flop, Bergstrom check-folded to Klebanov’s 125,000 continuation bet. — SY

1.15pm: O’Dwyer moving up
Steve O’Dwyer has won the last two hands for a 700,000 chip increase. Martins Adeniya opened for 100,000 and was called by Mattias Bergstrom before O’Dwyer shoved all-in from the big blind. Two folds pushed him up to 1,600,000.

The next hand O’Dwyer called Kelbanov’s 100,000 button raise from the small blind and check-called 1,250,000 on the K♦2♠3♣ flop, 175,000 on the 4♥ turn before both players check-called the 9♣ river.

Klebanov: Q♣5♣
O’Dwyer: A♠4♦

O’Dwyer took the pot with a pair of fours to chip up to 2,000,000, increasingly a threat at this final table.

“You didn’t want to try and win that hand?” asked O’Dwyer who refused to answer whether he would have called a third bullet or not. — RD

1.08pm: Miroslav Benes out in 8th (£64,000)
He came to the final table as the short-stack, and despite some heroic all-ins Miroslav Benes is now out.

Benny Spindler raised to 100,000 and Benes shoved for 560,000. Call. Benes had 9♥9♣ and was up against the German’s K♦Q♥. The race was on, but it didn’t last long as the flop came K♥2♣10♥ to shoot Spindler into the lead. It got worse for Benes as the turn was K♣ and river 2♥ to make Spindler’s full house.

Spindler is now up to more than 4 million and we’re down to seven players. — SY

1.05pm: Benes gets another one through
Miroslav Benes gets another shove through and is up to around 575,000. He still needs a double but if he does so now he’ll be well back into this final table. — RD

1.03pm: Pastor aggression
Mattias Bergstrom raised to 110,000 and it was folded around to Team PokerStars Pro Juan Manuel Pastor on the button, who called. The blinds got out of the way and the two of them saw a 3♣Q♣5♠ flop.

Bergstrom eyed-up Pastor and bet 150,000. The Spaniard, however, seemed to have hit something, raising up to 395,000. That was too much for the Swede, and Pastor picked up the pot. — SY

12.59pm: O’Dwyer all-in
Andre Klebanov raised to 105,000 but faced a swift all-in shove from Steve O’Dwyer in the next seat. The bet was around 1.2million and Klebanov thought better of it. He passed. — SY

12.56pm: Pastor folds to Benes shove
Miroslav Benes just managed to pick up the blinds after shoving into Juan Manuel Pastor’s big blind. The Spanish player must have had some serious rags to make the call there – Benes’ shove was for around 330,000. Vital pick up for Benes. — RD

12.46pm: Klebanov takes it from Spindler
Andre Klebanov has won a small on from Benny Spindler, who had opened for 100,000. Klebanov led 100,000 into the turn and 260,000 into the river of a A♠2♣Q♥5♦J♥ board to win the pot with a fold. — RD

12.46pm: Bergstrom first blood
Mattias Bergstrom has won the first pot after raising to 110,000 and firing the 9♠2♦K♦ flop into Andre Klebanov who had defended from the blinds. Miroslac Benes passed and realistically he has to get his chips in this orbit. — RD

12.45pm: And we’re off
A little later than planned, but the final table is under way. The button is on short-stack Miroslav Benes, which will come as a relief to him, seeing as he now has a few hands before having to invest a chunk of his 370,000 in the blinds. — SY

12.35pm: In their seats, on their marks…
We’re seeing Benny Spindler’s face on the monitor in the press room. Now Andre Klebanov’s. The players are getting seated, play should start soon. Miroslav Benes the man that has to move.

Seat 1: Miroslav Benes, PokerStars online qualifier, 370,000
Seat 2: Andre Klebanov, 2,30,000
Seat 3: Stephen O’Dwyer, 1,250,000
Seat 4: Juan Manuel Pastor, Team PokerStars Pro, 1,915,000
Seat 5: Benny Spindler, PokerStars player, 3,435,000
Seat 6: Kevin Iacofano, 2,685,000
Seat 7: Martins Adeniya, 4,736,000
Seat 8: Mattias Bergstrom, 3,620,000

We’re not sure where the button will be starting but it will dictate how many hands Benes has before he has to get it in. I think Benes may start with the button on seat one. — RD

12.30pm: Mission Impossible?
Miroslav Benes is watching the TV table being set up, a takeaway cup of coffee in his hand and a look of nervous excitement on his face. The Czech recreational player starts today as the short stack with just seven-and-a-half big blinds (370,000) and is some distance from the rest of the pack.

“I have five or six hands to do something. Every day I’ve been a short stack and every morning I’ve told myself it’s like Mission Impossible,” said Benes knowing full well that he’s going to need a bit of luck not to take the 8th place finish for £64,000.

The Czech has made it through every day and is just a couple of double up away from doing the impossible yet again. Good luck to the online qualifier. — RD

12.10pm: Getting ready for the off
Juan Manuel Pastor is sat on the floor by the TV table. Is this some kind of protest? No, it’s Neil Stoddart arranging the players for some arty final table shots. That also means our final table is just minutes away. Ready the cards, grab the rail and gird your loins… we’re going in. — RD

11.45am: As Bill Withers would say… a lovely day
Morning, campers. What a glorious day it is in London; the sun is shining, birds are singing in the concrete jungle trees, and people everywhere have smiles as wide as the Hammersmith flyover. So it is with great joy that I…. oh, to heck with it. Best to be honest, my mother always said. Today, myself and I suspect many media colleagues are putting on a brave face. You see, last night was the PokerStars party, and when PokerStars throws a party, one tends to feel a little ‘delicate’ next day.

But what a night! Poker celebs, free booze, a magician, juggler, free booze, sweets (mmm, the sweets), dancing, free booze – all at the fine night spot that is Kensington Roof Gardens. Needless to say, it went off with a bang. I, of course, was there purely in a working capacity. Any headache or slight wooziness this morning is absolutely down to a slight cold coming on. Or something like that.

Anyway, the party brought to a close a wonderful week of poker at EPT London, save for the final events today. The final of £20,000 High Roller (which, incidentally, was probably the size of the bar bill for one of my colleagues last night) plays out shortly, and you’ll be able to follow coverage of that here. But myself and noble colleague Rick Dacey will be covering the main event final table. Someone is going to finish today £750,000 richer (which, incidentally, should cover a red-haired blogger’s bar bill last night).

Eight are in contention, and you can see their profiles here. We are supposed to kick-off at noon, but I suspect we’ll be a little delayed while interviews and photos are completed. And that’s a good thing: we may be a little more awake by then.

While you wait for the show to begin, why not have a peep at what was going on at the PokerStars party last night? I remember it all. Honest. — SY


Liv Boeree, Stephen Bartley Jonathan Duhamel and Vanessa Rousso


This magician was awesome – he made things disappear faster than Rick Dacey’s beer


Best way to kill a circus? Go for the juggler


Dancing the night away. Team Blog avoided this area

PokerStars Blog reporting team (in order of post-party appearance this morning): Simon Young (brave face) and Rick Dacey (braver face).


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