EPT London High Roller: Day 2, level 10 – 13 updates (1,500-3,000, 400)

October 05, 2011


4.25pm: End of the level
Players are now on a 15 minute break.

4.20pm: Scratch Katchalov
Out in 22nd place goes Eugene Katchalov. He opened on the button for 6,500 which was called by Andrey Bondar in the big blind for a flop of 3♠7♠8♠. Bondar checked to Katchalov who bet 8,500. Called. On the 6♦ turn Bondar bet 20,000. Katchalov announced he was all in which Bondar called immediately; Katchalov’s 9♠9♦ trailing Bondar’s 8♥6♥. The river came 2♦. Bondar pumped both fists and Katchalov left for the rail. – SB

4.18pm: A nice mistake to make
Oliver Busquet was saying that he keeps making mistakes and he thought he just made one against Michael Tureniec, but he changed his mind and said he just needs to adjust to “live” players.

He was heads-up with Tureniec and around 40,000 had made it into the middle by the turn where the board read 10♣5♦A♦A♥. Tureniec checked from the small blind to face a 12,000 bet that he treated to an all-in push. Busquet called all-in for 41,200 thinking he must be behind with A♣3♥. He wasn’t though as the Swede had a drawing Q♦7♦ that missed on the 8♠ river.

Busquet is up to about 125,000 and Tureniec is still cruising on 480,000. — MC

4.10pm: Quoss two players out
Fabian Quoss is out. He shoved with six big blinds under the gun with king-nine suited and was called by Phil Collins with pocket jacks in the big blinds. Quoss out.

Following him to the rail is reigning World Champion Jonathan Duhamel, sent their by Adrian Bussman. Down to 22. – SB


Jonathan Duhamel

4pm: An eight is great for Ionel
Life in the high-roller was looking grim for Anton Ionel until he hit his two-outer. He three-bet all-in for 26,400 after Michael Watson had opened from first position. Call.

Watson: K♠K♦
Ionel: 8♠8♥

The board ran J♣5♣8♦4♠9♠ to make him a set on the flop. — MC

3.50pm: Seat draw
With three tables remaining here’s how the players line up:

Philipp Gruissem
Marvin Rettenmaier
Shane Reihill
Joel Nordkvist
Byron Kaverman
Jonathan Duhamel
Talal Shakerchi
Adrian Bussman

Phillip Collins
Fabian Quoss
Sam Stein
Olivier Busquet
James Bord
Michael Tureniec
Isaac Haxton
Sorel Mizzi

Eugene Katchalov
Rob Akery
Andrey Bondar
Sam Trickett
Luke Schwartz
Michael Watson
Igor Kurganov
Anton Ionel

3.45pm: Karr wrecked
Mclean Karr is out, having moved in with A♦K♣ but was called by Philipp Gruissem who showed J♦J♣. A third jack on the turn sent Karr to the rail in 25th place, leaving three tables remaining. – SB


McLean Karr

3.40pm: Quoss in trouble
Fabian Quoss is in trouble with just 25,000 after making a big river call versus Michael Tureniec. The action had reached the river and around 70,000 had made in into the middle. The board read A♣3♦8♥9♥K♣ and Tureniec led out for 71,500 from the small blind. The German tank-called but mucked upon seeing the Swede’s K♠9♣ for two-pair. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,500-3,000, 400 ante

3.25pm: Chop-pity-chop, please don’t stop
James Bord apologised to Oliver Busquet after he four-bet tank-called the American’s five-bet shove.


James Bord

Fabian Quoss opened to 5,300 from the cut-off before Busquet three-bet to 10,700 from the button and Bord four-bet to 28,500 from the small blind. Quoss folded but Busquet moved all-in for 126,100. Bord took his time and called. Both players tabled ace-king.

Quoss smiled and tapped himself on the back as he said he folded ace-queen. The board ran out blank but a queen appeared on the river and that changed Quoss’ mood.

3.15pm: These ducks aren’t so mighty
Joe Hachem has been eliminated by Michael Tureniec. The Team PokerStars Pro shoved his short stack in from the hijack with pocket twos and was called by the Swede in the small blind with A♥6♥. An ace appeared on the flop and that was all she wrote. — MC


Joe Hachem

3.10pm: Fish and chips
While Igor Kurganov eats a fish from out of a foil tray and sips carrot juice, on the adjacent table Olivier Busquet was all-in on a flop of 4♦3♠2♠, showing J♠5♠ against Michael Tureniec’s Q♠8♠. The turn 4♣ and river A♦ left Busquet with a straight, and the pot, doubling him up to around 115,000. Tureniec drops down to 280,000. – SB

3pm: One for Bord, one for Quoss
James Bord and Fabian Quoss were involved in two hands in-a-row, and each took one down.

In the first hand the two were heads-up to a 4♠10♥K♣ flop and Bord checked from under-the-gun and called when Quoss bet 18,000 from the button. The turn came 2♣ and an 18,000 bet from the German was enough to force Bord to fold. The A♥ was chosen to be shown out of his hole cards.

the next hand saw Isaac Haxton raise from early position and our friends call to see a 4♦7♠8♥ flop. Bord led for 12,000 and only Quoss called to the A♦ turn where both players checked. The river came J♥ Quoss folded to a 25,000 bet from Bord. The 7♥ was shown to the table. — MC

2.50pm: McDonald finds a good spot to double-up
Mike McDonald is back above his starting stack after finding A♠K♠ in a sweet spot. McLean Karr opened to 5,000 from the hijack and was three-bet to 14,600 by Jonathan Duhamel in the cut-off before the Canadian moved all-in for his last 22,900. Karr folded but Duhamel called with K♦10♦.


Mike McDonald

The board ran 6♦8♥3♠4♥Q♠. McDonald still has a lot of work to do to get back in this. — MC

2.40pm: Katchalov pushing 100k
Eugene Katchalov’s fight back continues as he gets to within sight of the six-figure mark.

After Sam Stein opened for 5,200 in the cut off, Katchalov called from the small blind, as did Sorel Mizzi from the big. The flop came K♠Q♣5♦ which was checked through to Stein. He bet 8,200 which Katchalov called before Mizzi got out of the way.

Both checked the 6♥ turn for a 7♣ river card. Katchalov took the pot with a bet of 16,000. – SB

2.30pm: Level 12 begins
Here’s the top five counts as a new level begins:

Robert Akery — 359,000
Michael Tureniec — 320,000
McLean Karr — 246,000
Isaac Haxton — 200,000
Samuel Stein — 170,000


McLean Karr on 246,000

Full counts can be found on the chipcount page. –MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,200-2,400, 300 ante

2.10pm: Double elimination as players go on break
We were wondering when our next player was going to bust and then we got two in one hand.

Govert Metaal shoved for 34,600 from the hijack and was called by Rob Akery in the next seat. Yury Esaulov was on the button and meant to call but accidentally put in two many chips, so a min three-bet was declared. That represented more than half his remaining stack and Akery set him in for the rest. Call.

Metaal: Q♥9♥
Akery: A♣K♦
Esaulov: 10♥10♦

The board ran 3♠4♠6♦K♥J♦ to pair Akery’s king. He’s up to around 340,000 now but as it’s break we’ll do a full round of chip counts. — MC

2.05pm: Rettenmaier all-in
After two hours of play and only one elimination, it looked like Marvin Rettenmaier’s days were numbered when he moved all-in for 12,700 and got two callers.

Talal Shakerchi had opened for 5,000 in early position before Philipp Gruissem called in the cut off. Then 4002 pushed in from the button.

Shakerchi and Gruissem checked the 5♦K♠Q♣ flop, then the 2♣ turn and the A♥ river. A delighted Rettenmaier watched as Shakerchi showed 6♠6♥ and Gruissem turned over A♣9♣. Rettenmaier had A♦10♣ and tripled up.

“I’m good at this game,” he joked. – SB

2pm: Busquet doubled through Bord
Olivier Busquet needed a double-up and he got one. The action folded to him in the small blind and he completed. James Bord was his big blinded neighbour and raised to 7,000, only for Busquet to raise all-in for 34,000. Bord took a minute and called.

Busquet: K♣K♠
Bord: A♣9♥

The board ran K♥6♣9♣7♥J♦ to make the American a set.

“I was always going to call”, said Bord in explaining his delay. “You might’ve played it the only way where you don’t get the money though”, he now aimed solely as his opponent. Busquet agreed with him. Bord’s still okay on 170,000. — MC

1.50pm: Katchalov shoves
Shane Reihill opened for 5,500 which got the attention of Andrey Bondar on the button. After rubbing his chin he called. Then it was Eugene Katchalov to act from the small blind. He looked down at his cards, then at the general scene, and announced he was all-in. Reihill passed, as did Bondar, who began shaking his head, which seemed involuntary.


Andrey Bondar

1.45pm: Katchalov clawing his way back
On a flop of K♥7♥9♥ Sam Stein checked to from the big blind to Eugene Katchalov in early position, who made it 4,500 to play. Stein called for a 3♣ turn card.

It’s a quiet table. None of the chatter on the Hachem/Haxton table, just serious expressions. Stein checked again before Katchalov bet another 8,500, which Stein called.

On the 3♦ river Stein checked one last time. Katchalov, economic with movement as well as chips, moved all-in for 17,000. Stein passed. – SB

1.40pm: Trickett master class
Sam Trickett is sitting with a smirk across his face after a successful bluff worked against Yury Esaulov.

The hand started with Michael Watson under-the-gun raise to 5,000. Esaulov called from the button and Trickett from the small blind. The flop came 10♥J♦8♠ and Trickett donk-led for 4,800. Watson called but the Russian raised to 17,500 which scared off Watson but not the Brit who called.

The turn came 7♠ and once more Trickett led out, for 11,700. Call. The final card was Q♠ and Trickett counted his stack (about 70,000) and slid them all over the line. His opponent thought long and hard before folding. Trickett tabled K♦Q♦ and looked very happy with himself. — MC

1.25pm: Katchalov hanging on
Andrey Bondar opened for 5,000 in middle position, before Eugene Katchalov raised to 18,500. Bondar, who has one of the few stacks shorter than Katchalov’s, moved all-in, which Katchalov called, turning over J♦J♥ to Bondar’s A♣Q♥.

Katchalov was all clear on the 10♦9♥4♣ flop, and on the 7♠ turn. But the Q♣ river card sent the chips to Bondar. He now has around 50,000 while Katchalov remains on the critical list. — SB


Eugene Katchalov

1.20pm: Pressure poker works, sometimes
Sam Trickett likes to apply pressure to to pick up easy pots where he can. This worked when he set Govert Metaal all-in on the river of a raggy board for twice the pot.

The very next hand he three-bet to 11,200 from the button after Rob Akery had opened to 4,200 from the cut-off. Akery was having none of it though and four-bet to 26,200 to force a fold from his fellow Brit.

Metaal — 47,000
Akery — 240,000
Tricket — 120,000
— MC

1.10pm: Dealer error
The dealer on table four increased the blinds but forgot to charge the extra 100 chips for the ante and a hand played out. The tournament director said the player who won the hand should get an extra 100 from each player. Phil Collins was then the target of flying T100 chips from each opponent. — MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000, 300 ante

1.05pm: Stein takes a hit
Shane Reihill opened for 3,500 which Byron Kaverman called, as did Sam Stein on the button and Eugene Katchalov in the big blind.

The flop came J♥3♦9♥ which Reihill checked. Kaverman then bet 7,200, arranging the bet by colour and placing it neatly across the line. Undeterred by such organisation, Stein went to his chips adter pausing for effect, raising to 18,600, a disorganised pile of chips forcing out Katchalov and Reihill.

Kaverman then tanked, moving only slightly to pull back his initial neat bet to replace it with a re-raise totalling 39,800. Stein began to lean over for a better look, asking for a count of Kaverman’s remaining stack, which was just shy of 100,000.

Stein was playing with 240,000. He pulled a few faces and raised his eyebrows a bit. Then he moved all-in. Kaverman called, turning over K♥Q♥. He was up against Stein’s set of threes, 3♥3♠.


Sam Stein

The hearts proved crucial though, the turn coming 4♦ and the river 5♥. Neither player made any noise, there was no commotion. Just the exchange of chips. Stein down to 140,000 while Kaverman moves up to around 250,000. – SB

12.55pm: More for Haxton
Isaac Haxton’s table has agreed to the “Show one card” rule when a player wins a pot. The only problem is they keep forgetting and are relying on posthumous honesty from the winning player. To solve this they have enlisted the help of the dealer who will choose a random card.

Haxton has added more to his stack after manoeuvring James Bord off his hand. Bord raised to 3,700 from the button and Haxton peeled to see a 9♣5♣7♦ flop. He went on to check-call a 5,000 c-bet before check-raising on the A♦ turn. Bord had bet 17,000 before tank-folding to a raise to 72,000. Haxton approaching 290,000 chips now. — MC

12.40pm: Alas, Smith has gone
Daniel Smith is the first player eliminated today.

12.35pm: Bord late, Haxton up
James Bord arrived a few minutes late and not for the first time got mildly frustrated by the fact that someone wearing a jacket and tie does not make for a tournament director, or someone who might know where his chips are. He eventually found them and then ordered himself a massage.

Isaac Haxton is off to a good start, picking up a pot to take him to around 250,000. Haxton has undergone something of a transformation. Having once been the long-haired nerdish type, he’s now gone electric and looks like a rock star…


Isaac Haxton – before


Isaac Haxton – after

Elsewhere Eugene Katchalov, who looks like a guy who drives a pick-up truck, just moved all-in behind an opening bet of 4,000 by Anton Ionel. The action was folded all the way, keeping Katchalov in the game a little longer at least. — SB

12.25pm: Hachem halved
Joe Hachem has had a bad start to the day with his stack being chopped in half. Michael Tureniec opened to 3,600 from the hijack and was called by Isaac Haxton in the next seat before Hachem three-bet to 12,100 from the big blind. The Swede folded but Haxton called.

The flop fell 4♥2♠J♦ and Hachem led again, for 18,100. Call. The river was 10♥ and Hachem slowed to a check and Haxton checked behind after some thought.

Hachem didn’t want to show and said, “I have nothing”.

This prompted Haxton to table the winning A♠Q♥. “I thought the ace was a good card for me”, added the Team PokerStars Pro. He’s down to 38,000 while Haxton climbed to 235,000. — MC

12.10pm: Car key gate
Luke Schwartz just made it on time for the start of play today. The reason? His infant son threw his car keys down the elevator shaft of his apartment building so he had to get a cab in to the Metrolpole. “They’re stuck to the bottom of some haunted place”, was his closing statement on the matter. – MC

12.05pm: Cards in the air
Play begins on Day 2. Chip counts below.

11.45am: Day 2 of the High Roller
Welcome back to Day 2 of the EPT London High Roller event where the abbreviated clothing on display in no way corresponds with the financial reserves of some of its players.

Today 30 players from the original 75 take to the baize once more for a day likely to continue until the final table of eight is in place. It’s a direct race alongside the EPT London main event, taking place a few feet away in the tournament room, or a click away on the PokerStars Blog.

But were this a game of Poker Player Top Trumps, this event would win every time. It’s the Rolling Stones to their Beatles; Shackleton to their Amundsen, black coffee to their skinny frappucino. Take your pick.


The River Thames (Neil Stoddart (c))

That’s just our humble opinion, which tips its hat to an all-star field led last night by chip leader Sam Stein, ahead of Michael Watson.

Here’s how they’ll line up:

Table 1
Sorel Mizzi, Canada, 56,500
Adrian Bussman, Sweden, 158,900
Shane Reihill, Ireland, 93,200
Byron Kaverman, USA, 98,200
Anton Ionel, Romania, 148,600
Samuel Stein, USA, 245,500
Andrey Bondar, Russian, 31,000
Eugene Katchalov, Ukraine, 37,800

Table 2
Philipp Gruissem, Germany, 175,500
Marvin Rettenmaier, Germany, 44,700
Daniel Smith, USA, 28,300
Joel Nordkvist, Sweden, 154,800
McLean Karr, USA, 157,000
Jonathan Duhamel, Canada, 119,900
Talal Shakerchi, UK, 147,000
Mike McDonald, Canada, 30,500

Table 3
Govert Metaal, Netherlands, 47,800
Robert Akery, UK, 118,700
Yury Esaulov, Russia, 132,300
Samuel Trickett, British, 111,000
Luke Schwartz, British, 187,300
Michael Watson, Canada, 225,900
Igor Kurganov, Germany, 126,100

Table 4
Philip Collins, USA, 187,800
Fabian Quoss, Germany, 179,400
Joe Hachem, Australia, 95,800
Olivier Busquet, American, 42,400
James Bord, UK, 200,000
Michael Tureniec, Sweden, 190,000
Isaac Haxton, USA, 199,200

Play is due to get under way at 12 noon. – SB

PokerStars Blog High Roller reporting team: Stephen Bartley and Marc Convey. Photography by Mickey May.


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