EPT London High Roller: Level 5-9 updates (600-1,200, 200)

October 04, 2011


11.25pm: Play finishes
Players are bagging and tagging. We’ll have a full wrap with you shortly, and we await the official chip counts. But it looks like Sam Stein has nipped taken the chip lead from Michael Watson at the death. Stein looks to have around 240,000 while Watson finished with 225,900.

Full counts will be on the chip count page shortly. — SY

11.15pm: Greenstein gone
James Bord opened with a raise to 3,000 and got calls from Isaac Haxton and Barry Greenstein to see a J♦A♣9♣ flop. Greenstein and Bord checked before Haxton made it 7,000. Then Greenstein moved all-in for around 17,000. Only Haxton called.

Greenstein: A♠5♠ for top pair
Haxton: Q♦10♦ for the straight draw

The Bear faded trouble on the 10♠ turn, but the river was K♣ to complete Haxton’s straight. That sends Haxton up to 170,000, a stack swollen a little earlier when he busted Vicky Coren.

Just before leaving, Greenstein signed a copy of his book, Ace on the River and handed it to Haxton. — SY
11.13pm: Four more hands
Tournament staff have announced we’ll play four more hands and then the day will close. — SY

11.10pm: Team Pro woes
Vanessa Rousso and Juan Maceiras are missing from their respective seats, and presumed out. Meanwhile, Vicky Coren has lost another chunk and sits with 34,000 having doubled up the short-stacked Barry Greenstein when his A-5 outran her A-Q. — SY

11pm: Elementary, my dear Watson
We’re only a few miles away from Baker Street in London, home of the famous sleuth Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr Watson. Tonight it’s another Watson who is solving the puzzle that is how to reach the chip lead in a high roller.

Michael Watson, from Canada, currently has around 245,000, and that’s some way ahead of his nearest challenger.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it. — SY

10.47pm: And he’s out
Shortly after describing the woes of Guiseppe Pantaleo below, he’s out. And it wasn’t very pleasant – his 10♦10♥, all-in pre-flop, was overtaken by an opponent’s A♠10♠ on the A♣Q♠J♥7♦J♦ board.

“Every time,” he muttered to himself as he hurried hastily out of the door. — SY

10.40pm: Playing on the seat of his Pantaleo
Guiseppe Pantaleo lives on a knife edge with 45 minutes of play left in the day.

He opened for 2,400, leaving himself 23,000 behind, which Isaac Haxton called from the big blind for a flop of K♣Q♠K♥. Haxton, holding his forehead, checked to Pantaleo who bet 1,800. Pausing briefly, Haxton then raised to 4,500, leaving Pantaleo little choice but the fold.

Haxton up to 135,000. – SB

10.30pm: Hachem happy
As players return for the last level of the day, Team PokerStars Pro Joe Hachem is a happy camper. Just before the break, he reached 100,000 after winning a pot. We’ll let the former WSOP champ give you the story in Twitter speak…

“I just 3bet pre into 4players with JJ, initial raiser calls. Flop q high I bet 12k into 29, he tank shoves I tank call, he has 99,double up. Boo ya, now we have one level to go and I have nearly 100k.” — SY

10.15pm: End of the level
That’s the end of level 8. Players are on a 15 minute break.

10.14pm: Shakerchi on the march
Talal Shakerchi has eased up to 150,000 after winning a nice pot against Govert Metaal. Shakerchi raised from under the gun to 2,600 and Metaal called from the small blind to see a 3♦9♥4♠ flop. Metaal then check-called Shakerchi’s 5,000 bet, and did the same to the 8,500 bet on the 8♠ turn. Finally, on the J♥ river, Metaal checked then called when Shakerchi made it 23,000. He’ll wish he hadn’t – the Brit showed J♦J♠ for top set.

With that, Metaal, from Holland, falls back to 54,000. — SY

10.13pm: Safe and sound
As the last break of the day arrives Sam Stein still leads. Juan Maceiras almost doubled up, or was eliminated, depending on how you look at it. He got his 25,000 stack in against Vicky Coren, only for both players to turn over pocket nines. Despite wishing to forget dealing a board the formalities were carried out, with a predictable stalemate.

“I folded a nine,” joked Dan Shak. – SB

10pm: Coren up and down again
Vicky Coren, very much on home ground here in London, had worked her way up to 90,000 but has now dropped to 60,000 again after this clash with James Bord. He had raised from under the gun to 2,700 and called when Coren popped it up to 6,200.

The flop came 3♥A♣A♥ and both players checked to see a 10♥ turn. Now Bord bet 5,000 and Coren called. The river was K♥ and Bord made it 16,000. Coren feared the full house but called – to be shown 3♠3♣ for the flopped boat. She flashed Q♥ for the nut flush. Bord is up to 95,000 now. — SY

9.40pm: Bear doubles Bord
Barry Greenstein and James Bord were at the turn on a K♥7♣9♠10♥ board with around 18,000 in the middle already. Bord then announced he was all-in for 20,000 and Greenstein, head resting on hand much like a man who has had too little sleep, counted out his stack. He had Bord covered and made the call:

Bord: K♥Q♥
Greenstein: J♥J♦

Greenstein had outs to a straight, but he did not want to see a jack, which would have made a straight for Bord. In the event, the river was a brick, and Bord shot up to 58,000. Greenstein was left with 45,000. — SY

9.30pm: No more Duthie
John Duthie is out. He ran queens into aces and also pocket nines with the board coming 8♦A♥5♦8♣7♦. Down to 43. – SB

9.15pm: Level up
We’re into level 8, the penultimate of the evening, with nine levels now decided on (as opposed to ten). Blinds are now 500-1,000 with a 100 ante. — SB

9.10pm: Bord in trouble
With 47 players remaining James Bord is looking to rebuild his stack. It didn’t come when he opened for 2,000 from the button. Vicky Coren called for a flop of Q♣J♦8♣ and then promptly lumped in 40,000, forcing Bord for fold. He has less than 20,000. – SB


James Bord

9pm: Payouts
The eight finalists will each finish in the money. Here’s how it all pays out…

1st – £520,000
2nd – £326,500
3rd – £193,000
4th – £141,000
5th – £104,000
6th – £74,200
7th – £66,900
8th – £59,400

8.55pm: The latest
Elior Sion is out.

8.50pm: Coren calling
A good call by Vicky Coren takes her up towards the 100k mark. With the board showing 8♥4♣9♠9♣7♣ Elior Sion bet out 13,000 from the small blind, much to the frustration of Coren.


Vicky Coren

“You have ten-jack,” she said. Sion listened, his chin resting on the back of his turned around chair. “This is a very difficult hand to fold.”

After further deliberation, fist clenching and irritation, Coren said: “I’m not good enough to fold,” and threw in the call. It was good.

“I think you’ve won,” said Sion.

“You think I’ve won?” asked Coren, showing A♣9♦. Sion simply mucked, the 8♦ flipping over.

Coren up to 95,000 as Sion drops to 50,000. – SB

8.40pm: ElkY to the rail
Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier just tweeted that he’s been eliminated by Jonathan Duhamel which can only mean he’s been eliminated by Duhamel. — SB


Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier

8.30pm: Grusome for Gruissem
Sam Stein leads the High Roller going into level 7. He just moved up to 190,000 after a hand against Philipp Gruissem.

Gruissem opened for 2,400 in the small blind which Stein called from the big for a flop of 9♦2♠5♦. Gruissem bet another 3,200 which again Stein called for a 5♥ turn. Now 4055 tapped the table with his left middle finger, his left ring finger covered in a big bandage and presumably out of action. Stein picked chips of every colour from his stack and bet, making it 6,700. He then quickly looked at Gruissem to see if he’d noticed. He had and called.


Sam Stein

The river came 3♠. Gruissem checked, less daintily this time. Stein checked too, turning over 9♣7♠. That was good.

“Why d’you check?” asked Gruissem. – SB

8.15pm: Down to 53
As play restarts Eric Seidel is eliminated, leaving 53 players.

Meanwhile Adolfo Vaeza Was attempting to rebuild his stack. He opened for 2,500 from under the gun which Joe Hachem called after confirming that Vaeza had 25,000 behind.


Joe Hachem

The flop came A♦3♥6♥ and Vaeza bet another 2,500 which again was called by Hachem. On the 3♦ turn Vaeza took the pot by betting another 3,500, showing a 10♣. – SB

8pm: Players are returning
Play will restart shortly.

7.30pm: Relevant tweets

Eugene Katchalov
– fb update at the break – Playing the 20k Pound buy-in high roller in London today…on dinner break now w 75k in chips, started w 50k

10.4k at dinner break of High-Roller event here at #EPTlondon ! Time to have back to back double ups!

57/75 players remaining, I have 101k avg is 65k, last 45 mins were bad but still in good shape, dinner break now #EPTLondon High Roller

Vanessa Rousso
Playing the high roller at #EPTLondon and after 6 levels I’m sitting on 115k (50k startstack)

6.50pm: Break time
That’s the end of the level. Players are now on a 75 minute dinner break. Play resumes in level 7 at around 8.05pm local time. — SB

6.45pm: Pro on Pro
Eugene Katchalov opened for 1,500 which Vanessa Rousso called on the button. The flop came K♠A♥J♥. Katchalov bet another 3,000 which Rousso raised to 6,000. Katchalov then called for a 9♣ turn card.

Katchalov checked this time, leaving it to Rousso to bet 10,000. After pausing briefly, Katchalov passed. He’s down to 86,000 while Rousso moves up a little more to 95,000. – SB


Eugene Katchalov

6.40pm: Theo Jorgensen out
“Out. Opens with 8,10 in spades and get called by the button. Flop is K,6,4 with two spades. I bet and get called. The same happends on the turn that is a blank 2. The river is another blank 2 and I go all in for 16K with around 22K in the pot. Was convinced he would lay down a weak K. and was wrong. He called with KJoff.”

6.30pm: Duhamel leads
Chip leader right now looks to be Jonathan Duhamel with 135,000. Also on more than 100,000 are Michael Tureniec, Sam Trickett and Juan Maceiras. — SB


Jonathan Duhamel

6.10pm: Duthie updates
John Duthie is down to less than 10,000.


John Duthie

6pm: Blom gone
Viktor Blom is out. Details are sketchy, to the point of being non-existent, but he was short stacked after the hand against Gerbi. — SB

5.55pm: Level up
We’re into level 6 with blinds now 300-600 with a 75 ante. For the latest chip counts check out the appropriately named “chip count page“.

5.45pm: All change as Haxton makes hero call
Barry Greenstein has now moved to the table featuring Vicky Coren and Isaac Haxton. Haxton just moved up to around 100,000 after a hand against Elior Sion, the type of hand that can make a player look pretty good.

On a board of A♠Q♣5♦10♠8♣ Sion bet another 18,000 from the button after Haxton had checked to him. But something didn’t ring true for Haxton.

“I don’t have anything,” he said. “But…” And with that he tossed in the call. “I have an ace,” he said.

“You win with an ace,” said Sion.

He slips down to 65,000 as James Bord arrives at the table. – SB

5.30pm: The elimination of Vanessa Selbst
News of Vanessa Selbst’s departure just before the break: Jonathan Duhamel sent her to the rail, flatting her six-bet with [6][7] off suit. Selbst shoved for her last 35,000 with [a][q] in what was a 165 big blind pot. No help came for Selbst who finished fourth in this event 12 months ago. She was not happy to be out so early. – SB


Vanessa Selbst

5.25pm: Folding on the river
On a flop of J♥J♠10♣ Theo Jorgensen checked to Eugene Katchalov who bet 2,00, which was called by Mclean Karr and Jorgensen for a 3♥ turn card. Each checked for a 5♣ river. Jorgensen bet 6,500 forcing the others to fold. He’s up to 35,000. – SB


Theo Jorgensen

5.20pm: Bloming marvellous
Viktor Blom is perilously close to elimination, down to around 7,000 after a hand against Raffaele Gerbi. On a flop fo [q][j][5] with two diamonds Blom made it 3,200 which Gerbi called for a 10♦ turn card. Blom made it another 5,575 and Gerbi snap shoved, his [k][9] good. Very good.

“You win,” said Blom. “I had eight high.” – SB

5.10pm: Play continues
Andrew Pantling now has a glass of wine. Nacho Barbero pops across the rail to get a copy of the tournament schedule, having hoist up his jeans as he does so. Neil Johnson confirms that with one more buy-in registered down the road at The Vic the total field is 75. Someone somewhere says “we can’t all be good, right?” Matt Waxman stands up to eat a plate of pasta. Juan Macieras shouts something in Spanish. Govert Metaal’s giant gold watch sparkles – he’s up to 86,000. Dan Shak walks around the aisles with his laptop, trying to get a signal. – SB

5pm: Chips, chips
Don’t forget you can find updates chip counts for the high roller event on the official high roller chip count page.

4.55pm: You can’t come in
With four levels and a break complete, registration is now closed for the high roller event.

4.50pm: Play continues
We’re into level 5 with blinds of 200-400 with a 50 ante.


These cards are now in the air

PokerStars Blog high roller reporting team: Stephen Bartley and Simon Young. All photography by Mickey May.


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