EPT Monte Carlo: Day 1A Underway

March 07, 2006

A long time ago, back in the days when I was a “normal” journalist, I subscribed to the theory that everyone has a story. While my normal journalism days are on indefinite hiatus, I still hold on to the maxim. In every poker player, there is some sort of story, whether it is a mad rush, a bad-beat-filled month, or a simple moment of good fortune, under the cards there is a story.

Take, for instance, Kevin “AuroraKT” Tennant of Aurora, Ohio. Normal life deals him cards in the pharmaceutical industry. Apparently he plays them well. But several months ago, Tennant decided to try his hand at online poker. A Sit&Go here and a Sit&Go there eventually helped him accumulate a few PokerStars Frequent Player Points. And one day he spied a little 60 FPP sub-qualifier for the EPT Grand Final.

“I basically did it on a lark,” he said.

The lark led him to the weekend qualifier. And, wouldn’t you know it, now Tennant is sitting a few feet from me, fighting against some of the toughest poker players in the world. His kids are back at home. His wife is here with him. Oh, and if I failed to mention it, this is the first time Tennant has played in a live tournament.

Kevin “AuroraKT” Tennant

Sitting less then two feet to Tennant’s left is none other than Cecilia Nordenstam. Her face got my camera shutter flying and left me with a few poker faces to offer before I head back to the floor.

Cecilia Nordenstam

BadGirl Pham

Pop star Patrick Bruel chats up his table. Moments after this picture was taken, Bruel got into a minor battle with poker pro Roland DeWolfe (middle, in yellow). Roland held kings to Bruel’s jacks. Bruel folded on the river but asked to see Roland’s cards. “I’ll show you kings if you pay me ten euros,” Roland said. Bruel coughed up the cash and Roland made good on his promise, ten euros richer.

Christian Grundtvig

Isabelle Mercier

Jen from Blonde Poker, competing in her second straight EPT event–she bubbled in Deauville

Jordan Berkowitz

Among the best poker faces in the room

Romain Feriolo, EPT Grand Final Season 1 final table finisher

Paul “Hangman” Roper

I call him Spike

In other news from the floor, I have heard through the grapevine that Julian Thew has already departed the field. I hear he went out with pocket kings versus pokcet aces. Another day, Thewy.


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