EPT Monte Carlo: Georgia on everybody’s mind

March 08, 2006

A European journalist sidled up to me.

“Who is that?” he said. His eyes were locked on a stack of chips more than 60,000 high.

“I wish I knew,” I said. The face was young and fierce, his head full of bushy curls.

It was clear, the room once again had a new chip leader. This time, I couldn’t stop myself from breaking into the guy’s game. Turns out, he’s 19 year-old Jeff Williams from Atlanta, Georgia and is a Political Science major at the University of Georgia.

Jeff Williams

If I understood correctly, he got involved in one of those pots where a cruel deck puts jacks versus kings versus aces. Williams held the kings but emerged with the pot. Now, he holds the chip lead for the moment.

I clarify “for the moment,” because the chip lead is a fleeting, fleeting thing at this point in the tournament. There are people everywhere who want to leave today wth the most chips. One of those people is Matthew Davey. A new father who has both his wife and infant daughter with him on the trip. Originally Irish, now living in Sweden, Davey is here on a freeroll, having won his seat on PokerStars for no more than Frequent Player Points. Now, he has more than 30,000 in chips and is eying the chip lead.

Matthew Davey

Ninety-two players remain in this flight. We have two more levels to play tonight before we break. That is, it will be a late evening.


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