EPT Monte Carlo: Solve this mystery (SOLVED!)

March 08, 2006

Update: Mystery solved. Obviously, I don’t get around Blackpool much. You’re looking at Wigan, UK’s Lee ” Pnut” Briscoe, a man with a lot of friends who were kind enough to put me in my place.

Wanted: The identity of this man.

Now, sure, I could go up and ask. Thing is, the guy is in the midddle of fighting a tough battle and winning. He’s sitting just to the left of hyper-aggressive Martin Wendt. Wendt has been pushing around his huge stack all day, but somehow the Mystery Man is competing and looks to be making a push for the chip lead.

You know who he is? E-mail me at blog at pokerstars.com.

As for Wendt, he was recently accused of bluffing in a hand.

“Bluff?” he said incredulously. “That was not a bluff. That was value betting my king-high.”

He smiled afterward, but I’m not entirely sure he wasn’t serious.

Elsewhere, Roland DeWolfe is showing his table how he came to win a WPT title in Paris. Selective aggression and constant table talk is building his stack like a construction crew on deadline.

I updated the chip counts a bit ago. While some of them may be getting stale, it will give you an idea of where we are. Frankly, chip counts will take on a real importance in a couple of days, but we’ll still keep you up to date as often as it seems necessary.

In the meantime, here are a few pictures.

Kirill Gerasimov

Ram Vaswani

Jen Mason may look like a diminutive little thing next to a giant, but her playing ability has more than doubled her up today

Marcel Luske, trying to get things going

Stefan Rapp

John Shipley


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