EPT Monte Carlo: Shove after shove saves Soulier

April 30, 2009


Just as the first section players went to dinner, Fabrice Soulier was shoving in as many spots as he could manage. He first pushed against the small blind’s raise who then called with A♥2♦.

“I have only looked at one,” said Soulier turning over the K♦ but looked decidedly unhappy realising he was dominated, his other card being the 2♥.

He was in luck though, the flop coming 8♠K♠5♠. Things seemed even better on the 2♠ turn, but the river brought a fifth spade – the 10♠ chopping the pot.

Soulier pushed again soon after with A♦8♠, quickly called by Q♦Q♠ in the blinds. The flop was about as good as it could get without Soulier taking the lead, landing as it did 8♦5♦3♦. The 8♥ turn and 3♥ river sealed the double-up. Just in time for dinner.

As the other tables resumed Jason Mercier and Phil Laak got involved in a big pot. With blinds at 1,200-2,400 Mercier raised pre-flop to 6,300 with Laak calling from the cut-off. The big blind came along for the ride.

All three checked the A♣2♦3♣ flop before Mercier fired 9,600 on the Q♦ turn. Laak was the only caller, and he bet 16,600 when Mercier checked to him on the J♦ river.

Off came Mercier’s glasses as Laak stayed statue-like, but Mercier would reluctantly muck. Laak’s stack now approaches something better than ‘comfortable’.



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