EPT Prague: Day 3, level 16 updates

December 04, 2009


Updates from day 3, level 16 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. Full details of the payout structure and prizewinners is on the payout structure and prizewinners page.

Level 16: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante)

3.11pm: Level done
And with that, we’ve reached the end of level 16. As luck would have it, level 17 starts after a short interlude.

3.10pm: Horecki on a high
Marcin Horecki continues his great progress today – he’s now up to 465,000. It was all kicking off pre-flop between Horecki, Mikko Turtiainen and Sebastien Boyard. Horecki put in the last raise of more than 60,000, which Turtiainen called all-in before Boyard got out of the way.

Horecki: 9♠9♣
Turtiainen: 9♥10♥

The board ran a harmless Q♣2♦5♣6♦J♦ and Turtiainen departs, while Horecki stacks his chips into four tall towers.

Next hand at this table and Arnaud Mattern bets 12,500, called by Antonin Teisseire in the small blind and Luca Pagano in the big. On a 4♠8♣K♦ flop Mattern makes a continuation bet of 14,500, which only Pagano calls. The 7♣ river saw Pagano check, Mattern bet 36,000… and Pagano fold.

3.05pm: El Khoury downed
After some pre-flop argy-bargy, Joseph El Khoury moves all in for his last 85,000, and Juha Lauttamus calls. El Khoury has A♥3♥ but looks outgunned by Lauttamus’ A♦Q♠. The Q♥8♥5♠ flop offered some hope, but the 6♠ turn and 2♠ river were blanks. We lose another one.

3pm: Flying Finn, Bevand hit
Manuel Bevand and Henri Antikainen just got it all in pre-flop, with Bevand comfortably covering Antikainen’s 105,000. Bevand had J♥J♣, Antikainen had A♥K♥ but the tables were quickly turned. The flop came K♦3♠K♠ and the 4♣4♦ turn and river made a boat to double up the Finn.

2.55pm: He’d set-tle for that
The turn was already out, giving the board a 2♦4♠K♦9♠ look. It was heads-up between Rui Cao and Evgeniy Zaytsev. There was already around 80,000 in the pot but before long there was 400,000 there as Cao check-raised Zaystev’s bet all in and received a call. Cao grimaced as he saw the Russian open 2♠2♣ for a set as he was already drawing dead with his A♦K♥. The river came 6♠ before Zaystev could tidy up his new 400,000 stack. Cao down to 180,000.

2.50pm: More Lauttamus action
Juha Lauttamus just took down a sizable pot with five-deuce and was in action again straight away, making it 13,000 in early position. Kristoffer Edberg called, as did Nicolas Levi in the small blind. Gustav Ekerot did the same in the big. To the flop: 5♦9♦6♦. Levi and Ekerot checked before Lauttamus made it 25,500. Edberg called and the blinds stepped aside. A 10♠ on the turn. Lauttamus checked and Edberg made it another 25,000. Lauttamus folded, showing pocket sevens. Lauttamus is still up to 340,000. Edberg sits with more than 500,000.

2.45pm: Back in the game
Antony Lellouche has doubled up to a little more than 200,000, holding pocket kings to the ace-king of Christoph Erbler.

2.40pm: Skampa in a hurry
Jan Skampa, still leading the home charge, took a pot from Apo Arslan, who is one of the short stacks. It was a battle of the blinds, but there seemed to have been a raise out there, at least by the time they had got to the turn. The board read A♦8♠Q♥2♦ and Skampa check-called Arslan’s 15,500 bet. The river was A♠ and Skampa checked again. It looked for all the world as though Arslan was going to fire another bullet at it, but he then seemed to realise that he’d taken too long and checked behind. He showed 9♣10♦ and Skampa’s Q♠9♠ was good.


Jan Skampa

2.35pm: Record-breaking Luca Pagano
There was a time when we used to only ever refer to Luca Pagano with as “EPT Player of the Year Luca Pagano”. It was our (hilarious!) tribute to his award at the end of season four. These days, we’re tempted to dust down that funny bone and refer to Pagano only as “Record-breaking Luca Pagano” in honour of his 13th EPT cash, which is several more than any other player.

Record-breaking Luca Pagano just opened to 13,000 from early position and Yury Kerzhapkin called from the big blind. The flop was K♦Q♥J♣ and after Kerzhapkin checked, Record-breaking Luca Pagano bet 18,000. Kerzhapkin called. The turn was 5♣ and Kerzhapkin checked. Record-breaking Luca Pagano checked too. The river was J♥ and Kerzhapkin checked again. Record-breaking Luca Pagano was having none of that. Record-breaking Luca Pagano bet 28,000 and that was good.

Record-breaking Luca Pagano is closing in on 400,000 chips.

2.30pm: Marcin on
Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki raised from under-the-gun only to face a three-bet all in from Michele Carbone in the big blind. Horecki found out the bet was 86,100 total and made the call with A♦J♦.

The call was good as Carbone revealed A♣6♥ and the flop was even better for the Pole as it came 9♦Q♦6♦. The 9♣ turn brought some hope for the Italian but the J♠ river sealed his fate.

2.20pm: So we’re all in the money…
… and everyone who goes out now will find their name on Full payout details here.)

2.20pm: Bubble bursts, Tim Kahlmeyer exits
Bubble time is dramatic enough without having TWO all-ins on different tables. First up it was Tim Kahlmeyer all-in against Team PokerStars Pro Pieter de Korver, then a few tables along Antonin Teisseire was all-in against Mikko Turtiainen.

As Kahlmeyer had more chips at this point than Teisseire, his hand was run first. We got to this stage with the German betting 10,500 and de Korver coming over the top for around 175,000, enough to cover his opponent. “I don’t want to do this on the bubble,” Kahlmeyer said, but he called anyway.

Kahlmeyer: A♥J♣
De Korver: A♦10♦

As the crowd surged around the table for a glimpse of the action, the flop was dealt. And it was a nightmare for Kahlmeyer, coming 5♦10♣6♦, not only pairing de Korver’s hand, but also offering him the nut flush draw. The Q♣ turn offered a few more outs, but the Q♠ was not one of them.


A horrified Tim Kahlmeyer sees the flop

Kahlmeyer was devastated, but he still had a hope of making a little cash, as now the other all-in hand had to be played out. If Teisseire lost his hand, then Kahlmeyer would finish 80th as he started the hand with the most chips.

So it was over to table six, where Teisseire had moved all-in for 66,000, called by Turtiainen.

While Teisseire looked calm and cheerful, the most relieved player at the table was Michele Carbone, sitting with less than 90,000 and who now had seen Kahlmeyer bust and was assured of a pay day himself. Arnaud Mattern was joking with Teisseire. “He hasn’t played a hand in three days,” he said. “He plays aces-plus.”

But now the joking was over – it was showdown time.

A♦A♥ for Teisseire, A♠J♥ for Turtiainen. These were the second pair of aces the Frenchman had had today. No wonder he’d seemed relaxed.

The board ran: 9♦K♠K♣K♦Q♠. Teisseire doubled up and is into the money, confirming Tim Kahlmeyer is our EPT 6 Prague bubble boy.

2.05pm: “Are you going to bubble me?” Yes
Florian Langmann just knocked out Craig Bergeron in a pot that lasted about five minutes, of which only about five seconds was to do with the cards. Bergeron moved all in from the small blind for his last 61,000, attacking Langmann’s big blind. Langmann thought about it. Then some more. And then the speech play started coming into play. Langmann said things like: “I have queen-nine. Is that good?” “You’re not going to bubble me are you?” worried Bergeron. “Come on, you’ve taken so long now.”

Langmann called and showed Q♥9♣ against Bergeron’s 3♣4♠. The board gave a sweat to Langmann: K♥8♠5♠6♥ but the river Q♠ was a blank. Bergeron is out, bringing us to the brink of the bubble.


Florian Langmann

2pm: De Korver on the carve
Pieter De Korver is carving this event apart. The new, official chip count has the EPT Grand Final champion with more than 150,000 chips more than his closest rival.

1.55pm: Luck for Levi
On a flop of K♠8♣5♠ Juha Lauttamus made it 16,500 from the big blind. Nicolas Levi, still in the hand, moved all-in. Lauttamus said “I call.” K♣10♠ for Levi who trailed slightly against Lauttamus’s K♥J♠. But not for long. A 10♦ on the turn flipped things in Levi’s favour who survived the blank on the river. Levi let out a silent whistle, up to 235,000, double what he started with. Lauttamus though is down to 270,000, although still up on the day.

1.45pm: From PokerStars.tv
Nothing says “the start of the day’s second level” like the video bloggers’ introduction to the day.

Watch EPT 6 Prague Day 3 Intro on PokerStars.tv

1.40pm: And another level
The tournament staff coloured up the black 100 chip at the end of the last level. They’re now ante-ing a purple chip worth 500.

There are 84 players left, which means the bubble is sure to burst in the coming 75 minutes. Then they’ll all be in the money. The full chip counts will be appearing on the chip-count page imminently.

Isn’t that right Marcin:


Marcin Horecki


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