EPT Prague: Day 4, level 25 updates

December 05, 2009


Updates from day 4, level 25 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

Latest selected chip counts are on the chip count page. The EPT tournament structure can be found on the EPT tournament structure page. Full details of the payout structure and prizewinners is on the payout structure and prizewinners page.

Level 25: 20,000-40,000 (4,000 ante)

8pm: Final table counts
We’re at our final table then folks. Here’s how it will look when they return tomorrow.

Seat one – Anthony Roux, France, 2,839,000
Seat two – Stefan Mattsson, Sweden, 3,553,000
Seat three – Laurence Ryan, Ireland, 1,338,000
Seat four – Gustav Ekerot, Sweden, 502,000
Seat five – Sven Eichelbaum, Germany, 658,000
Seat six – Jan Skampa, Czech Republic, 3,935,000
Seat seven – Eyal Avitan, Israel, 2,627,000
Seat eight – Luca Pagano, Italy, 2,119,000

A full wrap of today’s action is on its way. And prizewinners so far are all on the prizewinners page.

7.55pm: Priyan de Mel bubbles final table
Most viewers were expecting one of our two short stacks to bubble. However it was the poorest of our millionaire stacks Priyan de Mel who misses out on the final table.

Stefan Mattsson opened the pot with a raise to 88,000 from early position that De Mel three-bet to 218,000 from the big blind. Mattsson made a quick call that took us to a 4♥8♥3♥ flop. This is where the fireworks went off as De Mel check-raised his opponent’s 201,000 bet all in and received a quick call. Show down:

De Mel – A♦K♥ for second nut flush draw.
Mattsson – 3♦3♣ for bottom set.

The turn came 7♦ and river 2♣. Mattson’s hand held up and De Mel went crashing out.


Priyan de Mel

7.45pm: Small one for Pagano
Laurence Ryan raised to 97,000 from mid-position and Luca Pagano defended his big blind. The two of them saw 3♥A♦10♦ and both checked, as they did on the turn of 8♣. The river was 3♦ and Pagano fired 130,000 at it. Ryan folded.

7.40pm: Ryan v Mattsson
Stefan Mattsson makes it 98,000 from the hijack seat, but Laurence Ryan makes it 281,000 from the cut-off. Everyone folds and it’s back to Mattsson. He’s not so keen on his hand now, and mucks.

7.35pm: Skampa and chips
The monster chip stack of Jan Skampa continues to grow, inch by inch. He bet out under the gun with 100,000, and it was folded around to Sven Eichelbaum in the big blind. He thought a little before making the call. The came Q♥4♥2♣, and after that it was quite simple: Eichelbaum checked, Skampa bet 80,000 and Eichelbaum folded. Skampa flashed A♥ as he tossed his cards into the muck.

7.30pm: Raise and take it
Not a massive amount happening, but Sven Eichelbaum is at least getting involved. He moved all in and got no takers. But when he made it 103,000 to go, he still got no takers. Too bad. He flipped pocket aces.

7.20pm: Avitan muscles out Eichelbaum
Sven Eichelbaum raised to 122,000 from the cut off and Eyal Avitan, in the small blind, first asked for a count. When he heard that Eichelbaum had about 600,000 more, Avitan re-raised to 315,000. Eichlbaum folded.

7.15pm: Skampa scurries out the gate
As befits the chip leader, Jan Skampa won the first two pots on the non-final final table, the first of which was interesting, the second of which was a standard raise from the small blind to take the big. But back to that first hand: Eyal Avitan opened to 90,000 from under-the-gun and Skampa called in the big blind. The flop came 6♠4♦10♦ and they both checked. The turn was 3♥ and Skampa bet 170,000. Avitan folded.

7.10pm: Final level of the day
Well, not necessarily. But we need to lose one more player until we’re at a final table of eight and it wouldn’t be too surprising to think it will happen in the coming 75 minutes.

The nine players are now around one table, where the order – and their chip counts – are as follows.

1 – Priyan de Mel – 1,181,000
2 – Anthony Roux – 2,854,000
3 – Stefan Mattsson – 2,429,000
4 – Laurence Ryan – 1,383,000
5 – Gustav Ekerot – 612,000
6 – Sven Eichelbaum – 780,00
7 – Jan Skampa – 3,571,000
8 – Eyal Avitan – 2,550,000
9 – Luca Pagano – 2,082,000

In other words, they’re chasing this man:


Jan Skampa


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