EPT Prague: Final table, level 27 updates

December 06, 2009


Updates from the final table, level 27 of EPT Prague, brought to you by Stephen Bartley, Marc “The Conv” Convey, Howard Swains and Simon Young.

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Level 27: 30,000-60,000 (5,000 ante)

4.06pm: Level over, three handed
That was the last action of that level, leaving the three players to return to these stacks:

Jan Skampa: 6,710,000
Eyal Avitan: 6,545,000
Stefan Mattsson: 4,315,000

4.05pm: Anthony Roux out in fourth, winning €171,000
Anthony Roux has been rumbled and we are down to three. Eyal Avitan raised to 165,000 from the small blind, attacking Roux’s big. Roux defended it emphatically, re-raising to 460,000 at which point Avitan asked for a count. He was told that Roux had close to two million, which encouraged Avitan to move all in. Insta-call.

Roux: 10♣10♥
Avitan: A♣K♠

Aha, the classic race situation™. This time it went in favour of the big slick. The board ran K♣A♠4♣2♠5♣ and Roux is out.


Eyal Avitan celebrates

4pm: Czech checks on the end
Stefan Mattsson opened for 155,000 which Jan Skampa called for a flop of 4♥10♥Q♦. Mattsson checked and Skampa made it 240,000. Mattsson called for a a 9♣ turn card. Mattsson checked again before Skampa made it 550,000. Skampa called. A 10♣ on the river. Both check, Mattsson showing 9♠10♦ to win the pot.

3.55pm: Plot thickens with Roux double
Jan Skampa opened the pot with a raise to 140,000 from the button before Anthony Roux re-raised all in for 1,140,000. Skampa thought and then called with A♦Q♠ to see he was in a race with Roux’s J♥J♣. The board comes 10♠K♦6♦6♠9♠ to double the Frenchman up.

3.50pm: Pagano philosophical
A little earlier we lost Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano in sixth place. But despite missing out on the title at his sixth EPT final table appearance, the Italian was still in positive mood…

Watch EPT 6 Prague Luca Pagano Exit on PokerStars.tv

3.45pm: Pre-flop
It’s all happening pre-flop at the moment, with Jan Skampa (surprise, surprise) the main aggressor. He’s typically making it 140,000 and picking up blinds and antes, although Eyal Avitan once re-raised him pre-flop from the small blind, making it 385,000, and Skampa gave it up.

3.40pm: Three-way flop
Anthony Roux calls on the button, so does Stefan Mattsson in the small blind. Jan Skampa checks on the big. They see a flop: J♦5♠K♦. Mattsson makes it 110,000 and Skampa passes. Roux calls. On the J♠ turn Mattsson makes it 270,000. Roux raises but before it’s counted Mattsson says all-in. Roux calls, showing 10♣J♣. Mattsson shows J♥8♣. The river splits it though: Q♦.

“Another cooler,” joked Mattsson to the dealer. “What are you doing to us?”

3.35pm: Chip leaders clash in monster pot
A nine million pot just played out between Stefan Mattsson and Jan Skampa. Mattsson raised to 135,000 from the button to face a three-bet to 405,000 from Skampa. Mattsson made it 1,000,000 to play and then said to Skampa: “This is my dealer remember,” referring to the dealer that gave him his rush of cards earlier.

This didn’t put Skampa off as he moved all in for 4,270,000 – and received an instant call from Mattsson. Bit of a cooler four-handed as Mattsson’s Q♠Q♦ was dominated by the local man’s K♣K♦. Before the before the board came out Mattsson jested: “He isn’t my dealer anymore.” The board came 5♦7♠3♣7♦A♠.

After that huge clash, Skampa is up to around nine million, Mattsson is down to less than four million.


Jan Skampa

3.30pm: Avitan pinches small one from Roux
Eyal Avitan calls from the small blind and Anthony Roux raises to 125,000 from the big. Avitan calls. The flop is 4♠2♣A♦ and after Avitan checks, Roux bets 230,000. Avitan calls again. The turn is 3♠ and they both check. They also both check the A♥ river and Avitan’s K♣4♣ takes it.

3.25pm: From the blinds
On a flop of A♣2♥9♠ Anthony Roux and Stefan Mattsson check from the blinds. After the A♥ lands on the turn Roux bet out 85,000 forcing Mattsson to pass.

On the next hand, on a flop of K♥7♠7♦, Mattsson and Jan Skampa go at it from the blinds. Both check for a turn card Q♦. Mattsson checked and Skampa made it 85,000. Mattsson calls for a A♥ on the river. Both checked. Mattsson turned over 9♠Q♣ to take the pot.

3.20pm: C-bet works
Stefan Mattsson raised to 135,000 and was only called by Skampa on the button. The flop came 8♣Q♠9♥ and a 170,000 bet from Mattsson was enough to win the pot as Skampa folded.

3.15pm: A novel approach
Stefan Mattsson limps from the small blind and Jan Skampa checks. (It had seemed for the first two hours of this final table as if that sentence would never be written.) The flop came J♣5♠8♣ and Mattson bet 100,000, which Skampa called. The turn was 2♥ and Mattsson bet 265,000, which was enough to get Skampa out of a peculiarly non-aggressive kind of pot.

3.10pm: These hands are made for walking
After walks for Stefan Mattsson and Jan Skampa, Skampa opened for 150,000 from under the gun. Mattsson then re-raised from the big blind, 465,000 in total, which forced Skampa to fold.

3.05pm: Roux rumbled by Skampa’s aggression
Jan Skampa is by far the most active player four-handed, as he has been since they were 586-handed on day one. There’s not much anyone can really do about it unless they find a hand. From the button, he makes it 145,000 and Anthony Roux called in the small blind. The flop came Q♥K♦8♥ and Roux check-called Skampa’s 190,000 bet. The turn was 6♣ and this time Roux finds Skampa asking too much. The French player check-folds to Skampa’s 500,000 bet.

3.02pm: Larry Ryan interview
Larry Ryan, a PokerStars qualifier from Ireland, was our fifth place finisher. The video blog team caught up with him soon after, and this is what he had to say…

Watch EPT 6 Prague Larry Ryan on PokerStars.tv

3pm: Tidbits
Anthony Roux and Stefan Mattsson play a flop from the blinds. 9♥4♥A♦. Roux checks to Mattsson who makes it 155,000, good for the pot.

The next hand goes to Jan Skampa uncontested and the one after that goes to Roux in the same way.

2.55pm: Don’t forget these two
Eyal Avitan raised to 180,000 under-the-gun, which is also the cut-off, four-handed. Everyone folds, including Anthony Roux in the big blind. Roux then attacks Avitan’s big blind with a raise of 150,000, but Avitan calls. The flop comes 6♣A♠A♣ and after Avitan checks, Roux bets 200,000. Avitan folds.


Eyal Avitan

2.50pm: Roux through Skampa
Jan Skampa opened for 135,000 before Anthony Roux moved all-in. Skampa called showing A♦K♣ to Roux’s K♥K♠. The board ran: 3♦4♣3♥3♠9♣.

2.45pm: We’re off again
After a short break, the four players are back for the start of level 27. The chips as they sat down again looked like this:

Anthony Roux, France, 1,165,000
Stefan Mattsson, Sweden, 6,775,000
Jan Skampa, Czech Republic, 5,545,000
Eyal Avitan, Israel, 4,085,000


Some happy dealers. Today.


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