EPT Prague: The over- and under-achievers

December 15, 2012

There are eight players at the EPT9 Prague final table, from eight countries. These fully multi-national finals (“fully-multis”?) are not especially common on the European Poker Tour, but this is far from the first we have seen.

The diversity of the EPT is second to none and there have been champions from far and wide. But as we discussed earlier in the week, the 864-player starting field in Prague was especially indicative of the Czech Republic’s location as the geographical centre of Europe. No one nation could boast more than 12 per cent of the field.

It is only fitting, then, that when every seat at a table represents 12.5 per cent of the remaining players that we have got this perfectly diverse array. Only Russia, who sent 102 players (11.8 per cent of the starting field), could be said to be on par. Belarus, on the other hand, are punching well above their weight. There were only five Belarussians here in Prague and one of them, Aleh Plauski, is at the final.

Mad Harper, the EPT Media Co-Ordinator, puts an awful lot of effort into collating these kind of statistics and it is thanks to her diligence that we can analyse the fluctuating fortunes of the various countries through each of the tournament’s six days.

We started off with the kaleidoscopic pie-chart of nationalities, and we now present this line graph charting the progress of eight final table players’ countries.


EPT Prague nationalities, day by day. Y axis represents percentage of total field; X-axis takes us from day one through six

The most significant omissions from this chart are Germany, France, Canada and Italy, whose players constituted 10, 6 and 4 per cent, respectively, of the starting field in Prague, but who have no interest in the final day.

Indeed, Robin Scherr of PokerStarsBlog.de vanished from media row mid-way through day three. The last German departed about then, which is a surprisingly weak showing from one of European poker’s undisputed heavy-hitters.

For anyone of a mathematical bent, the full statistical breakdown of the EPT9 Prague country performances makes fascinating reading. Fill your boots via

this Excel sheet


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