EPT San Remo: Day 1A, level 7, 8 & 9 updates (500-1,000, 100 ante)

April 27, 2011


1.20am: Play concludes for the night
That’s Day 1A in the books. We’ll be back for the same with all the Day 1B players tomorrow. Play is due to start at 1.30pm. Official chips counts will appear here overnight but Russian Leonid Bilokur seems to be the overnight chip leader with 187,900. A full wrap of today’s events will be up shortly. — MC

1.10am: Last three hands
The tournament staff have announced the final three hands of the night. Bagging, tagging and maybe even a little nagging to come shortly. — RD

1am: Nemeth Hungary for chips
Andras Nemeth has taken the chip lead vacancy just left by Alessandro Adinolfo after knocking out Michael Eiler in a big three-way pot. The flop had already been dealt and read 7♣3♥3♦.

Fabrice Soulier was the third player in the hand and he had 12,000 out as a bet in front of him. Eiler had all of his 50,000 committed in the middle and Nemeth had all of his (about 80,000) committed in front of him. Soulier tanked over his decision but ultimately folded.

Eiler tabled A♥4♥ for a back door straight flush but he was almost drawing dead to Nemeth’s full house with 7♥7♦. Eiler actually completed his flush through the 10♥J♥ turn and river but only the straight flush would have sufficed. Nemeth is up to a chip leading 150,000 as a result. — MC

12.45am: Action Adinolfi
Alessandro Adinolfi is here to play poker. Pretty much every hand it seems, much to the chagrin and amusement of various members of his table.

In the last few hands he’s bluffed Tom MacDonald off a hand with 8♣7♣ on a 6♠5♠10♣6♦K♠ board, taken a three-way pot with 4♠2♣ before giving back 45,000 to MacDonald (17,000) and Benjamin Pollak (28,000). Adinolfi still has plenty of chips, maybe 150,000, but his overnight chip lead is looking very doubtful now.

He paid off a 16,000 river shove from Pollak’s Q♦Q♣ on a K♥5♦K♦3♥10♠ board with 4♠4♣ and folded to MacDonald’s 15,000 shove on the river of a 6♠9♣2♣3♠7♦ board after the Brit had three-bet from 3,100 to 8,300 out of the small blind pre-flop, checked the flop and bet 8,500 on the turn.

In other news, Team PokerStars Pro JP Kelly has busted. — RD

12.35am: The rich get richer
PokerStars qualifier Alessandro Adinolfo is up to 170,000 chips now after he eliminated fellow Italian qualifier Mariano Salis. The action folded around to Salis in the small blind and he moved all in for 13,000. Salis took a full two minutes to call with A♥J♥, way ahead of his compatriot’s A♠4♥.

The board ran 8♦5♥6♠10♦6♣ and Adinolfo is favourite to be the overnight chip leader as things stand. — MC

12.20am: Jelassi forced back by Adinolfi shove
“Three jacks?” Ramzi Jelassi asked Alessandro Adinolfi. The Italian had just called time on the Swede after shoving the river of a 2♣10♠3♦5♠J♥ board. There was around 40,000 in the middle, Jelassi had around 45,000 behind and the shove just didn’t seem to make sense to him.

He looked confused, brow furrowed. He sat staring at the board mouthing the action through the streets; Jelassi had opened the pot from the cut-off to 1,600 and had been called by Benjamin Pollak on the button before Adinolfi made it 4,100 from the small blind. Both players had called but only Jelassi carried on when Adinolfi led 6,100 into the flop and a further 6,125 into the turn.

After reviewing the hand back he looked at Adinolfi again, wobbling his head from side to side picking up his chips as if to call. “This is so sick,” he said with a hint of anguish in his voice. If he called the pot would propel him towards yet another chip lead with around 130,000. But sick in which way? Was the Swede considering a hero call or a hero fold?

Jelassi finally opted to thumb his hand away and Adinolfi jubilantly tossed down Q♦9♥ for a three barrel bluff. — RD

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000, ante 100

12.05am: Break time
The players are on their final break of the night as the 25 value green chips are taken out of play. — MC

12.05am: Italian icon downed
Filippo Candio is up there with all the biggest of Italian poker icons after finishing fourth in least year’s WSOP main event for $3,092,545. Success there doesn’t mean success here though, as his recent exit just proved.

Christiano Blanco raised to 2,000 from early position before Leonid Bilokur three-bet to 4,675 from the next seat. Ivan Kudriavtcev flat called from the button before Candio moved all-in for 20,500. Blanco folded as did Bilokur but called after some thought.

Kudriavtcev: 10♦10♥
Candio: 3♠3♦

The board ran 10♣9♠5♦4♦6♣. Candio was resigned to defeat after the flop and the turn confirmed it. — MC

11.50pm: German mothers meeting
Dominik Nitsche and Tobias Reinkemeier, both of Germany, were just spotted talking in a tight cluster outside the press room. We at Team PokerStars Blog thought about this deeply, all on our own, and deduced they must be out. Clever, huh? They confirmed that was the case but weren’t in the mood to expand any further on the details. — MC

11.45pm: Guns at Battisti
Kimmo Kurko opened for 2,600 in middle position which was called by Casey Kastle in the hijack. Team Online’s Alfio Battisti was on the button and moved all-in for 13,725. The action was folded back to Kurko who called before Kastle agony-folded.
Q♣A♥ for Alfio Battisti, A♣10♦ for Kurko.


Alfio Battisti

The board ran 5♠9♠3♦3♣7♣. Alfio Battisti doubled up. Kurko wasn’t happy. Kastle neither. – SB

11.35pm: Kelly on the up
On a flop of 8♦A♦3♣ Antonio Valenti raised to 5,500 from the small blind which JP Kelly called from middle position for a turn card 2♠. Valenti checked again leaving it to the Team PokerStars Pro to bet another 5,500. Called.


JP Kelly

On the 6♣ river Valenti checked once more. Kelly thought for a while and then, with a kind of fencing Coupé manoeuvre, bringing 15,000 chips out front quickly with the wrist. Valenti riffled furiously then, folded. Kelly up to 60,000. – SB

11.28pm; Pot sized river shoves FTW
A theme is starting to develop as we approach the dusk period of today’s play and it’s the pot sized river shove. Chris Moorman, a trend setter online, was noted when he made the play and Ricky Fohrenbach just followed suit.

He was heads-up against Philippe Narboni and they were at the turn stage and the board read 10♥2♣7♠K♦. Narboni check-called an 8,300 bet from the young American to see the 2♦ river. Narboni checked once more to face a 21,000 all-in bet. — MC

11.15pm: Big stacks breaking through
It’s that point of the day when we start paying attention to who is well chipped. In the first few levels a double up is, well, just that and simply a starting point. As any Day 1 goes on bigger stacks start to take on an added significance, suddenly here are players that stand a good chance to be among those leading the charge into the money come Day 2.

Two of those players are Alessandro Adinolfo (140,000), an Italian with badly coloured hair (it looks like it was done for the day), and Mike Gorodinsky (150,000), an American player that often pops up on the blogging radar but has yet to hit the headlines.

I caught Adinolfi in action against Tom MacDonald, a young Brit who recently finished runner-up to Julian Thew at a £1,000 tournament in the UK. MacDonald opened from middle position to 1,500 and Adinolfi three-bet to 3,600 from the button before the big blind, Michael Gathy, shoved for 23,700 taking the pot. A mere drop in the ocean for Adinolfi. — RD

ept san remo_day 1a_alessandro adinolfo.jpg

Alessandro Adinolfi and his ‘interesting’ hair

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400-800, ante 75

11.03pm: Moorman fairing better than his former neighbour
Former EPT London winner Aaron Gustavson is out but his former neighbour, Chris Moorman, is still alive after getting a river push through against Leonardo Imperi.

The river had been dealt to leave a 7♦A♦4♥8♣2♦ board. About 22,000 had made its way into the middle and Moorman’s shove was a polarising 23,500. Imperi tanked in dramatic fashion. His arms went flailing around his body to show how hard his decision was, and knocked his sunglasses to the floor in the process. He folded, as a lot of players tend to do after an epic tank, and Moorman began the process of pulling in all the chips. — MC

10.55pm: Teng up, Pinho out
A big pot just developed between Andrew Teng, Henrique Pinho and Niccolo Caramatti, one that would send the Team PokerStars Pro player to the rail.

With the flop already showing 4♣10♥9♠ and with Pinho’s chips all-in pre-flop, Caramatti checked to Teng who then bet 19,400, leaving Caramatti to stew for a while. Caramatti had 57,000 behind but was in no rush to spend it. Ultimately Pinho wanted the clock called, falling short of making it official but leaving Caramatti in no doubt that he wanted to go home and was tired of waiting.

Eventually Caramatti passed, leaving it a showdown between Teng’s A♣A♥ and Pinho’s A♦K♠.

The turn came 7♥, at which point Pinho stood to leave. The river 8♥ confirmed it, sending the Team PokerStars Pro to the rail, not before Caramatti could exclaim how he folded jacks, which would have made a straight, before making an “eurgh” noise he’ll be hearing in his head for weeks.

Teng up to 120,000. – SB

10.53pm: Rob aches at the river
Rob Akery is down to 13,500 after being rivered by Sergey Baburin. The action had already reached the river and the board showed Q♣3♣3♦9♣10♦. Akery faced an 8,700 bet that he called to be shown 10♣10♠ for a rivered set. Akery flashed the Q♥ and mucked with a big smile on his face. – MC

10.44pm: Elder and the statesmen
Rupert Elder is having a topsy turvy tournament. I arrived to find him defending his big blind with J♥9♥ against Alec Torelli’s late position raise and getting a little annoyed with himself for not getting more value on a J♦J♠A♠3♦2♠ board. The next hand he picked up a monster in A♣K♦ only to find himself up against a grand old pair of kings.

Nicolas Cardyn opened to 1,200 and was three-bet by Atanas Gueorguiev to 3,875 from the button. Elder moved in a four-bet to 7,200 and called the ensuing 24,000 shove from Gueorguiev to find that he was looking to pair his ace alone. That or hit a funky draw.

The 10♦6♦3♥ flop wasn’t much help but the 8♦ increased his outs with nut flush options. No dice on the 8♣ river and Gueorguiev doubled up to 48,000. Elder drops to 44,000. — RD

10.38pm: Jelassi stops the slide
Ramsi Jelassi’s stack motored up to around the 100,000 mark earlier almost as a quickly as Lionel Messi racks up goals, but since then it’s been on the slide.

He just took down a three-way pot though to stop the rot and move back up to 62,000. He raised from early position and was called in two spots en route to a 2♦7♠8♠ flop. All three checked before the Swede led for 2,000 on the 7♣ turn. Neither player was remotely interested and folded quickly. — MC

10.25pm: Operation Barbosa
Joao Barbosa just took a slight knock, calling an early position bet of 1,600 by Andrey Zaichenko and then calling the re-raise to 4,500 from Ivan Tononi in the cut off.
The flop came Q♥5♣Q♦ which both Barbosa and Tononi checked before the 5♥ turn. More checking from Barbosa before Tononi bet 5,125. Barbosa took the hint and folded. – SB

10.15pm: Some hang in there, some go home
That’s the story of the short stacks left in the tournament. James Mitchell was one of the players not able to hang on, now eliminated. Ludovic Lacay is a “shortie” still hanging in there with around 11,000 chips. He just open shoved from the small blind into the big blind of Max Heinzelmann. The German folded and Lacay tabled a ballsy four high. — MC

10.05pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts in level 7 with blinds at 300-600 with a 50 ante.

10pm: Almost ready to play
Players have now finished dinner and are re-uniting in the tournament room, but not before one communal 15 minute break. When they properly return they will play three more levels tonight, with a break after level 8. — SB


Viktor Blom

PokerStars Blog reporting team in San Remo (in order of trips to San Remo): Stephen Bartley (4), Marc Convey (3) and Rick Dacey (1)


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