EPT San Remo: Final table, level 30 & 31 updates (blinds 80,000-160,000)

May 03, 2011


6.25pm: Elder wins EPT San Remo for €930,000
Rupert Elder has just won EPT San Remo defeating Max Heinzelmann heads up.

Elder opened the button and was shoved on by Heinzelmann for 3,200,000. Elder made the call.

Elder: A♦5♣
Heinzelmann: Q♦5♠

Horrible dominated situation for Heinzelmann who failed to catch up on the 3♠2♣7♣10♥K♠ board. Unbelievably Heinzelmann becomes the second player this season to have come second in two EPTs. A fantastic final table. — RD

ept san remo_day 3_winner.jpg

Rupert Elder wins EPT San Remo

6.10pm: Elder catches another bluff
Rupert Elder is within touching distance of EPT victory here. He’s up to 25,670,000 to Max Heinzelmann’s 3,865,000.

Neither players bet the Q♣4♦7♦ flop but Elder led 400,000 into the 6♦ turn. Elder pushed out 900,000 into the 6♠ river and Heinzelmann raised it up to 2,705,000. Elder covered his mouth, deep in thought. He made the call and was good with J♠7♥ to Heinzelmann’s pocket threes. — RD

ept san remo_day 3_heads up.jpg

Heinzelmann at the wrong end of the heads up to Elder

6pm: Elder catches the bluff
After getting oh so close Max Heinzelmann is down to 7,690,000. After both players checked the flop Heinzelmann led 175,000 into the J♣J♠Q♥K♣ turn which Elder raised to 650,000 in position. Heinzelmann came back over the top for 1,450,000 and Elder made the call. On the 10♠ river Heinzelmann moved 3,075,000 across the line and Elder slowly made the call. Heinzelmann mucked his hand and we didn’t get to see Elder’s hand (I’ve head anecdotally that it might well have been with a king).

Heinzelmann: 7,690,000
Elder: 21,895,000

Elder back in the driving seat. Will Heinzelmann be able to mount another comeback? — RD

5.40pm: Heinzelmann one card away from victory
It transpires that the TV graphics have been completely off on the chip counts and it turns out Max Heinzelmann’s lead was larger than we thought; he was closer to two to one ahead before this hand took place.

On a 7♥6♣9♥ flop Heinzelmann c-bet 300,000 and was check-raised to 825,000 by Rupert Elder. Heinzelmann came back over the top for 1,700,000 and Elder made the call to go to the A♣ turn at which point all the money went in with Elder at risk.

Elder: 6♠6♥ for bottom set
Heinzelmann: 10♣8♠ for the nut straight

Max Heinzelmann, after finishing as runner-up at EPT Berlin just a few weeks ago, was one card away from winning this EPT. He just had to dodge the board pairing, but that wasn’t to be (not yet at least). The A♠ river filled Elder’s full house and swung the chips back. Elder on 18,500,000, Heinzelmann on 11,000,000. — RD

ept san remo_day 3_max heinzelmann.jpg

Max Heinzelman was so close to an EPT trophy

5.40pm: Heinzelmann takes the chip lead
Max Heinzelmann has just moved into the chip lead after barrelling a 6♥7♦9♠9♦K♠ board; 275,000 on the flop, 630,000 on the turn and 1,675,000 on the river. Elder passed to the final bullet.

Heinzelmann – 15,550,000
Elder – 13,985,000

Big hand brewing. — RD

5.35pm: Chips chips
Rupert Elder – 14,890,000
Max Heinzelmann – 14,645,000

5.30pm: All square
Small pot to Rupert Elder, then another before Max Heinzelmann took one, then another. It’s back and forth between the two players.


Heads-up play continues

Then a big hand erupted.

Heinzelmann opened for 320,000 which Elder three-bet 825,000. Heinzelmann then four-bet 1,785,000 which Elder called.

With 3,500,000 in the pot, the flop came 9♠6♣3♥. The betting then continued, Heinzelmann making ot 2,000,000 which Elder then raised to 4,000,000. Heinzelmann then moved all-in getting an insta-fold from Elder, who tossed his cards away disgusted.

That hand brings the scores back to even. — SB

5.20pm: Heinzelmann pegs Elder back
We’re not far from evens here after Elder’s 685,000 check-raise on a 6♥5♠Q♣ flop failed to budge Heinzelmann from his 270,000 c-bet. Elder didn’t put another chip into the pot and quickly passed to Heinzelmann’s 700,000 bet on the 5♣10♠ river.

Elder – 16,090,000
Heinzelmann – 13,400,000

Elder won a small pot the next hand. — RD

5.10pm: Heinzelmann not wasting any time
Max Heinzelmann has come back firing, taking the first pot back. After a couple of raise and takes Heinzelmann got a call from Rupert Elder for his bet of 240,000 in the small blind. The flop came 4♠2♦Q♣ which Heinzelmann bet at, 310,000 total, which was called, as was his bet on the J♣ turn. On the 7♣ river card Heinzelmann pushed forward a million chips, winning the pot and showing 8♦Q♥ when Elder called. – SB

5pm: Deja vu all over again
Well this looks familiar, Max Heinzelmann sitting across the table, heads-up at an EPT final table. Across from him sits Rupert Elder and play is about to restart. — SB

4.38pm: Heads-up
Play has paused as the two remaining players take a short break.

Rupert Elder — 19,000,000
Max Heinzelmann — 10,000.000

As my slightly irritating fellow blogger Rick Dacey pointed out, that’s 246 big blinds in play. — SB

4.35pm: Xuan Liu out in 3rd (€360,000)
Xuan Liu’s remarkable San Remo event has come to a close in third place. Liu, the short stack, moved all-in for 2,440,000 in the big blind which, after pause for reflection, Rupert Elder called, turning over A♣7♥. Liu likes her chances, turning over A♥J♥. But the flop put Elder ahead, coming 4♥5♥7♦. The 10♠ turn and 6♠ river did nothing to help Liu, who took defeat graciously, out in third place earning €360,000. – SB

ept san remo_day 6_xuan liu.jpg

Xuan Liu, out in 3rd (€360,000)

4.28pm: Liu down to the felt
Xuan Liu is down to less than 2,000,000 after getting smashed by a monster courtesy of Max Heinzelmann. The German had min-raised the button and had been called by Liu in the small blind. Liu went on to check-call a small c-bet on the 3♥Q♦J♥ flop, a further 510,000 on the A♣ turn and a huge 2,075,000 bet on the J♠ river. Heinzelmann showed Q♠Q♣ for a flopped top set that turned into a full house on the river.

Elder – 17,550,000
Heinzelmann – 10,095,000
Liu – 1,940,000

Heinzelmann now looking very good to at least reprise his role of runner-up from EPT Berlin. Stellar back-to-back tournament performances from the young German. He’ll have to do some serious catching up against Rupert Elder if he wants to go one further. — RD

4.20pm: Elder out to a big lead
Rupert Elder – 17,870,000
Max Heinzelmann – 6,115,000
Xuan Liu – 5,550,000

4.15pm: Liu takes hit as Elder extends lead
Rupert Elder opened for 395,000 on the button which Liu then three-bet 645,000 from the big blind which Elder called.

The flop came 10♠4♠3♦. Liu then bet big, making it 855,000. Elder then raised to 1,925,000 before Liu raised again to 4,025,000. A huge hand over quickly when Elder raised all-in. Liu folded instantly. – SV

4.10pm: Three-way dance
Rupert Elder opened the button for 250,000 and was three-bet by Max Heinzelmann out of the small blind for 625,000. Xuan Liu called from the big blind as did Elder.

Heinzelmann c-bet 910,000 and Elder made the call. The 5♦ turn was checked by both players as was the J♦ river.

Heinzelmann: 9♦8♥
Elder: J♥10♥

Elder caught the jack on the river to rake in the pot. — RD

4pm: New chip counts
Xuan Liu — 11,400,000
Rupert Elder — 10,600,000
Max Heinzelmann — 7,700,000

3.55pm: Heinzelmann back in the game
On a flop of A♥9♠A♣ Rupert Elder in the big blind checked to Max Heinzelmann on the button who bet 225,000. Elder then raised to 525,000 which Heinzelmann called immediately for a 4♦ turn card. Elder led this time, betting 700,000 which Heinzelmann called for a 3♠ river card. Elder then announced all-in, a move snap-called by the German who turned over A♦10♥. “Nice call,” said Elder, turning over Q♠8♠.

Elder slips a little to 10,600,000 while Heinzelmann is back in the game with 7,700,000. – SB

3.52pm: Chip counts
Rupert Elder — 14,495,000
Xuan Liu — 11,245,000
Max Heinzelmann — 3,795,000

3.50pm: Cards in the air
Play restarts in level 30.

3.45pm: Not yet
Players will be returning in about five minutes.


Rupert Elder


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