EPT San Remo: Sun, sea and Stars

April 15, 2010


The sun is shining, there’s a spring feeling in the air and the natives look tanned, healthy and happy. If you hadn’t guessed that this is San Remo, Italy, yet then you must be new to this game. For us, it’s the third time, and it’s great to be back.

Why the celebration? Well San Remo offers everything a great poker tournament could ever need. A grand and spacious tournament room, a picturesque town boasting good food and warm hospitality and more than a thousand players, all of whom brought cash.

The result is the richest and most popular EPT outside the Grand Final in Monte Carlo which, for those not fortunate enough to make it through to Wednesday’s final, is the next and last stop of the tour’s sixth season, starting just three days after we wrap things up here, an even more opulent second chance waiting just across the border.

Before that there’s day one to get through and before that there was the welcome party to get through, last night’s introduction to the Italian arts of pasta, red wine and looking good while suspended twenty feet above a hardwood floor.


Strung up

The survivors of that now look to survive this – day one, which starts in a few minutes. We’ll have coverage from the start through to the end five days from now, with written and photographic evidence that EPT San Remo is all that we claimed it up to be.

Stand by to shuffle up and deal.


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