EPT10 Sanremo: Scorching Lukas Berglund blazes into enormous chip lead

April 16, 2014

Lukas Berglund is running hot. A glance at the online poker rankings shows the man known as either “superkid-bam” or “lukethafluke” second in the global charts, behind only his fellow Swede Anton “VnilaVader” Herrmann.

Herrmann is not here in Sanremo this week, but Berglund is. And at the end of Day 2 of the €4,900 EPT Main Event, Berglund has upgraded his hot streak to scorching as he translates online form to the bricks and mortar world.

When bagging took place at the end of the day tonight, Berglund had 694,600 chips, 212,200 more than the man in second place among approximately 110 remaining. They’re all chasing a first prize of €476,100 and the talent in this pool is growing ever more concentrated.


Lukas Berglund: Very comfortable at the top

Berglund got his day going when he found aces against kings and queens and knocked out both his opponents. After that, it was pretty-much plain sailing. He ended the day on the EPT Live feature table alongside another fearsome Swede, Michael Tureniec, and Olivier Busquet, both of whom have plenty of chips and are in form.

Busquet, for instance. made the final table of the IPT High Roller this week, finishing third, and they both survived two of the toughest tables ever seen on a Day 2 today.


A peek at the TV table at EPT Sanremo

Earlier on, Shyam “g’s zee” Srinivasan won a pot of more than 300,000 with aces against a six-bet four-five. It reminded us what it was like to be back in Italy. That was the moment another online beast vaulted into contention, joining David “MissOracle” Yan in the top bunch.


David Yan, Jeff Rossiter and Dominik Nitsche. The seat pair are still in

Our top group, either by chips or reputation, heading to Day 3 tomorrow is pretty exhilarating, including (but not limited to) the following:

Lukas Berglund – 694,600
Thiago Crema De Macedo – 482,400
Raul Mestre – 473,300
Olivier Busquet – 387,900
Denis Pisarev – 311,300
Eros Nastasi – 294,800
David Yan – 283,100
Shayam Srinivasan – 276,000
Alex Bilokour – 260,900
Dominik Nitsche – 258,300
Jeffrey Hakim – 234,100
Jan Sjavik – 216,500
Michael Tureniec – 212,100
Mitch Johnson – 185,800
Johnny Lodden – 185,000
Matthew Frankland – 165,800
Mickey Petersen – 164,700
Vicky Coren – 162,400
Mike Telker – 142,600
Andrea Benelli – 136,700
Roberto Romanello – 135,600
Stephen Chidwick – 134,900
Pius Heinz – 102,200
Alex Kravchenko – 97,500
Aku Joentausta – 74,400
Paul Berende – 71,100
Victor Ramdin – 56,600


Johnny Lodden: This big stack is getting predictable


Vicky Coren: Aiming for another cash

They played a small but beautifully formed six levels in Sanremo today, which you can relive via the hand-by-hand panel at the top of the main EPT Sanremo page. You can also look back on our more in-depth coverage, featuring Gordon Huntly and Oleg Lichii and the cash-game father/son duo of Ben and Jamie Roberts.

We asked some very important questions of Liv Boeree, such as “How does it feel to be back in Sanremo?”, and “What comes first, the big win or the big watch?

We welcomed Victor Ramdin back to business and helped Vicky Coren’s fans untangle poker-speak.

The first order of significant business tomorrow will be to burst the bubble, which will happen when only 79 players remain. You can, as ever, read all the action with us and watch it on PokerStars.tv. We all kick off at noon.

Join us then.


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