EPT10 Sanremo: The gross worth of the Tables of Death

April 16, 2014

“There’s always a table of death, but here there’s two, side-by-side.” The words there of Wisconsin’s favourite son, Chad Holloway, part of our live reporting team here at EPT Sanremo.

We were taking a look at tables 23 and 24 in the tournament room, as level 11 got under way. We may have a smallish field in Sanremo this time — “only” 556 players — but you’d need to go a long way to find two more ridiculously loaded random tournament tables.

On the first, there was Mickey Petersen, Andrew Chen, Michael Tureniec, Dimitar Danchev and Pius Heinz. On the second you’d have found David Yan, Vladimir Troyanovskiy, Alex Bilokur, Jorma Nuutinen and Olivier Busquet. It’s only a shame Liv Boeree had just been eliminated from the latter, because the tally of three EPT titles, two High Roller winners, one World Champion and the tournament chip-leader isn’t quite rich enough, huh.


Table of Death 1, featuring Heinz et al


Table of Death 2, featuring Busquet et al

Here’s a game you might want to play, if you really have nothing better to do a passion for poker. Take those 11 players and try to put them in some kind of money list order. One suspects it’ll be easy to name the person at the very summit, but good luck in sorting them all out after that.


Dimitar Danchev sees the table draw

Here are a few hints. The total gross income (in live tournaments only) from those 11 players is $31,736,000. Table Heinz accounts for $19,470,000 of that, while table Yan has $12,266,000. One of those players won the biggest EPT Main Event ever, another has won the PCA. One other has finished 2nd, 3rd and 5th on the EPT, but never champion.

But how they all stack up?

It’s unfortunate, actually, that we can only really look at this in terms of live tournament winnings, as it perhaps works against certain players. Petersen, for instance, has more than $6m in online tournaments, while Busquet plays high stakes heads up sit n goes and makes plenty there that goes unrecorded.


Pius Heinz: Headlining one of two Tables of Death


Andrew Chen and Mickey Petersen, who tops whom?

Both tables broke soon after, with Heinz heading to the EPT Live feature table and Tureniec joining no fewer than four other Swedes on Table Sweden.

The answers, by the way, are at the bottom of the page.


Tables of Death together

In order of recorded tournament winnings (according to the Hendon Mob database): 1 – Heinz: $8,980,000; 2 – Busquet: $4,200,000; 3 – Chen: $3,207,000; 4 – Danchev: $3,145,000; 5 – Tureniec: $2,890,000; 6 – Bilokur: $2,695,000; 7 – Boeree: $2,447,000; 8 – Troyanovskiy: $1,894,000; 9 – Petersen: $1,248,000; 10 – Yan: $586,000; 11 – Jorma Nuutinen: $444,000.


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