EPT10 Vienna: High Rollin’ Eugene Katchalov heads-up yet again

March 24, 2014

I’m going to put my neck out here, I think that Eugene Katchalov is pretty good at this tournament poker thing. The Ukrainian Team PokerStars Pro is playing the €5,300 EPT Main Event today having been up late getting to heads-up in the €2,200 Eureka High Roller. It’s his second big heads-up in as many months, following the close call at EPT Deauville.


Eugene Katchalov

There’s €277,000 slated to be split between the top two spots guaranteeing another huge pay day for Katchalov. It’s all set to be a huge 2014 for Katchalov following two slower years of ‘just’ $250k (2012) and $285k (2013) in tournament winnings. Katchalov has already clocked up $545,641 for 2014, and that’s before you factor in this Eureka High Roller cash. It’s going to take some doing to match either of his glory years – 2007: $ 2,667,098 and 2011: $ 2,572,726 – but you can’t rule it out either.

PokerStars.tv caught up with Kacthalov a little earlier today to find out more.


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