EPT10 Vienna: Hof at home in the Hofburg, claims maiden title

March 24, 2014

When PokerStars Blog caught up with Natalie Hof in Deauville in January, the newest Friend of PokerStars stated some fairly modest ambitions. “I’ll do my best and hope that I win something,” Hof said then, describing her delight at simply being part of the Red Spade team.

Flash forward six weeks and here’s Natalie Hof today. Ambition one: Tick!


Natalie Hof, EPT Vienna Women’s event champion

Late last night, after the players from the Main Event had drifted away, Hof sealed the maiden victory of her career in the €330 EPT Vienna Women’s Event. It came with a cheque for €5,325 and although that’s not even close to her biggest score–she got more than three times as much for 39th in the EPT Berlin Main Event–it is the only one that came with a trophy.

So far…

Today, Hof is playing in the Main Event field, where she will attempt to parlay her winnings into something significantly larger. Her winner’s prize in the women’s event matches the €5,300 Main Event buy in almost precisely, and so she is on the perfectly snug spin-up.

As you might expect after a long day’s play, the morning after the night before did not start precisely on time. But after Hof arrived at the Hofburg Palace, Sarah Grant, of PokerStars.tv, caught up with her to hear all about her breakthrough success.

Day 1B of EPT Vienna is under way. Click through to the main EPT Vienna page for all the action.



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