EPT11 Barcelona: Anybody for photo-bouncing? Liv? Jan?

August 21, 2014

What’s the most peculiar thing you’ve ever seen on a beach? Actually, don’t answer that. We’ve all strolled on to one of those beaches in our time (It was an accident! I told you it was an accident!) and who knew that they came in such an array of shapes and sizes.

But whatever you may have glimpsed out the corner of your eye, you’ll struggle to better what Jan Heitmann spotted yesterday when he was out on the beach in Barcelona for a photo shoot for a German newspaper.


Jan Heitmann: yesterday the beach, today the tournament

Heitmann was joined by his Team PokerStars Pro colleague Liv Boeree, the Friend of PokerStars Natalie Hof and the PokerStars Sportstar Fatima Moreira de Melo. While most beach-bums were probably glancing slightly suspiciously at the sight of a poker table on the beach, around which the Red Spades were sat, it didn’t seem to affect a small group of other eccentrics on the sand.

Indeed, it’s testament to the professionalism of Boeree, Moreira De Melo and Hof that they could continue looking at the camera as this was going on behind them:

Thanks to Jan Heitmann for the video. He is no wiser than you or I as to what these folk were actually up to, but Boeree claims not to have even noticed it was going on.

Photo-bombing is clearly yesterday’s activity. It’s all about photo-bouncing now. I wonder if we can get this to go viral: a $5 PokerStars tournament ticket to anybody who can photo-bounce a Team Pro*.

Follow all the action from the tournament floor on the main EPT Barcelona page. There’s hand-by-hand coverage in the panel at the top, including chip counts, and feature pieces below. Live coverage of the Estrellas Poker Tour final table is now on EPT Live.


Liv Boeree in action in the Estrellas main event

*Not a serious offer.


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