EPT11 Barcelona: Vojtech Ruzicka with big lead over big field as Day 2 ends

August 23, 2014

Amid fears that tournament staff would actually find enough space to seat them, some 906 players made their way back to Casino Barcelona today, the survivors of what has been a record setting EPT Main Event field.


Wall to wall: the Day 2 field

While the registration desk staff may never full recover, it marks a celebratory highpoint for the tour, which was able to release details of a prize pool powerful enough to make everyone day-dream for just a moment: €7,255,600 in total, with €1,261,000 to the winner. As Edgar Stuchly put it, this is life changing money.

But first things first. Many here bagging up chips will have their first target in sight some time tomorrow–a min-cash worth €8,050 to the top 239 players when the bubble bursts. But then that might not apply to everyone, certainly not the chip leader tonight Vojtech Ruzicka, who closed on a stack worth 617,100.


Vojtech Ruzicka bagged up the lead tonight

As he bagged up chips Vojtech, a former EPT High Roller winner in Deauville, said his day had involved knocking out Bryn Kenney in the second level, then Dominik Nitsche later on. Then he got set over set against an “old guy” who came to the table with 200,000. Vojtech busted him just after he had sat down. The result, a big lead going into Day 3.

He was among a collection of players who vied for the lead tonight, including the likes of Tobias Rohe, Martin Finger and at one stage at least Michael Mizrachi, who bludgeoned rather than grinded his way up the chip counts, building on his chip lead from Day 1A, before building it down again, closing with a short stack.


Pound, bludgeon or wallop, whatever works for The Grinder Michael Mizrachi


Among the contenders today: Martin Finger

No one player had it for very long, instead they leap-frogged each other throughout six levels, with the leading group made up of some familiar and not so familiar players. The list of notables from a surviving field of approximately 310 returning tomorrow looks like this.

Vojtech Ruzicka – 617,100
Nima Ahrary – 519,600
Martin Finger – 502,000
Berthold Wimz – 443,000
Tobias Rohe – 435,000
Oliver Price – 352,900
Andres Jeckeln – 352,400
Ramin Hajiyev – 351,700
Alexander Kuzmin – 325,900
Pavel Plesuv – 325,100
Hossein Ensan – 324,900
Josh Prager – 320,700
Marko Neumann – 316,100
Mikhail Korotkikh – 315,600
Daniele Scatragli – 304,300
Max Pescatori – 294,000
Zoltan Szabo – 294,000
Daniel Dvoress – 292,500
Rumen Nanev – 286,200
Raymond Baker – 285,900
Pedro Marques – 271,800
Hugo Pingray – 268,700
Mark Randal Flowers – 268,000
Grzegorz Mikielewicz – 264,900
Dimitar Danchev – 263,300
Fedor Holz – 260,600
Sylvain Loosli – 256,200
Julian Panchyrz – 253,300
Kent Lundmark – 237,700
Scott Seiver – 216,400
Emil Patel – 212,000
Cheng-Wei Yin – 206,700
Michael Dwyer – 206,000
Jan Heitmann – 203,000
Mikalai Pobal – 196,300
Dan Shak – 188,400
Konstantin Puchkov – 175,000
Sam Greenwood – 159,900
Philippe D’Auteuil – 153,000
Timo Pfutzenreuter – 141,600
Dominik Panka – 139,500
Mike McDonald – 130,200
Andoni Larrabe – 125,600
Ole Schemion – 82,400
Martin Jacobson – 72,300
Robin Ylitalo – 65,400
Andre Akkari – 55,500
Michael Mizrachi – 41,900

The list of the vanquished was a long one today. Fears that an extra level would be required tonight proved unfounded, largely because the rate of attrition was so high.

Anton Wigg, David Vamplew, Dan Smith, Eugene Kathalov, Theo Jorgensen, Marcin Horecki, Leo Margets, Liv Boeree, Dermot Blain, Ivan Demidov, Daniel Negreanu (who talked earlier today about his own clip on the EPTs best moment ballot, which you can find here), Matthias De Meulder, Ronnie Bardah, who shared a few musical tips with us earlier, Jake Cody, Alex Kravchenko and Johnny Lodden, all among those working their way to the rail, while others speculated on what made EPT Barcelona so successful.


Daniel Negreanu will be back tomorrow

You can look back on hand for hand coverage on our dedicated page, while catching up on the stories of the day, from a player perspective on how to how to handle a previously unknown player arriving with three hands left on the day, to George Danzer’s bugbears and plans for the WSOP Player of the Year leader board. We also learned a little more about the game from Alec Torelli.


Out of the Main Event but with plenty to play for: George Danzer

We continue tomorrow with coverage from 12 noon. We’ll have more from the tournament floor as we approach and burst the bubble. See you then.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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