EPT11 London: A low-key start in the capital

October 12, 2014

It’s a low key day in London today. Sundays typically start this way. For one thing you can drive through the city relatively unmolested, at least until about lunch time. That’s when open season begins again, and the roads clog up again with cars, buses, sirens and people who need to get somewhere. But for a few blissful hours before then though, the city is peaceful and relatively empty.

Needless to say my taxi driver this morning was delighted. “If it was like this all the time I’d look forward to coming to work,” he said as we pulled up to the Grand Connaught Rooms here in Covent Garden. Midweek the two mile trip from the station requires patience, twenty quid and a working knowledge of the expletives of seven languages. But today it was completed in no time at all.

And so it’s with a happy skip that you arrive at the venue, one draped in livery on this crisp overcast Autumnal day in the capital.


Inside the Grand Connaught Rooms

The start here has been similarly low key. It’s not that the Grand Connaught Rooms are short of players. On the contrary, there are hoodies and headphones everywhere. But the Main Event is one of several tournaments taking place today amid the all the mirrors and gold leaf . The others, such as the UKIPT Main Event and High Roller, have drawn their share of big names, whose attention, for now at least, is fixed elsewhere.

The biggest of the side events right now is that High Roller, currently led by PokerStars Team Online’s Vicente Delgado.

The Spaniard bagged up 497,000 last night, one of 276 entries (43 of which were re-entries). The likes of Martin Jacobson, Christopher Brammer, Frederik Jensen, Olivier Busquet, Sorel Mizzi, Sotirios Koutoupas and Thomas Muhlocker remain in the event which last year was one by Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Selbst.

Then there’s the UKIPT Main Event, which concludes today. The final eight are in action in the main room, with live updates available on the PokerStars Blog through to the conclusion this evening.

That’s today. Tomorrow, the traffic will be back and things will begin to heave in the main tournament room, as the bulk of the field arrives to take a seat. For now though, it’s a pleasant leisurely Sunday in London.

Follow the action from the EPT London Main Event this week on the PokerStars. You can also watch live coverage on the EPT Live webcast between October 14-18 on PokerStars.tv.

Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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