EPT11 London: Do not adjust your sets, this is not the highlights reel

October 18, 2014

If you’ve been watching EPT Live from the start of this final table you could be forgiven for thinking you’ve tuned in to the highlights show. Hand after hand we’ve seen multiple players be dealt playable hands and it’s made for some fascinating poker. “This has been one of the best hours we’ve ever had on EPT Live,” said James Hartigan. He’s not wrong.


These eight have put on one hell of a show so far

The highlight hand from this mini highlights show involved Kevin Killeen, Jake Cody and Artur Koren and took around nine minutes to complete. It was Killeen who got the action started, raising to 85,000 with K♠K♣ from under-the-gun. It passed to Cody, who was on the button and he had A♠Q♣. “What does Cody do with ace-queen on the button against an under-the-gun raise?” asked Joe Stapleton.

We soon had our answer as Cody flat called and this convinced Artur Koren to stick around from the big blind with Q♠J♠.

The 10♥8♥8♠ flop didn’t look like it was going to lead to much action – a c-bet from Killeen might get the job done right here – but instead the action was checked to Cody, who bet 160,000. Koren, who had two overs and a gutshot, stuck around and Killeen continued to play his kings trickily as he smooth called as well. The 6♣ fEll on the turn and all the players checked. The Q♦ completed the board.

Koren checked to Killeen and the Irishman decided to lead for 380,000. Cody then went into the tank. “Can Cody put his man on a hand like kings and turn his hand into a bluff, or can he even find a fold?” Stapleton pondered. Ultimately he elected to fold and the Twitterverse went into meltdown.

Action was now on Koren. Could he, like Cody, sniff it out and get away from top pair? He tanked for even longer than Cody as nearly a full five minutes passed before he made the decision to call. Killeen tabled kings and Cody didn’t have to wait an hour to see that he’d made the right laydown.


Cody won’t have to wait to see that one on EPT Live

Follow our coverage of the EPT London festival via the main EPT London page, where there are hand-by-hand updates and chip counts in the panel at the top and feature pieces below. And, of course, you can follow it all live at EPT Live.


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