EPT12 Barcelona: Can Eichhardt set a new mark?

August 29, 2015


Peter Eichhardt: Nearly four thousand days!

In our brief profile of Peter Eichhart yesterday, we picked up on the fact that should the Swedish player make it to the final table this week, he would set yet another new EPT record.

Eichhardt first made a final table on the European Poker Tour in Deauville on Season 1 — February 19, 2005 to be precise. That is more than ten-and-a-half years ago. If Eichhart is still involved in Barcelona tomorrow, his performance will represent the longest gap between two final-table appearances the tour has yet witnessed.

Three thousand, eight hundred and forty-four days have passed since Eichhardt, who is now 49, first played a final on the EPT. But whose record will he break? Which player has previously set the mark for the longest interval between final table appearances?

To be honest, nobody in the press room had ever given this much thought before, and no answer was readily to hand. But having now spent a lot of time rifling through results and plugging dates into an online date calculator, it appears that Eichhardt has a familiar record holder in his sights.

Victoria Coren-Mitchell, as we all well know, is the only person to have won two EPT titles. But what was perhaps lost in the jubilation greeting her triumph in Sanremo in April 2014 was that she was also setting a new mark of time between final table appearance.

Coren-Mitchell has only appeared at two final tables, winning both of them. And the first was way back on Season 3 of the EPT, in September 2006. Two thousand, seven hundred and sixty-eight days passed between those two landmark triumphs, and that’s the target Eichhardt has in his sights.


Vicky Coren-Mitchell: Two visits to a final, two wins

In total, six players (as far as we know) have reached final tables with more than a 2,000 day interval between them: Coren-Mitchell, Luca Pagano, Jan Sjavic, Johnny Lodden, Mike McDonald and Isaac Baron.

All will need to wait a few more months/years to out-do Eichhart, should today go according to plan.

Longest intervals between EPT final table appearances:

First final table: London – September 21, 2006
Most recent final table: Sanremo – April 20, 2014
Days between final table appearances: 2,768

First final table: Barcelona – September 18, 2004
Most recent final table: Deauville – January 31, 2012
Days between final table appearances: 2,691

First final table: London – September 21, 2006
Most recent final table: London – October 6, 2013
Days between final table appearances: 2,572

First final table: Budapest – November 1, 2008
Most recent final table: Grand Final – May 8, 2015
Days between final table appearances: 2,379

First final table: Dortmund – January 29, 2008
Most recent final table: PCA – January 7, 2014
Days between final table appearances: 2,170

First final table: Grand Final – April 12, 2008
Most recent final table: PCA – January 7, 2014
Days between final table appearances: 2,096 days

Notable others: Andrea Benelli (1,982 days), Jason Mercier (1,867 days), Kevin MacPhee (1,691 days).

First final table: Deauville – February 19, 2005
Possible most recent final table: Barcelona – August 20, 2015
Days between final table appearances: 3,844

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