EPT12 Barcelona: Harig bubbles making Erlandsson the happiest man in town

August 29, 2015

The drama started before the bubble with the elimination of Jason Mercier. The Team Pro looked set to make the money, even more so when he found aces in a hand against Adrian Mateos, who got his chips in with ace-king.

The Spaniard, who won the EPT Grand Final a little more than three months ago, looked deflated. But then came a flash of hope to his face when the flop delivered a king. Mercier’s aces were still a long way ahead, with the Spaniard counting on one of two outs. One of which landed on the river to audible groans from those watching.

jason_mercier_barcelona_hr2.jpgJason Mercier would prove a shock elimination in 74th place
Mercier stood up, picking up his aces to look at them once more. Then, he simply let them fall from his fingers, like it was a love letter sent to break his heart and end what had looked like a flourishing relationship.

Hand for hand play soon followed, but it proved agonisingly slow. When it did break, more than an hour later, it was not the defeated player Wilfried Harig who got the attention. Instead that went to Daniel Erlandsson, who having been down to 2,000 chips had survived the improbable.

It all came about amid comic scenes in the tournament area. Anticipating Erlandsson’s demise, players gathered around his table, only to hear that on the other side of the room Harig was all-in with a call. They then shuffled across the room to watch like the Anthill Mob to watch Harig, the chip leader at the start of the day, bust out, his top pair flushed away on the turn by Leo Fernandez. There was nothing left for the Anthill Mob to do but dash back and high five Erlandsson.

His delight was, well, obvious.

daniel_erlandsson_barcelona_d2.jpgDaniel Erlandsson finds himself in the money
Even more so now since turning that 2K into 50K before play stopped for a 20 minute break.

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Stephen Bartley is a staff writer for the PokerStars Blog.


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