EPT12 Malta: The return of Mad Marvin

October 25, 2015


Rettenmaier – back in Malta and back on the EPT
Marvin Rettenmaier is back! Not that he ever went away of course but a glance at his results indicates a North American bias to his recent tournament exploits. Indeed this is Rettenmaier’s first EPT since the last time the tour was in Malta and the WSOPE in Berlin earlier this month was his first European tournament series since March.

The reason for that is simple, Rettenmaier has upped sticks from London and joined the ever expanding list of poker pros who call Mexico home. “I moved to Mexico after the summer, after the WSOP,” he told the PokerStars Blog during a break in play. “It’s more like a home base that I travel to in between tournaments. I don’t have a place in Playa del Carmen yet, but I have a lot of friends there. There’s a lot of poker players there.”

Poker was low down on the list of reasons he moved though. “I don’t really play poker when I’m there, I just enjoy myself. If I’m awake and not too hungover on a Sunday I will play. I’m playing a lot more online that I did last year and the year before but it’s still very little. Before I moved to Mexico I spent the last six or seven years living in London in between tournaments. I’m a good weather person and I couldn’t stand it anymore.”

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So whilst a lot of poker players come to tournaments to socialise as well as to play poker, Rettenmaier is attempting to do it the other way round. Party when in Mexico where most move for poker and then play poker when not in Mexico, he even skipped the players’ party last night here in Malta.

That wasn’t always the case though – you don’t get the nickname ‘Mad’ lightly – with Rettenmaier perhaps over doing the social aspect at some events. A recent post on social media though indicated that he’s once again taking poker more seriously. “I could’ve taken poker more seriously in the past,” he says. “I definitely liked going out a lot, I did that a lot during tournaments when I had to play the next day. It just makes it a lot harder to play hungover and you play worse that’s for sure. I still always felt like I had an edge in the tournaments that I played. I wouldn’t have played like a €25,000 and drink the night before, then I’m definitely minus EV.”


Rettenmaier in work mode
This is the second poker leg of a six week trip back to Europe before he heads back to Mexico, via another tournament in Jacksonville, Florida but it might be the last we see of him on the EPT for a while. “To be honest (the trip) was mostly to see my family, I wouldn’t have come over just for the tournaments. I’m trying to reduce my travelling back and forth between time zones so I haven’t decided if I’m playing EPT Prague yet.”

But whilst he is here he’s going to make the most of it and play as much poker as he can. “I definitely looked at the schedule here, it’s great that if you bust a tournament there are plenty more to play and you have another chance. It’s why the EPTs don’t need re-entries in the Main Event. I’m probably going to play the €10,000 one day tournament tomorrow and the €10,000 High Roller. I plan on playing a lot.”

He’s playing with confidence too having final tabled the six-max event at the WSOPE in Berlin at the beginning of October. “It was definitely nice to start the WSOPE with a deep run, especially after saying I was going to take it more seriously again. It was a little bit frustrating because I had one tough decision with seven players left and I still don’t know what my opponent had. I changed my mind during the hand, which I don’t usually do, and I lost a lot of chips that hand and it might have cost me a good chance at winning a bracelet.”

As part of his new ‘taking poker more seriously’ ethos Rettenmaier is putting in more time away from the tables too. “I definitely do more studying these days. But the main thing is that playing tired is just the absolute worst thing for a poker players. I knew that five years ago, I knew it two years ago and I know it now. But I still partied and I still went out because I set my priorities in a way where that was the most important thing. Whereas now I think it should be ok for me to party half the year wherever I am and the other half of the year play poker and take it seriously.”

Amen to that. It’s good to have you back Marvin.

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