EPT12 Prague: Nagygyorgy the star attraction at table of champions

December 11, 2015

So, what first attracted you to a table featuring three EPT Main Event champions? Was it Tibor Nagygyorgy? It wasn’t, but the Hungarian outshone Michael Tureniec, Jake Cody and Dimitar Danchev during the action we saw, if not in pots won, then definitely in pots played. He was the one driving the action and was involved in all the major pots that we witnessed.


Kitty Kuo points to the man playing every hand
We didn’t know it at the time but the first big pot he played, which was against Tureniec, was just the opening salvo. The Hungarian opened to 450 from under-the-gun (blinds were 100/200 at the time), Tureniec three-bet to 1,500 from the cut off and Nagygyorgy came along for the ride. On the 10♣10♦Q♠ flop Tureniec c-bet 1,200 only for Nagygyorgy to check raise that bet to 2,550 total. There was a tank from Tureniec, who then smooth called. Curious.

The 8♥ fell on the turn, there then followed a bet of 3,350 from Nagygyorgy and another call from Tureniec. The J♣ was hardly a brick and this slowed the action down with both players electing to take a free showdown. First to show was Nagygyorgy, he opened K♠Q♣ for two pair, but Tureniec held J♥9♥ for a turned straight.

Score one for EPT champions.

It didn’t get much better for him on the next hand. Andrey Bondar raised from under-the-gun, Elie El Feghali flat called on the button and that brought Nagygyorgy in from the big blind. The 6♦4♥5♥ flop looked like a fun one and it was. Bondar bet 1,500 and Nagygyorgy was the only one who stuck around.

On the J♠ turn Nagygyorgy check-called a bet of 2,000 before leading out on the 8♣ river, Bondar smooth called and was best with 6♥6♣ to Nagygyorgy’s 8♠4♦. This dropped Nagygyorgy to about 21,000 and he took a hand off before getting involved against another EPT Champion, this time Jake Cody.


No Xmas jumper for Cody, but an Xmas hat
The EPT6 Deauville champion opened from early position – the blinds had gone up to 100/200 ante 25 by this point – and Nagygyorgy, who was on the button, gave him a spin. On the 4♦10♦6♥ flop Cody c-bet 900 and Nagygyorgy wasn’t going anywhere. That was all the betting action though as the 2♥ turn and 3♥ river checked through. Cody showed 9♣9♥, which was good. So Nagygyorgy had got off lighter than he did against Tureniec, but was still lighter on chips.

Score two for EPT champions.

At this point Danchev hadn’t moved a chip.

He wasn’t involved in the next hand either. Four players, including Nagygyorgy of course, took a K♦J♥2♦ flop, no takers and it was on to the J♣ turn. No one liked that card either and the 4♥ completed the board. First to act was Tureniec, he bet 1,500 and called when Julian Stuer raised to 3,700. The German had got there on the river with 4♣4♠ and knocked Tureniec down to around 22,000.

Meanwhile a commotion was breaking out at the adjacent table, one which contained Chris Moneymaker no less. The Team PokerStars Po was involved in the pot and this was the situation.

Eliyachu Barak had mistakenly raised Jude Ainsworth’s flop bet of 3,100 to 8,000. The error was made because Barak had put out one T5,000 chip instead of a T100 chip. To be fair they are of a similar colour. The dealer was ready to call the floor but Barak knew what he’d done and said there was no need.

Moneymaker was next to act and he folded and then filled us in on the pre-flop action, telling us that Barak had raised to 500 from under-the-gun, Moneymaker and Asim Mumtaz had called only for Ainsworth to make it 2,500 from the big blind. All three players had then called Ainsworth’s raise.

Action was now on Mumtaz, he knew what had happened and he’d piled all his chips into one pile and seemed to be contemplating a shove. He eventually folded and Ainsworth spent far less time coming to the same conclusion. “I had ace-king,” he said to Barak who was kind enough to show pocket queens as he took the pot. “That might’ve worked out better for you,” said Ainsworth.

Back over the to the table of champions and stop press! Danchev was in a pot. The 2013 PCA champion had raised to 500 and picked up a call from Bondar. A simple c-bet of 700 on the turn of a K♥K♦5♠10♣ board got the job done for Danchev.

That pot lifted Danchev to 22,000, he’s sandwiched between Tureniec (23,000) and Cody (21,500) when it comes to chip power, although all three have dropped from their starting stack of 30,000.


A triumvirate of tournament titans
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