EPT12 Prague: Not since the days of Thew and Vaswani…

December 15, 2015


The Barcelona finalists. Ensan is second left; Popov far right

They are getting pretty close to a final table in Prague, with nine left and one to bust until it is set. Obviously nobody is 100 percent safe–there’s no such thing as a certain lock on a final table appearance–but something very rare could be about to occur.

Slaven Popov and Hossein Ensan have seen each other before. Indeed, in Barcelona at the start of last season, the Bulgarian and the German ended up sitting around the final table of the EPT Main Event, which was eventually won by Andre Lettau.

Ensan was third and Popov eighth, both earning the largest cashes of their careers.


Slaven Popov: A second final?


Hossein Ensan: If you’re coming, I’m coming too

Popov and Ensan are again sitting at the same table here in Prague, among the final nine in another main event. It means they might be about to go back to a second final table together.

According to our research (and by “our” research, I mean that of Jan Kores, media coordinator) the last time the two players reached two final tables together was in season one. Julian Thew and Ram Vaswani both made the final tables in Copenhagen and Dublin. It hasn’t happened since.

Obviously plenty of players have been to two final tables, and Ensan has been to another one since Barcelona (in Malta). We’ve even now had a double winner.

But two players getting to two final tables together? That’s rare. Very rare indeed.

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