EPT13 Barcelona: Marc-Olivier Perrault leads record-breaking €10K High Roller at Day 1 end

August 26, 2016

The Main Event field might have grown smaller on its Day 4, but everything else here at the Casino Barcelona was getting bigger and bigger. The tournament packing out the room today was the last big buy-in event of the festival – the €10K High Roller – and boy did it get bums in seats.

The problem was…there were way more bums than seats. At one point the alternates screen read 250! But in the end we had 470 unique entries, 95 re-entries, and 565 total entries, which smashed last year’s turnout making this the biggest €10K High Roller in EPT history.

A total of 263 people made it through to Day 2 of this one, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be joined by a few more faces. Every player had a re-entry option, and that doesn’t expire until the start of play tomorrow. Right now the man out in front is Marc-Olivier Perrault with 404,000. He busted Georgios Zisimopoulos in one of the last hands of the night when the Greek five-bet jammed with ace-king off into his Kings.

Marc-Olivier Perrault-EPT 13-Barcelona-5679.jpg

Amazing end for Perrault

Others ending the night well were Vicente Delgado (352,000), Nabil Sasso (301,200), Team PokerStars Pro Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos (284,000), Jerry Odeen (259,300), and Max Silver (232,700). You can see full overnight chip counts here.

Daniel Negreanu waited until the end of Level 8 to register for this one, sitting down with 41 big blinds. He’d end the night with 61,700.

Daniel Negreanu-EPT 13-Barcelona-5437.jpg

Late start for Negreanu

Joining Ramos and Negreanu in wearing the red spade into Day 2 were Team Pros Yaxi Zhu (181,400), George Danzer (19,900), Jason Mercier (47,100), and Luca Pagano (108,300). Fellow Team Pro Leo Fernandez was crippled in the last hand of the night, and will be coming back tomorrow with less than ten big blinds.

Felipe Mojave-EPT 13-Barcelona-5519.jpg

Great day for Mojave

Other notable stacks in a room full of them include Fedor Holz (107,900), Davidi Kitai (144,300), Mike McDonald (138,700), and Charlie Carrel (92,500).

Most people who busted their first bullet are still in on their second, however we did have a couple of two-bullet misses. Those who fired €20K at this one and left before chips were bagged include Mustapha Kanit, Pierre Neuville, Ali Reza Fatehi, David Yan, Salman Behbehani, Steffan Sontheimer, and Francesco Delfoco.


Kanit won’t be back

Tomorrow is Saturday. Wake up late, have a lie in, enjoy a nice breakfast, and then join us on the PokerStars Blog at 12:30pm for all your High Roller updates. Whilst you’re clicking refresh on those, you can also check out the business end of the Main Event, which went through Day 4 today.

Until then, sleep tight. –JS

Day 1 live coverage below:

1:05am: Day 1 is done
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

This monster day one has run its course. The tournament boards is telling us that 565 players entered – including 95 re-entries – around 291 of those have advanced to Day 2. A wrap of the day’s play is on the way. –NW

12:45am: Last five hands
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Five more hands until play is done for the day. –NW

12:35am: Grimaldi trending upwards
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Pasquale Grimaldi is up to 240,000 after eliminating Dmitry Yurasov and the Russian wasn’t happy about something about the hand, be it his own play or that he was outflopped. I picked up the action on a 7♣A♣10♥ flop, Yurasov had bet 20,000 from a stack of roughly 60,000 and Grimaldi had set him all-in.

Yurasov spent a long time in the tank checking and rechecking his cards and stack before eventually calling. Grimaldi opened A♦10♣ and Yurasov slammed A♠K♦ on the felt in frustration. The 5♠ turn and 4♥ river completed the board sending Yurasov to the rail. Grimaldi is up to almost 300,000 now. –NW

12:25pm: Nice call by Kid Poker
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

Daniel Negreanu must be in the zone tonight. It might not have been the biggest, but the call he made just now against Hassan Fares was very good indeed.

The Team Pro kicked off the hand on the button with a 3,500 open. Fares defended his big blind and the two saw a Q♣10♥4♥ flop fall, which Negreanu continued on for 5,000 after it checked to him. Fares called.

The turn came the 7♣ and both decided to check. It’s worth noting that throughout the whole hand Negreanu was having a good chat with Tobias Reinkemeier.

A 2♥ river hit the felt and Fares led out for 10,000. “Ten thousand?!” Negreanu said, before thinking for about five seconds. He looked at Fares and shrugged. “Okay,” he said as he called, tossing in two blue 5k chips.

Fares looked deflated. He shook his head, showing he had nothing with the J♠8♥. Negreanu turned over the A♠2♣ for just a rivered pair of deuces and that was good. He’s up to 76,000 now.–JS

12:15am: Latest exits
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

The late night casualties include: Pierre Neuville (second bullet), Igor Yaroshevskyy, Dimitar Danchev, Stephen Chidwick (who’s now back in), Yury Gulyy, Martin Jacobson, Vitaly Lunkin, Ben Heath, Michael Tureniec, Georgios Sotiropoulos, Jorma Nuutinen, Alexandros Kolonias, Aaron Been and Brian Yoon.

Most of those have the second bullet open to them so we may see them tonight or at the start of day two. –NW

12:10am: Keep ’em coming
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

The numbers in this event continue to go even higher and with 45 minutes left in the day there are now 555 players entered into this huge event, including 89 re-entries. There are 313 players remaining currently. –NW

11:55pm: Chip leaders
Level 10 – Blinds: 800/1,600 (200 ante)

As the final level of the night gets underway these are the current chip leaders:

Walid Bou Habib – 276,000
Iliodoros Kamatakis – 270,000
Ari Engel – 256,000
Andrei Chernokoz – 253,000
Davide Marchi – 242,000
Felipe Ramos – 220,000
Martin Kozlov – 214,000
David Vamplew – 207,000
Dario Sammartino – 190,000

10 800 1,600 200

11:46pm: Carrel and Muehloecker collide
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Charlie Carrel opened to 3,000 and was instantly three-bet to 9,000 by the man on his left – Lee Hon Cheong. It folded to Thomas Muehloecker in the big blind and he four-bet it up to 19,600.

Carrel glanced back and forth from Cheong to the Austrian, and decided this was the time to…almost go all-in. He five-bet to 68,000, leaving himself just 6,600 behind. Cheong took his time but eventually decided to leave these two to it. He folded, and action was on Muehloecker.

Carrel started smiling, as if he was more worried about Cheong. “Show the bluff!” he called over to Muehloecker. But he wasn’t folding. Muehloecker’s icey exterior even warmed for a moment as he cracked a smile, stacked up his chips, and slammed them down for an all-in. The cards were flipped.

Ace King vs Ace King.

All that for nothing! No flush draws came the two just chopped it up. –JS

Charlie Carrel-EPT 13-Barcelona-5025.jpg

Charlie Carrel

11:35pm: No rest for Kaverman
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (100 ante)

You’ve just busted the Main Event in 32nd place after four long days of grinding. So what do you do? You hop straight into the 10K of course. That’s the story of Byron Kaverman’s day, who’s now sitting with a fresh 50,000 stack. –JS

11:25pm: Kanit out, for now
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (200 ante)

Mustapha Kanit is one of poker’s great characters so it’s always a shame to see him knocked out of a tournament. He shoved his final 17,100 in with K♣Q♠ and Sergey Sergeev gave him a spin with A♣Q♣. The dominating hand held on J♥5♦6♣J♠8♠ and Kanit wished the table good luck.

With this being a single re-entry event he’s likely to be back in and indeed as he left the table he said to Sergeev. “I make re-entry,” so this tournament will only be Kanit-less for short time one suspects. –NW


He’ll be back

11:18pm: Fernandez folds, head in hands
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (100 ante)

Argentinian Team Pro Leo Fernandez is as laid back as they come off the felt, but if the last hand is anything to go by he’s a bit hard on himself when playing.

He opened to 3,000 and action folded around to Hassan Fares in the small blind. He made the call, as did Senh Ung in the big. It was three to the 10♣3♦5♦ flop and it checked to Fernandez. He put in a 4,000 c-bet, Fares called, and Ung folded.

The 7♣ turn came next, and that – as so many turn cards do – temporarily killed the action. Then the 4♦ river came and Fares now led out for 8,000. It didn’t take too long for Fernandez to give his hand up, but after he did buried his head in his hands like he’d lost a huge one. In reality, he still has 83,000 and a very healthy stack. –JS


Leo Fernandez in happier times

11:10pm: May the fours be with you
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (200 ante)

Down to just 30,300 Igor Yaroshevskyy three-bet all-in from the small blind and Andrey Zaichenko, who’d raised from the button, had a gander at the Ukranian’s stack before deciding to call it off. The Russian didn’t look particularly happy about it though.

Yaroshevskyy: 4♥4♦
Zaichenko: A♣J♠

“Four please,” requested Yaroshevskyy and he got his wish as the 4♠6♣10♠ flop gave him a grip on the hand. The 6♥ turn improved him to a full-house and the meaningless A♦ completed the board. He’s up to around 64,000 and Zaichenko is down to 33,000. –NW

11pm: Breaking records for breaking records
Level 9 – Blinds: 600/1,200 (200 ante)

We hate to sound like a broken record, but we’ve just broken another record. The High Roller is up to 540 entries now (78 of those are re-entries) and that smashes the previous record of 506, which was set last year. There’s still two hours of late-registration this evening and it’s also open until play starts tomorrow.

The result, we’re going to need a bigger boat. –NW

10:32pm: Break time
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Daniel Negreanu barely had time to play a hand before the players were sent on a 20 minute break. –NW

10:31pm: DNegs in the house
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Daniel Negreanu has just taken his seat in the High Roller. He’s sat to the direct right of Tobias Reinkemeier and the two of them struck up conversation straight away. -NW

Daniel Negreanu-EPT 13-Barcelona-5437.jpg

Kid Poker

10:30pm: Delfoco doubles through Muehloecker
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Francesco Delfoco shoved for his last 14,300 over the top of Thomas Muehloecker’s 2,300 open. It wasn’t much more for the Austrian to call so he did with pocket deuces. Delfoco had ace-eight and an ace on the flop won it for him. –JS

10:23pm: Now Yeung gets Nitsche
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Edmund Yeung just loves to three and four bet from the small blind. Well, if the last two hands we’ve caught him in are anything to go by.

This time Dominik Nitsche opened to 2,200 and Yeung three-bet to 5,300. The German called and the two went to a flop. The dealer spread the 5♣9♥8♦ and Yeung continued for 4,000, only for Nitsche to raise to 9,000. Yeung tossed in a 5k chip and it was turn time.

The K♦ is what the dealer laid and that resulted in two checks. A 5♦ river re-ignited the betting fire and Yeung made it 11,400, leaving himself 15,200 behind. Nitsche gave it some thought, but opted to lay it down. Both have roughly 45,000 after that one. –JS

10:11pm: When two all-ins equal no all-ins
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

An interesting hand between Patrick Leonard and Raoul Refos just played out with the river being where the controversy, or at least action, happened.

I picked it up on a 8♣5♣9♠6♠ board with Refos (big blind) betting 16,000 and Leonard (cutoff) calling. The 7♣ river put a straight on board and made a flush possible. It slowed Refos down as he checked to Leonard.

The British player had him covered and thought for about 10 seconds before appearing to move all his chips towards the betting line. No sooner had he done so than Refos instantly – and quite aggressively – picked up his own chips in readiness to call. Leonard saw this and stopped forward motion of his chips, leaned back in his chair and began to smile. It must be said that Leonard had barely moved his chips forward before Refos had given the game away and that he’d not said all-in and that it was pretty clear that Leonard’s actions were not an angle.

A few seconds passed and Leonard then opened his hand to reveal A♠A♣, while Refos showed 9♥8♠ meaning the pot was chopped. Discussion after the hand centered on whether Leonard’s ‘move’ should’ve been declared as an all-in. Leonard himself said: “I think it’s close and I couldn’t have argued if it had been ruled an all-in.”

As it is there was no need for the floor, no dispute of any kind and play continued as normal. –NW

10:02pm: More casualties
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Timothy Adams, Jans Arends, Reiner Kempe, Guillaume Diaz, Simon Deadman, Zvi Stern, Christopher Kruk, Ali Reza Fatehi, Benjamin Nicolas, Vladas Tamasauskas, Anton Bertilsson, Javier Zapatero, Nicolas Chouity, Ivan Gabrieli, Joao Vieira, and Saar Wilf have all busted. However, they have until tomorrow morning to fire another bullet. –JS

10pm: Farrell loses chunks after calling Christner
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Niall Farrell had a tough decision on his hands. He had a button bet of 5,800 in front of him and Germany’s Christian Christner had moved all-in from the small blind for around 43,800. Farrell had already re-entered, was he willing to risk the vast majority of this second stack too?

He was – but it turned out to be the wrong decision. Christner had the A♠K♥ and Farrell turned the A♥Q♠ over at the same time, then slammed them face down after he saw what bad shape he was in. Of course the dealer re-flipped them and went to deal the board. There wasn’t a queen in sight (just a king on the river) and Farrell dropped to just 5,800. Christner, meanwhile, is up around 89,000. –JS

9:52pm: Wong gets Yeung
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

This hand didn’t even make it to a flop, but it’s always nice to a good pre-flop raising war. Dominik Nitsche kicked it off with a 2,200 open, which was then three-bet to 5,000 on the button by Jerry Wong. Edmund Yeung was in the small blind and he then four-bet to 12,200, which got rid of Nitsche, but Wong then re-popped it with a five-bet to 21,000! Yeung had to fold with a sigh. –JS

9:50pm: Lampropulos loses one
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Maria Lampropulos is one of the latest players to take their seat in an event now up to 513 runners (including re-entries) and she just played a decent sized pot against Olov Jansson. Ari Engel lit the kindling with an open to 2,500, Jansson called and Lampropulos then squeezed to 8,600. Jansson was the only caller.

The 3♠A♠3♥ flop checked through and the J♠ fell on the turn, Jansson check-called a bet of 9,500 and the 4♦ completed the board. Both players checked and Jansson’s A♦10♣ was good. He climbs to 180,000 while Lampropulos slips to 40,600. –NW

9:45pm: King Steven
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

Steven van Zadelhoff and Francisco Benitez created a huge 120,000 pot pre-flop and it ended with the Dutchman being all-in for his final 60,000. He opened K♦K♥ but Benitez had A♥A♠ for the only hand that could top him.


Steven van Zadelhoff: Big pot

The Q♥K♠Q♠ flop vaulted Van Zadelhoff into the lead and he stayed there on the turn and river. The stacks were very close and Benitez was left with just four ante chips and was eliminated soon after. –NW

9:40pm: Biiiiig numbers
Level 8 – Blinds: 500/1,000 (100 ante)

The latest news from the tournament floor is that there are 375 players left in this one, from 513 entries. That’s a 25 percent increase on last year already, and registration is still open. — HS


A lot of people, today

8 500 1,000 100

9:40pm: Bust-outs
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

The latest to have been felted include:

George Wolff (twice), David Yan (twice), Oleksii Khoroshenin, Daniel Dvoress, Matthew Stout, Antoine Saout, Julien Stuer, Andrei Konopelko, Tom Hall, Jason Wheeler, Jonathan Karamalakis, Niall Farrell, Frank Williams, and Kully Sidhu.

Every player has one re-entry option though, so don’t be surprised if you read about any of this in future posts. –JS

9:35pm: Another dent for Holz
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Another minor hiccup for Fedor Holz as he just lost a pot against Bernd Vogelhuber. The latter opened to 2,000 from middle position and Holz, who was in position, called. The two players checked it all the way down on a 6♥4♥10♦3♣8♥ board and Vogelhuber’s pocket twos were good. Despite that loss Holz still has plenty to work with. He has 40,000 left. –NW

9:30pm: Ung gets Diaz
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Not too much to report here other than Guillaume Diaz has fallen at the hands of Senh Ung. The two got it in pre-flop – Ung’s ace-king against Diaz’s pocket nines – and a king on the flop was all it took. –JS

9:20pm: Holz gets angry
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Fedor Holz is as cool as ice when playing poker…about 95 percent of the time We saw him have a little blow-up back at the EPT12 Grand Final in Monte Carlo, and he just had a (very minor) tantrum here in Barcelona.

He was in a hand with Nicholas Chouity and the two had checked the 7♠Q♦10♠ flop. Chouity put in a 5,500 bet on the 10♣ turn and Holz called, followed by the 2♦ river which both checked again. Chouity showed pocket sixes and Holz couldn’t believe it. I’d say he was angry at himself more than anyone else, in a “I could have won if I’d have bet” kind of way. He tossed his cards into the muck with slight venom and shook his head.

Fedor Holz-EPT 13-Barcelona-5355.jpg

Fedor worked up…

“Are you going to report this hand?” Chouity asked me. “Maybe,” I replied. Holz had gotten over it by that point and was back to being all smiles. –JS

Fedor Holz-EPT 13-Barcelona-5360.jpg

…Fedor chilled out

9:15pm: Tough luck for Kruk
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Early chip leader Christopher Kruk has been eliminated. I didn’t catch the hand, but it was Adrian Mateos who played executioner. –JS

9pm: Looking for Akkari, found Odeen
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

I strolled past Andre Akkari’s table and thought I’d try and catch the Brazilian in a hand. I did – albeit very briefly – but the hand after his departure was interesting enough to keep me around.


There he is, there’s Andre Akkari

Benjamin Lebor made it 2,000 to play and Akkari chucked in a call. Jerry Odeen then squeezed it up to 5,600 and only Lebor would call. Bye Andre, always a pleasure.

The two went to a K♥6♣6♦ flop and Lebor checked to the raiser, allowing Odeen to continue for 4,800. This didn’t leave him much behind – just 18,300. Lebor called.

A 9♦ turn hit the felt and both checked it, bringing the Q♠ on the river. Lebor then stared at the short stack, got a count, and put Odeen all-in. The Swede had a good think for a couple of minutes before calling, which really took the wind out of Lebor. He sheepishly turned over the A♣J♣ for Ace-high, and Odeen doubled up to 55,000 with his K♦J♥. Lebor was left with 22,000. –JS

8:55pm: Behbehani busts
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Salman Behbehani got his final 35,000 in pre-flop with A♦Q♣ and he could tell by the speed of Justas Semaska’s call that he probably wasn’t in good shape. The Lithuanian player turned over A♣K♥ and was never in any danger as the board ran K♣A♥9♦6♣7♦ to eliminate Behbehani. –NW

8:55pm: Dimov felted by Miller
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

In maybe only the second or third hand back from the break, but Bulgaria’s Ognyan Dimov has busted. There had clearly been a bit of back-and-forthing by the time I arrived, as Thomas Miller had made it 12,500 and Dimov moved all-in over the top. He had the A♣K♣ and would need to hit against Miller’s Q♣Q♠, but the board ran out 7♠J♥10♠7♣4♦ and he was out the door. –JS

8:50pm: Keeping up with the Joneses
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

Rhys Jones was all smiles when I stopped by his table. No surprise given his stack of 210,000 makes him one of the chip leaders. –NW

8:34pm: Kanit chit-chat
Level 7 – Blinds: 400/800 (100 ante)

They’re back from dinner and Romania’s Sebastian Veghinas has found a friend and neighbour who likes to talk as much as him: Mustapha Kanit, who was recently moved to his table. When we hear an interesting conversation break out, we’ll bring it to you in all its glory. –JS

Mustapha Kanit-EPT 13-Barcelona-5348.jpg

Mustapha Kanit

7 400 800 100

7:05pm: Dinner break
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (100 ante)

They’re taking a 75-minute dinner break.

7:05pm: More selected chip counts!
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (100 ante)

And here’s some from the other half of the room…

David Vamplew – 173,000
Mihails Morozovs – 152,000
Christian Favale – 135,000
Martin Kozlov – 134,500
Bernd Vogelhuber – 134,000
Thomas Muehloecker – 124,000
Nicolas Chouity – 115,000
Christopher Frank – 110,000
Felipe Ramos – 92,000
Martin Jacobson – 90,000
Benny Spindler – 70,000
Mohsin Charania – 69,500
Dimitar Danchev – 66,000
Rocco Palumbo – 64,700
Juha Helppi – 64,000
Georgios Zisimopoulos – 61,000
Patrick Leonard – 56,000
Antoine Saout – 53,600
Stephen Chidwick – 53,000
Vladimir Troyanovskiy – 52,000
David Yan – 52,000
Fedor Holz – 51,400
Niall Farrell – 50,000
Gaelle Baumann – 43,000
Connor Drinan – 42,200
Steven van Zadelhoff – 40,300
Luca Pagano – 38,500
Martin Finger – 38,500
David Peters – 38,000
Mikita Badziakouski – 38,000
Jack Salter – 37,000
Jason Wheeler – 32,000
Alexandros Kolonias – 31,400
George Danzer – 24,500
Scott Margereson – 22,000
Nicolas Astedt – 9,400
Parker Talbot – 7,600

7:02pm: Selected chip counts
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (100 ante)

Andrey Kotelnikov – 216,000
Rhys Jones – 132,000
Davidi Kitai – 112,000
Ivan Luca – 95,000
Philipp Gruissem – 87,000
Kitty Kuo – 80,000
Eugene Katchalov – 78,000
Adrian Mateos – 73,000
Leo Fernandez – 60,000
Nick Petrangelo – 57,500
Paul Newey – 55,000
Andre Akkari – 55,000
Max Silver – 51,000
Chance Kornuth – 50,000
Dario Sammartino – 46,000
Jason Mercier – 45,000
Mike McDonald – 41,500
Chris Moorman – 38,800
Dominik Nitsche – 35,000
Daniel Dvoress – 23,500
Reiner Kempe – 13,500

6:55pm: A classic race
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (100 ante)

Julien Rouxel and Patrick Leonard just engaged in the most classic of races, the old ace-king vs queens match up.

Rouxel three-bet on the button to 4,000 and Leonard cold four-bet out of the big blind to 13,000 total. Rouxel then moved in for 38,125 and Leonard quickly called. It was Rouxel who had the pair in this fight and he held up on a 8♦9♥4♠9♠4♥ board. He’s up to around 80,000 while Leonard slips to 56,000. –NW

6:47pm: Carrel barrels
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (75 ante)

Charlie Carrel opened to 1,500, and next up to act was Sebastian Veghinas. These two had a little tiff earlier, so when Veghinas called I made sure to stick around. Sergey Sergeev called too and the three saw a 4♣8♥Q♠ flop. Sergeev checked, Carrel continued for 2,300, and Veghinas folded. Sergeev wouldn’t budge though.

The turn came the A♦ and Sergeev check-called another 6,000 bet from Carrel. Finally the K♥ completed the board and Carrel bet 7,000 after it checked to him a final time. Sergeev snap called and Carrel snap mucked, meaning Sergeev didn’t have to show his hand. He still showed the A♣ though, and raked in the pot which brought his stack to 70,000. Carrel dropped to 18,575. –JS

6:45pm: Chouity cracks aces
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (100 ante)

There was already 55,000 in the pot by the time Nicolas Chouity and Carlos Mejia reached the river of a 5♣8♠A♥2♥9♥ board. Mejia set Chouity in for his final 30,000 and the EPT6 Grand Final winner couldn’t get his chips in fast enough. He showed 5♥3♥ for a rivered flush that had cracked Meija’s flopped set of aces. Ouch! — NW

6:30pm: Kanit doubles
Level 6 – Blinds: 300/600 (75 ante)

After a rough start, things might be looking up for Mustapha Kanit. He just doubled after his pocket eights beat ace-ten on an 8♣A♦K♦2♠6♦ runout, bringing his stack to 17,500. –JS

6 300 600 75

6:25pm: Second Chance saloon
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

Plenty of bust outs to tell you about, including Chance Kornuth. But this is a single re-entry event and he’s already hopped back in, as has Pierre Neuville. Other players who’ve lost their first set of chips include: Jaroslaw Sikora, Yingui Li, Mark Radoja, Dario Sammartino, Yang Wang, Ryan McEathron and Shaun Deeb. –NW

5:35pm: You can lead McAllister to rivers, but you can’t make him lose
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

You might know Phillip McAllister as the man who hit the royal flush deep in the PCA Main Event back in January of this year. In that hand he hit the royal on the river, and ended up winning a big pot that helped him ultimately finish in third place for $356k.

So really, Sebastian Von Toperczer should have known better than to let McAllister get all the way to the river. He didn’t have anything until then, but hit his hand on fifth street.

The Brit had opened to 1,300 and was three-bet by Von Toperczer to 3,900. McAllister came along and the dealer spread an 8♠10♣7♥ flop. It went check-check to the 5♥ turn, and now McAllister led out for 7,200. That bet was called.

A J♠ river finished off the board and after some thinking McAllister just checked. Von Toperczer checked it back and mucked with a nod when he saw his opponent’s J♦K♦ for a rivered top pair. Von Toperczer drops to 28,000, while McAllister is up to 80,000. –JS

6:20pm: Who blinks first?
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

I’ve seen a lot of five-betting and even six-betting pre-flop in the early stages of this tournament and Joao Vieira vs Dorian Rios Pavon was the latest chapter to be added to that particular book.

I picked up the action to see 3,500 in front of Pavon (a likely three-bet) and a raise to 9,250 in front of Vieria, who was in the small blind. “How much you got left?” asked Pavon to the Portuguese player. “I started with 49,000,” replied Vieria.

A few moments later there was a wager of 20,000 in front of Pavon and it was decision time for Vieria. This wasn’t a bet he could call, so all-in or fold seemed the available options. He stalled for a couple of minutes then opted for the fold. –NW

6:12pm: Bad start for Kanit, loses half his stack
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

Mustapha Kanit’s first level in this tournament hasn’t provided the red hot start he’d have liked. The reigning champ dropped just over half his stack, most of which went in on this hand.

Kanit opened to 1,200 and was immediately three-bet to 3,400 by Andreas Samuelsson. Damien Salas made the call, as did the Italian. They all checked the 8♦8♥Q♣ flop, bringing the J♠ on the turn. Salas then led out for 3,500 which Kanit called, and after Samuelsson folded the 2♥ completed the board. Kanit checked a final time and saw Salas make a big bet of 15,000. After a couple of minutes thinking time Kanit called, but mucked when he saw the K♠Q♠.

Last year’s winner of this event is now down to 24,700. –JS

6:10pm: Kings good for Kabrhel
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

Martin Kabrhel is up to 68,000 after doubling through Ramin Hajiyev. The Azerbaijani’s cards were already in the muck but Kabrhel’s hand – K♠K♦ – was still visible and had held up on a J♥J♣A♦4♠5♣ board. Whatever Hajiyev had it couldn’t crack kings and he’s left with just 8,500 as a result. –NW

5:55pm: Happy home (game)
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

“This is ridiculous, it’s like a home game plus friends,” said Niall Farrell as Daniel Strelitz took up residency in the open seat at table 10. As well as Farrell, Noah Vaillancourt and Brian Yoon are also at that table. It seems the four are/were housemates at one point, they’re getting to play against each other again today and Farrell, for one, appears to be enjoying the competition. –NW

5:50pm: Did Luca have it? We’ll never know
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

Well this escalated quickly!

Justas Vaiciulionis got the chip party started, opening to 1,400 from under-the-gun. Ivan Luca was next to act, and the Argentinian smooth called the raise. It folded to Jiachen Gong, who was in the small blind, and he three-bet to 6,200 total. That bet was called by Mounir Filfili (big blind) and Vaiciulionis and action was now back on Luca.

He sat there riffling chips and debating his options, before electing to move all-in. He placed his big chips over the line and cut them down so that the amount was easier to see. It was around 55,000 in total to play now and that quickly got rid of Gong. But Filfili was not so quick to act, he took a couple of minutes to fold and as soon as he’d surrended his cards then Vaiciulionis did likewise.

Pot to Luca who’s now up to around 64,000. –NW

5:35pm: Lebor-ious for Heath
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

The flop showed the 7♠3♥8♠ and Ben Heath checked to his sole opponent, Benjamin Lebor. Lebor put a bet of 3,500 out there, leaving himself 22,850 behind, but he’d soon be playing for it all as Heath jammed and Lebor shoved.

Heath: 10♣8♣
Lebor: J♠9♠

Heath was ahead with top pair but Lebor had a big draw; any spade, nine, ten, or jack would give him the double up. The turn was indeed the 9♦, followed by the A♥ river. Heath counted out calling chips and handed them to Lebor, leaving himself with around 60,000. –JS

5:30pm: Kornuth’s out, but is there still a Chance?
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

We saw Chance Kornuth get up out his seat and make his way to the exit, all the while smiling and carrying a smiley faced cushion. Not many folks would be smiling after losing 10K, but hey – he still has the chance to re-enter, so that’s something, right? –JS

5:22pm: More for Mojave
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

Team Pro Felipe ‘Mojave’ Ramos has just taken down a nice pot. It started with his open to 1,200 and a three-bet to 4,100 by Robin Hegele, which both Ramos and Kyle Keranen called. The flop fell the A♥9♦8♦ and it checked to Hegele who continued his aggression for 6,800. Keranen called, but when it came to Ramos he had other ideas. He took his time but eventually counted out a raise to 17,800, and only Hegele called.

Ramos then shoved for 28,825 on the 4♠ river, and that got Hegele to fold. The Brazilian is up to around 84,000 now. –JS

5:30pm: Kully and Kanit
Level 5 – Blinds: 250/500 (75 ante)

The latest list of eliminations includes: Akin Tuna, Andrey Shatilov, Imad Derwiche, Patrick Serda, Gianluca Bernardini, Michael Rocco, Connor Drinan, Kevin MacPhee, Lee Wai Kiat, Diogo Cardoso, Pascal Hartmann, Craig Varnell, Andrei Boghean, Federico Macori, Ye Zhang and Glib Kovtunov.

We are now up to 407 entries to this tournament. The full list of buy-ins are over on the entry-list page.

5 250 500 75

4:52pm: Kully and Kanit
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

Kully Sidhu and Mustapha Kanit have just taken their seats five minutes before the end of Level 4 and a break. –JS

4:47pm: Warburton’s toast
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

We’ve just lost Steve Warburton, who has fallen at the hands of Thomas Miller. The board showed the 9♣J♦8♣2♠3♠ and Warburton was all-in for his last 12,700 with around 18,000 in the pot. I never quite caught his hand as Warburton made a quick exit when Miller showed the 9♥9♠ for a flopped set. –JS

4:40pm: Aido out in six-bet pot
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

Sergio Aido’s has had some good days on the EPT but this, so far, is not one of them. He was just eliminated from this event by Eddy Maksoud but he didn’t seem overly fazed by it.

Maksoud was the pre-flop aggressor, opening to 950 from middle position, Aido was next to act and he three-bet to 2,600. Christian Favale was in the small blind and he decided to up the price of poker further, cold four-betting to 5,200.

Back on Maksoud he thought for a while before five betting to 13,100. At this point Aido, who had been looking at his phone, sprang into life. He took out his headphones and looked right at Maksoud’s stack. After a brief dwell he then moved all-in for 13,750. Favale had seen enough to know he was beat, he folded his hand and Maksoud put in the extra.

Aido: Q♥Q♦
Maksoud: A♥A♠

Aido went back to looking at his phone only glancing up at the end of a 10♣6♦8♣3♠2♣ board to see that he’d been eliminated. Maksoud is now up to 75,000. –NW

4:30pm: The 100K+ club
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

There are only a handful of stacks in the room right now above 100,000, but now you can add Raoul Rafar to that list. He’s won a string of pots recently, including this one in which built his stack to more than double what he started with.

Niall Farrell opened to 1,000 and was called by Mikhail Rudoy, before Rafar three-bet to 4,000 on the button. Farrell gave it up, but Rodov called to see the 5♠3♦J♦ flop. The Russian then check-called a 4,700 c-bet.

The 8♦ landed on the turn and again Rodov checked. Rafar fired again, this time for 6,200, and that bet was called. A river card of the 10♥ slowed the action as both checked. Rodov showed the 9♥9♦, but Rafar was playing it safe with the Q♣Q♦ and his bigger pair took it down. He’s playing 115,000 now, while Rodov sits with 37,000. –JS

4:25pm: Geilich gets busy
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

Ludovic Geilich made it 1,050 to play and picked up two callers in JC Alvarado and Hady El Asmar. The three saw a 9♥4♥2♠ flop and Geilich continued for 1,600, which only Asmar would call. The 2♥ hit the turn, and now the Scot checked allowing Asmar to take the betting lead for 3,000. That was called.

The river came the A♠ and Geilich checked once more. Asmar then made it 8,500, only for Geilich to shove for around 30,000. That was enough to get a fold and take down the pot. –JS

4:15pm: Lithuania leads the way
Level 4 – Blinds: 200/400 (50 ante)

Justas Vaiciulionis looks to be the current chip leader. He’s more than trebled his stack over the opening three levels to 168,000. He just padded it further when he won a pot against Jiachen Gong. Gong was the original raiser. He made it 1,000 to go and he called when Vaiciulionis three-bet on the button to 2,900.

On the 6♥7♦4♠ flop Vaiciulionis bet 2,700 and Gong stuck around. There was no further action on the K♠ turn or 5♠ river though. Gong showed pocket nines, but he’d been rivered by the 5♣4♣ of Vaiciulionis. –NW

4 200 400 50

4:05pm: How high can you go?
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

How many bets can you get in pre-flop? Five was the answer in this hand. There was an open to 800 from under-the-gun, Kiryl Radzivonau called from the seat to his left only for Matthew Haugen to three-bet from the button. I couldn’t hear the exact amount, and he only put a single 5,000 chip in the pot, but it was a three-bet and at most it was to 3,250 because Pasquale Grimaldi then four-bet to 6,500 from the small blind.

It folded back to Haughen and he wasn’t done yet, he upped it to 15,000 total and Grimaldi called. On the 9♠2♣7♠ flop Haugen moved all-in for 16,500 and Grimaldi tank-folded to leave himself with 34,500. –NW

4pm: Busto
Level 3 – Blinds 150/300 (50 ante)

The following players have lost their first buy-in in this event:

Max Silver, Sergio Aido, Denys Shafikov, Senol Karahasan, Igor Pihela, Michael Eiler, Shaun Deeb, Antonio Estorino Da Silva, Atanas Kavrakov, Nikolay Komcharokov, Doron Davidovitz, Akin Tuna, Benjamin Lebor, Massimo Mosele, Enrico Coppola, Andrey Andreev, Timothy Adams, George Wolff.

Some of them will likely re-load, although we’re not certain at present who they are. They can re-enter any time up until the start of play tomorrow. Meanwhile Dietrich Fast is definitely out for good. He has lost two 50,000-chip stacks. — HS

3:45pm: Floor and security for Veghinas, argues with Carrel
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

Sebastian Veghinas is causing a bit of a stir over in his corner of this High Roller tournament. Veghinas is talking so loudly – when in hands and when not – that at first a Casino Barcelona security guard asked him to keep it down, and finally the floor was called to give him a talking to. That’s when Veghinas started his rant, which went something like this:

“When I start playing poker…ten years ago…we could discuss. Today I come here…I register for this tournament for fun…I didn’t know this is like…this is like a jail. Only thing you can do…is have a moustache [no – we don’t know either]. I paid ten thousand Euro to play!”

He was then reminded that everyone else had paid that too. Oh, and I should also mention that he was in a hand while all this was happening.

On a 9♠K♣9♣ flop, Stefan Schillhabel checked, as did Chris Lee, and Veghinas made it 1,400. Everyone called (including Sergey Sergeev) and the turn came the 2♥. It checked to Veghinas again and he made it 7,000, which only Lee called. Finally the river came and it was the Q♥. Both checked, Lee showed the A♦9♦ for flopped trips, and Veghinas let it go to continue his conversation with the floor.

Charlie Carrel was on his table and didn’t like some of the things Veghinas had been saying. “I’m sorry but you’re lacking self-awareness right now,” Carrel told him. “It’s not that you’re talking, it’s what you’re saying. You’re giving away information, you gave away information on my hand!”

“I’m sorry, I know you’re a very important person here,” Veghinas said, with a hint of sarcasm.

“I don’t think I’m more important than anyone else in this room,” Carrel replied.

Stay tuned for more from these two, as this doesn’t seem like it’s going to end any time soon. –JS

3:40pm: Kitai chips back up
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

Martin Staszko opened to 1,000 – or at least part of it as there was just a single orange chip in front of his cards. That open was called by Mark Radoja but Davidi Kitai then three-bet to 2,800 from the big blind. Both opponents called the bet.

A dry looking 6♠J♣J♥ flop hit the felt and no one liked it, so they all got a free look at the Q♦ turn. Kitai fired out 2,200 and only Radoja called. The 8♥ completed the board, Kitai checked, Radoja bet 7,200 and Kitai quickly called.

Radoja had K♠10♠ for a busted draw, while Kitai had A♥Q♣ for two-pair. He’s back up to 45,200 now, Radoja is down to 35,400 and Staszko has 45,025. –NW

3:30pm: Who’s playing?
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

There’s pretty much no way we can keep 350 players’ chip counts, but the chip-count page now at least shows the list of players who have entered, so you have an idea who is playing. The chip-count page will revert to its proper function tomorrow. — HS

3:25pm: What a wife!
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

Sebastian Veghinas can multi-task, that’s for sure. He was playing hands, getting a massage and also holding a conversation with the player to his left. Talk then turned to the Romanian’s card protector which is lovely metallic shark. Other players wanted to know where it had come from. “My wife made it for me as a birthday present,” he said proudly. — NW

3:20pm: Petrangelo and Buddiga looking for more big buy-in success
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

It’s always a good feeling when you have a big win at the beginning of a trip. At least that’s what I’ve been told by players who’ve achieved such things. Two players, then, who should be floating on air in this event (they may well float with air too of course) are Nick Petrangelo and Pratyush Buddiga.

The former took down a €10,000 event at the very start of the festival, banking €413,000 and Buddiga won the one-day €25K High Roller for a chunky €690,275. Both are playing today and Buddiga was involved in a recent pot.

He was heads-up in position against Kilian Kramer on the turn of a J♣7♦Q♦2♠ board. Kramer (middle position) bet 3,700 into a pot of 6,800 and Buddiga (button) called. The 4♣ river was checked through and Buddiga’s A♠K♦ was good against Kramer’s 9♥8♥. After that hand Buddiga is up to 56,000.

As for Petrangelo, in poker terms he’s not got the best seat in the house as Mike McDonald is to his direct left. However the two are friends and are the conversation is flowing when they aren’t involved in hands. Petrangelo has dipped a little below starting stack as he’s down to 44,000.

As for the third big winner of the festival so far – Fedor Holz – he’s yet to show up but with late registration open until the start of Day 2 there’s plenty of time for that to change. –NW

3:15pm: High and mighty Muehloecker
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

What’s it like up there on your pedestal, eh Thomas Muehloecker? I should clarify that the Austrian hasn’t been arrogant, condescending or snobbish; he’s just literally sitting on something–one of those posture-defining wedges–that is making him tower way above his tablemates.

Perhaps his high and mighty posture is playing the intimidation card on his opponents. Dinesh Alt made it 700 from early position, Kilian Kramer called on the button, and Muehloecker popped it up to 3,100 from the small blind.

That got everyone to fold, and Muehloecker stretched to rake in the chips. –JS

3:10pm: The Gong show
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

Jiachen Gong and Aaron Been had built a hefty pot of around 17,000 by the river of the 5♥3♣4♦3♦7♥ board. As I arrived, Gong had only 12,600 of his 50,000 starting stack behind and moved it all-in, so the action was on Been. After a couple of minutes he made the call and showed the 9♠9♦ for an over-pair, but the Gong had truly been hit: he’d flopped the wheel with his A♣2♣ and got the double up. –JS

3:05pm: Pretty in pink
Level 3 – Blinds: 150/300 (50 ante)

A short time ago Eugene Katchalov busted out of the Main Event and has immediately reinvested two thirds of his €15,410 prize money by entering the High Roller. He’s decked out in pink shorts and a blue polo shirt.


Eugene Katchalov: Pink shorts obscured

Pink shorts are becoming a bit of a trend here in Barcelona. We’ve spotted a number of players wearing shorts of various shades of pink, including Steve Warburton, who was runner-up in last year’s Main Event here. –NW

2:55pm: Back in the game
Level 2 – Blinds 150-300 (50 ante)

We’re just into Level 3 and six players have already used their re-entry option. Shaun Deeb, Nikolay Komcharokov, Andrey Andreev, Akin Tuna, Dietrich Fast and Timothy Adams are in for two bullets already. — HS


Shaun Deeb: In for €10K? Make that two

3 150 300 50

2:41pm: Break time
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

That’s the first 20-minute break of the day.

2:40pm: How the High Rollers play
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

I haven’t seen Frederic Delval in a High Roller event before, but he is chancing his arm in the €10,000 here in Barcelona. He just got a quick lesson in how these tournaments are played when he clashed with Mikhail Rudoy.

Delval opened to 500 from under the gun and Rudoy, one seat to his left, three-bet to 1,800. Everyone else quickly got out of the way, but Delval called.

The flop came 10♦2♦Q♠ and Delval checked. Rudoy bet 1,500 but Delval now fancied a check-raise. He made it 5,700. Rudoy called.

The 4♠ came on the turn and Delval checked again. Rudoy bet again, this time 6,800. Having not managed to get the check-raise to work last time, Delvel folded and Rudoy scooped up the chips. — HS

2:30pm: Silver missed draw, picked off by Cheong
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Joseph Cheong opened to 600 from early position and picked up two callers: Max Silver, in the small blind, and Raffaele Carnevale, in the big.

No one seemed bothered by the flop of 6♣10♦5♥ and they all checked. Then the 2♦ came on the turn and, after action checked to Cheong, he bet 1,200. Silver raised to 5,000, and Carnevale folded.

Cheong said, “What you got?”

“Twenty-eight,” Silver said.

Cheong called and they saw the J♠ on the river. Silver led for 11,000 and Cheong called immediately. Silver turned over his missed draw. He had 7♦8♦ and had plenty of potential on the turn. Cheong’s pocket queens took it. — HS

2:10pm: Broken record
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

There are now 320 players registered and it’s pretty much certain we’ll push past last year’s 401 entries. Yawn. Broken records are so passe.

We’ll get a list up of players soon but, basically, if you’re sitting there asking, “Is [INSERT PLAYER’S NAME HERE] playing, the answer is almost certainly, “Yes, yes he/she is.” — HS

2pm: George Danzer, linguist, mind-reader
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Having spent a long time living in Brazil when he was a child, George Danzer is able to speak more than just his native German and English, the language of poker. “He was allowing you to take the blinds for him in Portuguese,” Danzer told a bewildered dealer after Antonio Estorino Da Silva wandered away from the table while simultaneously babbling and gesticulating at the stack he was leaving behind. “We probably should have told him we would be taking them anyway, just to tilt him,” Danzer added.


George Danzer

Da Silva had just lost a pot to Danzer, where the Team PokerStars Pro also attempted some mind reading on Michal Rudnik. Rudnik, Danzer and Da Silva were looking at a board of 5♥J♥A♣2♣J♦ and Rudnik bet 6,500. Both Da Silva and Danzer called, with Danzer saying, “I hope you have pocket eights,” to the bettor. Rudnik didn’t let on if that was the case (it seemed likely not to be) as he just mucked when faced with two calls.

Da Silva showed his 5♣6♥ but Danzer had 9♥9♣ and that scooped it for him. — HS

1:55pm: More Red Spades
Level 2 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

The ranks of Team PokerStars Pro has swelled in this €10,000 High Roller event. Joining the early arriving Luca Pagano and George Danzer are Yaxi Zhu and Andre Akkari, and Chen-An Lin also just arrived too. I’m not sure if he’s buying into the event, but it’s a long walk from his hotel just to watch.

No sign yet of Daniel Negreanu, who hasn’t enjoyed the best of times in Barcelona so far on this trip. But he’s got over the lurgy that undermined his €50,000 Super High Roller campaign, so may yet appear for a stab at this juicy tournament. — HS

1:40pm: Level up, but not the blinds
Level 2 – Blinds 100/200 (25 ante)

We’re into Level 2 now, although the blinds are exactly the same as they were in Level 1. Let’s call it Level 1.1. “It’s not a sequel, it’s a reimagining,” as my colleague Martin Harris puts it. — HS

2 100 200 25

1:35pm: Interesting(!) early level hand update
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Kiryl Radzivonau has joined Luca Pagano’s table and, with Adrian Mateos and Dietrich Fast also there, it’s turning into a predictably difficult place to be. Radzivonau raised to 600 from under the gun and Ilkin Amirov called on the button.

Fast, in the small blind, squeezed to what looked like 1,800 (it may have been more) but, after Pagano folded his big blind, the other two called.

They went three way to a flop of 5♣6♣K♠ and Fast led for 3,500. Radzivonau called and there was also no shifting Amirov.

The A♦ came on the turn and both Fast and Radzivonau now checked. That allowed Amirov to take over and he bet 11,200, which is a serious bet for Level 1. Fast was anything but fast about his call, but eventually he did pay the price. Radzivonau slipped away.

The 2♠ then came on the river and Fast was again slow and deliberate about his check. Amirov was a little quicker but checked too, and Fast turned over A♣2♣ for a rivered two pair. Amirov had it beat. He had turned his two pair with his A♠5♠ and seemed frustrated even as the pot was pushed his way, perhaps ruing a missed value bet. — HS

1:25pm: Boring early level hand update III
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Govert Metaal opened his button, making it 500 to go. Alexandru Papazian defended his big blind with a call and they were heads up to a flop of 9♠K♥7♦. Papazian, who made the final of the festival’s first €10K event, on the back of a High Roller triumph at the Grand Final last season, checked. Metaal bet 500. Papazian called.

The A♦ came on the turn and Papazian check-called Metaal’s bet of 1,150. Then the 10♥ came on the river and Papazian checked. Metaal was clearly very tempted to make another bet, but eventually thought better of it and checked.

Papazian showed his K♥6♥ and Metaal revealed a winning A♥J♥. I think he might have missed a value bet there.

If you ever sit there thinking there aren’t enough updates from the early levels of major tournaments, have a read back through these three hand updates and learn the reason why. — HS

1:15pm: Boring early level hand update II
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Shaun Deeb opened to 600 from UTG+1 and Peter Dragar called in the big blind. The flop seemed to be ideal for a raising hand. It came Q♠10♣K♥. Check, check. The 3♥ fell on the turn. Check, check. The 7♠ came on the river. Check, check. Ever get the feeling your life is pointless?

Dragar tabled 9♠9♦ and Deeb mucked. — HS

1:10pm: Boring early level hand update I
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Martin Staszko opened to 500 and Jerry Wong called in the big blind. This was only a four-handed table, so the ranges were wide. (Although, to be honest, they’re already wide enough when Staszko is concerned.)

The 7♣4♠9♥ fell on the flop and Wong check-called Staszko’s bet of 600. They both then checked the 9♦ turn. Then Wong check-folded to Staszko’s bet of 1,300 on the 8♦ river. This is how it goes in the early levels folks. — HS

1:05pm: Packing them in
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

The field has now swelled beyond 230 and, at this rate, they’re going to need a bigger tournament room. It’s remarkable how fast this €10K in particular keeps growing. There were 401 entries last time around (everyone is allowed one re-entry if necessary) and I think we might get there again.

A few other players now seated: Faraz Jaka, Manig Loeser, Shaun Deeb, Phil McAllister, Christoph Vogelsang, Anton Astapau, Alexandar Ivarson, Darrel Goh. George Danzer is also in the field and fans of the Mohawk rejoice: it’s back. (Danzer went a bit limp during his Main Event appearance, but he is proudly spiked again today.)

12:50pm: All-in in first level
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

There’s a small part of this mystery missing at the very beginning, as though a confused saboteur snuck into a library and tore out the first page of an Agatha Christie novel rather than the last. It’s as though we know who murdered the colonel in the drawing room, but don’t know who the colonel is.

I got to the table and saw Rhys Jones, on the button, with 1,800 on the table in front of him and Iliodoros Kamatakis with 5,300 across the line in front of him. The thing is, it’s hard to say what position Kamatakis was sitting in because the table had filled with new players who may or may not have been there when this hand started. Kamatakis could have been in the big blind, or in the cutoff.

That means I’m not sure how many bets there had been to get to this stage. Perhaps Kamatakis put in a standard open, Jones three-bet his button and the 5,300 was now a four bet from Kamatakis.

Anyhow, it didn’t end there. Jones called and they went to the flop: 3♠8♠6♣. Kamatakis fired 6,200 at it and Jones called, which took them to the 2♥ on the turn. Kamatakis now checked, allowing Jones to take over the betting. He moved forward 12,600.

Kamatakis then began counting out a check-raise, eventually deciding that it wasn’t worth splitting his stack of 37,000. He moved all-in and the red triangle got its first run out for this tournament.

Jones looked confused, perplexed, peeved and disappointed as he eventually folded. — HS

12:35pm: Away they go
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

Chris Moorman, Niall Farrell, Cate Hall, Steven van Zadelhoff, Gaelle Baumann, Simon Deadman and Paul Newey are among those seated early. It’s far from fully populated at the moment, but they are dealing to sufficient seats to play and cards are in the air. — HS


Cate Hall: Early starter

12pm: Popular? You betcha
Level 1 – Blinds 100-200 (25 ante)

What has always been a popular tournament seems certain to be reliably massive this time around. With still 20 minutes to go until the start of play this afternoon, there are already 125 players registered, many of whose names I do not recognise, suggesting a first stab at a High Roller event. Sixty-one players won their seat in a live satellite held here at Casino Barcelona.

Here’s a handful of the familiar names already registered:

Mike Telker, Chance Kornuth, Harrison Gimbel, Joe Elpayaa, Charlie Carrel, Patrick Leonard, Jack Salter, Michael Tureniec, Alexander Ivarsson, Alexandru Papazian, Govert Metaal, Imad Derwiche, Joni Joukimainen, Lic Greenwood, Dan Heimiller, Louis Salter, Ari Engel, Ludovic Geilich, Robin Ylitalo, David Yan, Vitaly Lunkin, Martin Kabrhel, Martin Staszko, Ognyan Dimov, Bart Lybaert, Luca Pagano. — HS

10:30am: Welcome back to the High Rollers, bro?

Anyone else got that Friday feeling?

Well, it’s Day 4 of the EPT Barcelona Main Event, but it’s also the start of the €10,300 Single Re-entry High Roller tournament, which is always an absolute monster. Three days are scheduled to get this one done, and they will need them all.

Last time, there were 401 entries to this, including 105 re-entries, and Mustapha Kanit took the best part of €740,000 for the win.


Mustapha Kanit: Last year’s winner, bro

It will start slowly–it always does–at 12:30pm today. They will have a 50,000 starting stack and will play 10 one-hour levels today, with a 75-minute dinner break after Level 8. Blinds start at 100-200 (25 ante).

We’ll be here from start to finish, so bookmark this page and we’ll bring you all the action. — HS

Take a look at the official website of the EPT, with tournament schedule, news, results and accommodation details for EPT13 Barcelona and the rest of the season.

Also all the schedule information is on the EPT App, which is available on both Android or IOS.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the EPT13 Barcelona €10,000 High Roller: Jack Stanton, Howard Swains and Nick Wright. Photography by Carlos Monti. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter:@PokerStarsBlog


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