EPT8 Copenhagen: How to nail an EPT Party

February 22, 2012


“Have you got an invite to the EPT party?” whisper trendy young things in darkened corners of the hippest bars in the coolest metropolitan cities of Europe.

“The EP what?” they ask in awe of an exclusive get-together they’re never even heard of, let alone got their name on the list for.

Yes, hombres, the EPT party is an incredible, nay, magical knees up put on by PokerStars at each and every main event. It is a place for peacocking, merriment, larking and guffawing. And more importantly, free booze. All you need to get in is the plastic wristband that you’re issued with at the beginning of each main event.

Here in Copenhagen the EPT party is scheduled for kick off at Zen nightclub tomorrow night at 10pm with free buses running from outside the Radisson Hotel from 9.45pm until 11pm. More importantly the free beer is slated to be on tap from 10pm to midnight. This is the logistical information you will need. Now then, come close, we’re going to give you the insider know-how on how to nail an EPT party. Seasons of hard graft by the PokerStars Blog team have gone into this so pay attention.

ept copenhagen_day 2_glasses.jpg

It’s party time (okay, it is tomorrow)

Don’t turn up early, but don’t be late
Turning up early for a party is a no-no in any country. You look needy and will end up being forced to talk to members of the PokerStars Blog who are busy trying to cram in as many free drinks as possible, which is an important part of any reporter’s newsgathering operation. Unfortunately little news will be gathered, only sore heads, mild concussions and shamefaced memories of dolphin rides.

This certainly does not mean that you should turn up late though, the open bar tends to last two hours – possibly a little longer if the powers that be feel that they may have a mutiny on their hands if it closes too soon – so you need to get there in time to do some double fisting. It’s a bit like that moment after the bubble bursts when everyone rushes to get their chips into the middle : brace your elbows, low your centre of gravity and hold your position at the bar.

Of course, if you consider yourself a ‘balla’ then these rules doesn’t necessarily apply, turn up whenever you want and pay the €12 a drink charge instead. Or just buy a bottle of something and wave it around like a braying stock market trader with an over-inflated sense of bravado. Enjoy it, we all know what you’re trying to compensate for.

ept copenhagen_day 2_party.jpg

Last year’s EPT Copenhagen party (before)

ept copenhagen_day 2_party.jpg

Last year’s EPT Copenhagen party (after)

Bring your dancing shoes?
Dancing is to be encouraged at some venues, i.e. the ones at cool clubs that open their doors to regular – generally good looking and firm – clientele after the party. If you’re single you can throw yourself into the throng to show off your moves and enjoy the adulation of the vibrant mass of the dance floor. If you’re attached, as most of the PokerStars Blog are, you can stand on the side lines laughing at the terrible misguided attempts of sozzled online pros throwing themselves into the throng and trying to convince themselves that they can dance. They can’t, but at least they seem to have a good time.

ept copenhagen_day 2_.jpg

Fancy your chances in a dance off? EPT Berlin, Season 7

Stay late or leave early
Things get messy at an EPT party. This is great news if you’re one of the people in the trenches and enjoying the skirmishes. If you’ve just popped out to be social then do get yourself out of the warzone before you get caught in the crossfire. Stay too long and you’ll find yourself getting dragged into a late night/early morning drinking session in a swanky beach-front bar in Barcelona, a backstreet pub in Prague or a street corner in Kiev. Random facebook tagging will follow. Fancy doing karaoke with Liv Boeree and Marvin Rettenmaier or going skinny dipping with Jake Cody (and losing your clothes in the process)? Then just go with the EPT party flow. It may start slow but it always builds into an epic night. Remember this guiding motto: ‘Go hard or go home early.’

ept copenhagen_day 2_barcelona party.jpg

One of the EPT Barcelona Season 6 after parties

ept copenhagen_day 2_party.jpg

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