EPT8 Copenhagen: Weisner in good position to dominate, leading into Day 3

February 22, 2012


If Day 1 of EPT Copenhagen had been a little different – a small intimate gathering of professional and amateur players wondering where everybody else went – then Day 2 marked the return to normal operating procedure; with that familiar sense that the good players were thriving and taking control of this main event.

Day 2 is typically the last to feature arbitrary swings; stacks flipping between large and small without any logic to justify the change. But you also get an idea who could be poised to make the event their own and today that was Melanie Weisner.


Chip leader Melanie Weisner

Weisner leads tonight, hitching her stack up to 368,200. At times the American can appear to be the only person who understands how this game is to be played, and takes defeat in the same way. But her talent shone through today and merits her name in the headlines.

“This day was just about me owning everyone at my table,” said Weisner grinning and sounding chipper rather than arrogant. “I was just really attuned to what was going on. I was really confident with the way I was playing. I was basically able to execute whatever I thought was correct at any given time. I was just really happy with the way I played today.”

All that showed.


Weisner taking a picture of her stack: “Chip porn.”

Weisner’s advantage, some 47,400 ahead of second placed Simon Ravnsbaek, could lazily be put down to a big hand against Lars Hansen, from Denmark, minutes from the bell, when Weisner flopped the nuts and persuaded Hansen that paying her off would be his best option. But that would ignore her performance from the start, as well as her very presence in the tournament room.


Weisner scoops the pot against Hansen

Weisner has the power to enchant and intimidate in this game, even after play had ended and all that’s left is recrimination.

Weisner was last to bag up her chips when play ended, not prepared yet to divulge sensitive information to her victims of the day, much to their chagrin, but regardless, waited for her to leave before leaving themselves, ready perhaps to offer their coat to cover any puddles she might encounter on the trip to the bar.

How Weisner plays tomorrow could determine the entire outcome of EPT Copenhagen.
There remains an impressive list of co-stars also returning. Team PokerStars Pro, who lost Theo Jorgensen and Arnaud Mattern today, will be represented by Luca Pagano, Pierre Neuville, Mickey Petersen, Johnny Lodden and Martin Staszko tomorrow, part of what is looking like a strong field down to just 72. They’ll be joined by the non-liveried Mads Wissing, Michael Tureniec, Juha Helppi, Albert Iverson and Jan Molby.


Johnny Lodden


Michael Tureniec


Jan Molby

They will be the key figures tomorrow. Find out how their days panned out in detail in our live coverage from the day, which also includes chip counts and details of the prize pool. You can also find stories from the tournament today at the links below.

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Day 3 seat draw

Tomorrow promises another fraught day with the bubble bursting at 48 and play ending when just 24 players remain. You know the drill. It’s the day the tournament can be won or lost, as players battle for stacks that will power a final table campaign. Join us when play resumes at 12 noon.

Until then it’s goodnight from Copenhagen.


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