EPT8 Deauville: A varied mix in the last 36

February 04, 2012


The clock rests stubbornly on 36 players remaining, having not budged for some time now following the earlier surge that sent five players to the rail in just a few minutes.
The remaining 36 are a varied bunch, a mixture of old and new, experienced and not experienced, just like any other European Poker Tour event.

Of the 36, 18 of them are French including four who qualified on PokerStars.fr. Four others qualified on (regular) PokerStars.

Chip leader Luca Pagano has, naturally, the most cashes of any in the last 36 with 19 (this will be number 20), and also has the most final tables with six. Not only that he has the most career earnings of any of them with $1.9 million.


Top of the table: Luca Pagano

Behind Pagano, Mikhail Lahkitov has the next highest career earnings, some $800,000 less. Lahkitov has the second most cashes with four, as does Koen de Visscher.

Six of the 36 have reached finals as well as Pagano. Koen De Visscher (Snowfest, Season 7), Kevin Vandersmissen (Snowfest, Season 7), Yorane Kreignard (San Remo, Season 8), Vadzim Kursevich (Berlin, Season 7) and Marc Inizan (Prague, Season 8).

Of the 36, 21 of them are cashing in the EPT for the first time, including Chris Brammer who has earned more in live tournaments ($331,000) than any other player yet to cash.

Ten players have no cashes at all, from any live poker, including Olivier Rogez, Vuong Than Trang and Julien Ehrhardt who each have more than a million chips.

Only three players wear baseball caps.


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