EPT8 Deauville: Returning to where it all started

February 05, 2012


As well as following the action on the PokerStars Blog, don’t forget live coverage on EPT Live Lite begins today, a fixed camera no hole cards version of the more flamboyant EPT Live. You can watch all the action from the feature table – which right now features chip leader Luca Pagano – by going to PokerStars.tv.

Of course, what you won’t see are the two other tables currently in action in the gilded tournament room, tucked in both in front and around the corner from the main stage. It’s here that you’ll find the colourful Artem Litvinov standing up from his seat, swigging water and talking to a Russian friend a few feet away in the high roller, as if the pair of them were alone in the room with nobody to hear them.

Between them all President of the EPT Edgar Stuchly patrols this outfield, although you may occasionally catch glimpses of him on EPT Live Lite.

What you see there is a far cry from what previously took place in this room. The EPT itself has evolved greatly since it first came to these parts in season one where the story of the season, Brandon Schaeffer, won the title, beating his friend and roommate Carl Olsen heads-up.

Back in the early days of the tour this room was used entirely for the main event, tables crammed in to every inch of space making passing between the tables impossible. It was also where for the first and only time on the EPT the table draw for one middle day of play was done entirely alphabetically.


The view from backstage at EPT Deauville Season 2

In the years later it wasn’t exactly any easier as the tournament field increased in size. After the two year hiatus, the tour returned to Deauville and it’s new home (for the first few days at least) in the spacious conference center.

Now we’re back to one of the iconic settings of the EPT. Incidentally the EPT will be returning to another iconic spot to close out the season, as you can read here.


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