EPT8 Deauville: When we said Ouirini we meant Salhani

February 02, 2012


The importance of taking your time is key in many aspects of day to day life. Chopping onions for example, driving on icey roads or tightrope walking. It ensures a degree of accuracy and avoids scrapes and unnecessary tears.

That was our method of operating last night and yet we still managed to report the chip leader incorrectly (although it did appear correctly in our live feed). Things are done differently around here, with a few more unavoidable access restrictions, leaving us at the mercy of others.

So it is with great joy that we can announce that Amir Salhani is the chip leader coming into Day 2, and not Toufik Ouirini. Commiserations to Mr Ouirini but we’re sure Mr Salhani is going to be delighted.


See, it looks nice and warm, but….

He leads a field of 546 players returning today, still some way off the 128 who will be paid but guaranteed a seat and some chips for at least a little while, in a walk tournament room. Frankly, sunshine aside, you don’t want to be outside right now.

Players are filtering into the tournament room to take their seats. Play begins at 12 noon with what is expected to be a shorter programme than yesterday, likely to be five levels of 75 minutes each.

You can follow all th action on the PokerStars Blog with the live feed available here, with tabs detailing the latest chip counts. Here is where you’ll also find all the relevant stories and colour from the day as EPT Deauville ramps things up a notch.


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