EPT8 Prague: Final table, level 30-32 updates (80,000-160,000)

December 10, 2011


8.15pm: Martin Finger wins EPT Prague, Boyaciyan a well earned runner-up
David Boyaciyan opened to 380,000 and was three-bet to 875,000. Boyaciyan came back over the top for 2,000,000 – we believe the first four-bet of the entire heads up – and Finger moved in. Call, Boyaciyan’s 5,400,000 went in.

Boyaciyan: 10♥10♠
Finger: A♥K♠

The K♦6♥K♥ flop hit Finger hard and Boyaciyan couldn’t catch up on the Q♣ turn or 9♦ river.

Finger’s rail jumped on the young smiling German who – after getting mobbed – shared a hearfelt embrace with Boyaciyan who deserves full credit for a heads up battle which showed a lot of heart. — RD

In other news, the Stephen Bartley kiss of death strikes again (see: 7.55pm: And the winner is…).

8.10pm: Back to the beginning
After all his hard work David Boyaciyan is back to about the same stack that he started heads-up with.

Martin Finger raised to 325,000 and called when he was three-bet up to 925,000. The flop fell 4♦K♣2♥ and gave up the initiative as he checked to face a 825,000. He then snatched it back with a check-raise up to 2,075,000. Finger wasn’t scared off though and called to the 5♦ turn where he faced a 2,500,000 bet. Finger had the last word though as he shoved and Boyaciyan had to admit defeat and fold.

This might’ve been the impotence that Finger needed to get his mind and his game back on track. He’s left his opponent with around 5,600,000 chips. — MC

8.02pm: Boyaciyan grinds into the chip lead
David Boyaciyan has taken the chip lead here by the narrowest of margins: 11,000,000 just ahead of Martin Finger’s 10,600,000.

Boyaciyan won two pots, one in which he valued Finger with Q♥4♥ on a 5♣Q♣6♠5♠6♠ board, the other where he opened to 325,000 pre-flop and fired a delayed c-bet of 360,000 on a 9♠10♥2♠K♥ turn which took the pot. — RD

7.55pm: And the winner is…
It’s time, I think, to call this for David Boyacaiyan. Few hands get to a flop, fewer still to a turn, but Boyacayin is winning the bulk of them, biting at the ankles of Finger. His stack has, over the past three hours, been stripped of its foundations – the black chips worth 100,000 each. Finger started heads-up with four towers of them (eight million, plus a lot more in yellows and blues), and now he has less than one. – SB

ept prague_day 5_david boyaciyan.jpg

David Boyaciyan

7.47pm: Get it on!
The heads up has resumed. It’s level 32, get your chips in.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 80,000-160,000

7.36pm: Another break
Both players are looking pretty tired now and it seems that the break couldn’t have come soon enough for either of them. The chip counts going into the 80,000-160,000 level are as follows:

David Boyaciyan – 8,600,000
Martin Finger – 13,060,000

Boyaciyan has been fighting a rearguard battle for almost three hours now. Onw way or the other something has to give. — RD

7.28pm: Finger of fudge
We noted yesterday that Martin Finger lost focus and dare we say it, went on a little bit of tilt and spewed some chips off. There is a fear that the same thing could be happening now. He’s not losing too many big pots but he seems to have lost focus, is acting quickly, and looking frustrated.

He just lost an 800,000 pot to drop to 12,500,000 chips. Both players had flushes on a 3♥6♥10♦A♥8♥ board, but Finger’s A♣10♥ lost out to his David Boyaciyan’s Q♦J♥. — MC

7.16pm: Back and forth
David Boyaciyan is refusing to go quietly into the night. If he does manage to turn things round it will be down to his never-say-die attitude. Martin Finger keeps battering him yet Boyaciyan keeps coming back at him.

Boyaciyan had lost two medium-sized pots to drop to 6,000,000 when the following hand took place. Boyaciyan opened for 260,000 and Finger made the call. Boyaciyan c-bet 260,000 into the 7♣3♥2♣ flop but both players checked the 8♣ turn. Finger represented and bet 400,000 into the four-flushed 6♣ river. Boyaciyan raised to 950,000 and Finger quickly passed. Boyaciyan back up to 6,800,000. — RD

7.10pm: Can’t put your Finger on it
David Boyacayin may be the short stack, and by some way, but he’s playing like he has the advantage. He seems calmer and more confident that the 21-year-old Finger. Boyacayin even gave him some sweets. – SB

7pm: Chips and cherry sweets
Martin Finger is taking more than just chips off his opponent. He three-bet David Boyaciyan’s 260,000 raise up to 625,000. Boyaciyan called but folded to a 500,000 c-bet on a A♠4♦2♦ flop.

Boyaciyan then offered Finger a sweet from his Haribo cheery drops. Finger accepted and said, “I’ll take two……okay three!” — MC

6.54pm: Boyaciyan making that comeback
We said that David Boyaciyan would need a monstrous comeback if he was to stand a shot at the title. That resurrection is now well under way with the Ducthman up to 7,400,000 – just over a third of the chips in play. Martin Finger had three-bet to 625,000 pre-flop and Boyaciyan had made the call. Finger pushed 625,000 into the 6♠2♣5♠ flop and 1,100,000 into the 2♠ turn. Boyaciyan moved all-in and Finger folded instantly. — RD

6.45pm: Six to one
Six hands go by, all won by Martin Finger. None are particularly big but they do claw back the gains made by David Boyacayin earlier. – SB

6.40pm: Boyaciyan on the up
David Boyaciyan is not going to give up without a fight. He’s back up to 5,700,000 after getting two streets of value out of his hand.

He raised to 260,000 pre flop, bet 270,000 on the flop and 470,000 on the turn. The board was left as 6♣6♥Q♥10♠4♦ and the Dutchman checked behind with K♦Q♣ on the river. Martin Finger mucked. — MC

6.30pm: Slow and steady
It’s hard to escape the fact that things have fallen into a pattern, not a stalemate as such but more a period of sparring; the two players calling each other names from each end of the ring without getting into the middle to slug it out.

David Boyacayin seems the main beneficiary, although the growth of his stack, which looks like a small family saloon in comparison to Finger’s articulated 18-wheeler, is minimal. Raise, call, bet on the flop seems good right now. – SB

6.25pm: More for Finger
Martin Finger opened to 250,000 and was called by David Boyaciyan in the big blind. The flop was checked but Finger bet 250,000 into the Q♣9♥10♥10♣ turn before both players checked the 3♥ river. Finger’s A♣9♠ was good. Boyaciyan is down to 3,600,000. Boyaciyan will need a one hell of a comeback to win this – but that’s not to rule it out. — RD

6.15pm: Play resumes
This is the last level. We’re calling it…

6pm: Chips at break
Martin Finger, 17,265,000
David Boyaciyan, 4,285,000

ept prague_day 5_martin finger.jpg

Martin Finger is pulling away

5.55pm: Boyaciyan bounces back a little
David Boyaciyan had lost a few small pots before he called a raise pre flop and a c-bet on the flop. He then check-raised the turn and shoved the river. The final board read 10♦4♠2♣3♠K♣ and Martin Finger folded on the river. That put Boyaciyan back up to about 4,300,000 but it’s a break at the end of the level so we’ll bring you the official counts. — MC

5.50pm: A four to move up to 4.4m
“You call?” said David Boyaciyan.

Indeed, Martin Finger had.

The board read 7♦5♥7♥6♣3♥, which Boyaciyan had led 200,000 on the turn and 500,000 on the river. Finger mucked when he was shown K♦4♦ for the straight. That pot pulls Boyaciyan back up to 4,400,000. Finger maintains a four to one chip lead. Incidentallly this is Finger’s tenth EPT main event and his first cash. Looks like he saved his run-good up. — RD

5.40pm: Boyaciyan up against the ropes
David Boyaciyan is down to 3,600,000 and looks to be buckling under the pressure being put upon him by Martin Finger. The German is firing a lot of streets and making some great value bets with second pair type hands. Boyaciyan still has 30-plus big blinds but his stack is certainly dwindling. — RD

5.40pm: Finger opens up biggest lead yet
A big pot has seen Martin Finger’s stack rise up to 17,000,000 chips. He opened to 200,000 and called when David Boyaciyan three-bet to 500,000.

The flop was 10♣7♥2♠ and finger led for 450,000. Call. The turn came Q♣ and there was no slowing the German down as he bet 1,050,000 and was called once more. The 6♥ on the river changed nothing in Finger’s mind and he fired for 2,000,000. Boyaciyan called but mucked upon seeing Finger’s A♠Q♦. — MC

5.30pm: Boyaciyan backs into trips
David Boyaciyan has a little more than 8,500,000 chips after backing into trips and getting some extra value out of his hand. The Dutchman raised to 250,000 and Martin finger called to the A♥7♣4♠ flop where he check-called a 250,000 bet.

Both players checked the Q♣ turn before Finger led for 350,000 on the Q♥ river. Boyaciyan raised this up to 950,000 and got a call out if his German opponent. Boyaciyan tabled Q♦J♦ and took the pot as Finger mucked. — MC

ept prague_day 5_david boyaciyan.jpg

David Boyaciyan

5.18pm: Finger reclaims the momentum
This perhaps the fastest heads up I’ve seen played out. It’s as if both players have agreed to play a ten second clock. It faster than internet poker.

David Boyaciyan had fought back to be close to evens but the last ten hands or so have seen Finger break the Dutchman’s stack down from 9,500,000 to 7,150,000. Almost every pot is being raised pre-flop with the vast majority being played out post-flop. Finger has put out the only three-bet with re-raise to 700,000 (over a 200,000 Boyaciyan open). The Dutchman called and Finger c-bet 750,000 into the 8♦2♠8♠ flop which won the pot. Other than that it’s finger that seems to be hitting boards harder, Boyaciyan is not unwilling to get stuck in. — RD

5.07pm: Boyaciyan takes first small step
David Boyaciyan has won his first decent pot of this heads-up battle. He called a 200,000 raise from Martin Finger to see a 9♦8♥A♦ flop. Finger continued for 150,000 and the Dutchman check-called.

Both players checked the 4♣ turn before Boyaciyan led for 250,000 on the J♠ river. Finger bumped this up to 800,000 with K♠10♥ but his opponent picked off the bluff with J♥7♠. — MC

4.55pm: Quad aces
This has to be an EPT first. David Boyaciyan opened to 350,000 and was quickly three-bet to 1,900,000 by Martin Finger out of the big blind. Call.

Finger bet 2,000,000 into the 10♥10♦5♣ flop and Boyaciyan quickly moved all-in. Call.

Finger: A♣A♦
Boyaciyan :A♠A♥

Both players allowed themselves a smile as most of the rail rushed in with smart phones out to take a picture. — RD

4.45pm: Details of the deal

Martin Finger – €620,000
David Boyaciyan – €535,000

They will play for the additional €100,000, the Shamballa Jewels bracelet and the title.

4.35pm: Pause in the action
There will now be a short break as the table is re-organised and a deal is discussed.

4.30pm: Levi out. Main event goes heads-up
Two hands into the next level and Nicolas Levi moved all-in. Martin Finger announced “call” and David Boyacayin gladly passed.

Levi flipped up 8♦6♦ while Finger showed A♣J♦.

The players and the crowds were on their feet. The flop came 3♣8♣4♣ and suddenly Levi was back in. Fabrice Soulier in the front row couldn’t quite believe it, sneaking forward to confirm that his eyes were not deceiving him before returning to the rail.


Levi awaits his fate after the flop (note Fabrice Soulier in background)

Then the turn A♥.

Levi nodded, with enough experience to know that anything is possible. He put his jacket on “just in case” and waited for the river card. The J♠ sent him out in third.

It seemed inevitable given that of the three remaining players Levi had such a small share of the chips. Levi shook hands with both of his opponents as the crowd applauded. Levi had not just demonstrated how to play a poker tournament, but also how to leave it with class, smiling and acknowledging the crowd’s appreciation by touching the brim of his hat.

We’re heads up in the main event. – SB

4.20pm: Three players remain
The three remaining players have returned to the final table with Martin Finger leading the charge to the €775,000 first place prize with 62% of the chips in play. Follow the chip counts here. — RD

ept prague_day 5_martin finger.jpg

Chip leader Martin Finger

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Prague (and their favourite finger): Stephen Bartley (chocolate), Marc Convey (mouse) and Rick Dacey (middle). Photos by Neil Stoddart.


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