EPT9 Berlin Day 1B: On the loose, Benny “The Tibetan Mastiff” Spindler

April 22, 2013

A player arriving late at a table can expect one of two welcomes. He’ll either be greeted by a warm “hallo” or will be blanked completely. It’s why the arriving player rarely says anything, not wanting the public indignity that comes with it.

My guess is that Benny Spindler is the type to say nothing. Seated on a table nearby, his focus in these early stages is actually to try and find some focus. Nothing quite keeps his attention long enough to occupy his mind, so he fidgets with his headphones, adjusts his tin of Ricola sweets, then stands to put on his hoodie. Still not satisfied he gets up and walks around a bit, jeans slung low around his waist, and then comes back, finally finding contentment with a new selection on his iPod until a text arrives, which he looks at between glances at the action on the table. He does all this in the same way a taxi might flash his eyes between their phone and the duel carriageway, while over taking. Lethal if not handled carefully, but then that would be a Spindler in a nutshell.


On the loose: Benny Spindler

A little more than a year and a half ago Benny Spindler won EPT London with anti-style never really seen before. He led from start to finish, with only a couple of slip ups, and at the end of day one I approached to get his thoughts. He said he didn’t want to do interviews, twice actually, and added that he wouldn’t do any until he’d won. He did win, but I don’t remember him giving me an interview. Or maybe I was too scared to ask.

But Spindler is no conformer to poker stereotype and does not crave any spotlight. In appearance, with his hair curling over his eyes, he has the appearance of a Tibetan Mastiff. In personality he is much the same, bred to run loose and attack anything that threatens to come too close, like someone with a Dictaphone and a deadline for instance.

A couple of players greet him with conversation. Friends? Or do they simply want to please him, as if he were some unpredictable man-deity prone to whims of spite and great generosity. Perhaps we’ll try again on that front later. For now Spindler occupies his position as the unpredictable supremo.

Stephen Bartley is a PokerStars Blog reporter


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